Hoops is heating up starting NOW!!! Big Aram/Fat Aram/Daddy is here to wake up this area … First thing you need to do is follow me on Twitter @aramtolegian …

There’s nothing like basketball season in the Star-News area. I got into the mix last night by watching Keppel whip San Gabriel. Tonight, I go to Pasadena for some Tucker Ball vs. Burroughs.

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This is just the beginning of what should be a very fun winter.

By the way, the San Gabriel coach called time out after his team hit a 3-pointer with 10 seconds left to cut Keppel’s lead to 57-28. I’m ready now!

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  • Coach

    Have you officially taken over this blog? not trying to start anything wondering if Ramirez is gone and you took over or you are just helping picking up the slack. Thank you for covering Basketball

  • I wouldn’t call it taking over. I don’t want to take over anything. Call it breathing life into. Stevie is helping Fred with the Tribune stuff. I will be here for hoops and probably baseball and then we will probably assess how to best staff these things.

  • Coach

    again not trying to sound bad, will you be covering just boys bball or can we see you at some girls bball games to? just wondering. thanks for the coverage AT

    • Yes, girls games also. Anyone in particular I should watch out for? I will be at Flintridge Sacred Heart tomorrow.