Flintridge Sacred Heart now 0-2 in league and in a world of trouble …

With host Flintridge Sacred Heart hanging around at halftime, the Harvard-Westlake High School girls basketball team did what it always does — turned to guard Natalie Florescu.

And Florescu, as usual, didn’t disappoint.

The Wolverines rode Florescu early in the third quarter and turned a six-point lead at halftime into a double figure advantage that ultimately resulted in a 57-49 win on Thursday night.

“She’s our leading, our senior and she’s the one that gets us going,” Harvard-Westlake head coach Melissa Hearlihy said of Florescu. “It should be her. She’s our senior captain, that’s an expectation of her and she fulfilled that tonight as she has in all the big games, actually.”

Florescu scored a team-high 17 points as Harvard-Westlake improved to 9-9 overall and 2-0 in the Mission League. Flintridge Sacred Heart fell to 9-9 and is in a bit of trouble with an 0-2 start in league.

“You’re never happy with 0-2, but Alemany and Chaminade are up on top and the other four of us are really battling for that third-place spot,” Tologs head coach Ty Buxman said. “We’ve sort of dug ourselves a hole and we’ll do what we can to dig ourselves out.”

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  • Coach

    Im guessing you meant Harvard Westlake and not Westlake…. two different schools

    • it all depends on where you cut and paste. Coach, I’m liking your participation in the blog. I’ll remember you when we hit Deadspin status in a year.

      • Coach

        Not sure if you get this based on the length that this topic has been up but if there is a game I think you should cover how can I reach you? There is one that comes to mind for league and “other” reasons, and would love you to do an article about it….. not sure what deadspin comment means

  • Coach

    BTW props to FSHA for hanging with HWL thats a brutal league to be in

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