CIF-SS Northeast Division Preview: Looks like back-to-back for the Prepsters

BACK TO BACK?: Colby Rivera gives Rio Hondo Prep a solid chance to repeat in the Northeast Division.
Staff photo By Sarah Reingewirtz

This is a two-team race, with top seeds Mission Prep and Rio Hondo Prep solid favorites to win it all. Mission Prep, ranked ahead of the Kares, in CIF-SS division poll and the CIF state rankings, have to be tabbed as the one to beat, but although Mission whacked Rio earlier in the season, I like the Kares in the rematch.

First round

Mission Prep over Frazier Mountain
Ribet Academy over Flintridge Prep
Bishop Union over Desert Chr./Lancaster
Salesian over Capistrano Valley Chr.
Boron over Hamilton
Kern Valley over St. Monica Catholic
Saddleback Valley Chr. over Desert
Rio Hondo Prep over Bell-Jeff
Mission Prep over Ribet
Salesian over Bishop
Boron over Kern Valley
Rio Hondo Prep over Saddleback Valley Chr.
Mission Prep over Salesian
Rio Hondo Prep over Boron
Rio Hondo Prep over Mission Prep

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  • prep fan

    Salesian is another team to look out for. They have a few D-1 athletes and should give Mission Prep a very good game. I don’t think it will be as easy as people think for RHP.

  • sikolec

    Disagree. I think Mission Prep will win this division and move on to the State Bowl game for Small Schools (assuming Sierra Canyon loses). Mission Prep has already beaten Rio Hondo Prep this season and with ease (47-14). Salesian will prove to the biggest test for Mission Prep in the Semi-Finals.

    Also, small error. You have Mission Prep over Ribet in both the Quarterfinals and Semi-Finals; the Semis would be Mission Prep vs. Salesian (based off your earlier predictions).

  • Eastern Ave.

    No it wont be easy for RHP. It never is with a school with less than 100 students.
    My eyes have seen RHP, Mission, Boron and The Soto Street boys.
    Salesian Has 4 very special athlete’s 2 or 3 with can’t miss D1 talent.
    #5 on Salesian is a man amongst boys. He is a beast.
    The team as a whole is not as sound fundamentally nor as disciplined as Mission Prep and they share the same bracket.
    Mission Prep is solid 1 thru 11 on O and D and have at least a 10 man coaching staff all with D1 or better experience.
    Their O line coach just finished a tour in the NFL.
    They are a well prepared team that doesn’t make mistakes.
    The boys from SLO will beat the kids from Soto St.

    Barring major injury, RHP should beat Boron and play Mission Prep in the Final.

  • high school sports fan

    Rio Hondo Prep will meet either Mission Prep or Salesian in the final. Either team will be a huge challenge for the Kares. They will not be favored but I would guess that they like it that way. Don’t count them out.

  • Football fan

    I think Salesian will be a tougher match up for Mission Prep than the Kares. Salesian has a pretty balanced attack whereas the Kares are a running team. MP does very well against the run but needs to improve on their pass defense.

  • shuterdown

    Mission Prep will be challenged more by RHP this weekend but they are just too good for the rest of the division. Mission Prep wins 27-10. Steve you haven’t seen this Mission team play enough if you expect them to lose