The Tolegian Ten …

This is a boys hoops Top 10 rankings of the Star-News teams, but not necessarily the Top 10 you’ll see in the paper.

1. Pasadena (13-5) — This one’s obvious …
2. Muir (12-9) — Suggestion: Just let DADA flow.
3. Flintridge Prep (12-5) — That win over La Salle is nice.
4. Maranatha (16-5) — I admit it, not getting enough love.
5. La Salle (10-7) — Tough league taking its toll.
6. Keppel (15-7) — Getting by on hustle, system and 3s.
7. Temple City (14-5) — Decent inside/outside game.
8. Gabrielino (14-6) — Eagles have had their moments.
9. La Canada (11-9) — Still dangerous because of coach.
10. Alhambra (11-7) — Keppel preventing Moors of more.

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  • knight fan

    st francis beat keppel by 16 and gabrielino by 19. finished ahead of muir in a tournament and ahead of la canada in 2 tournaments. beat saugus by 14, saugus beat muir by 18, saugus beat TC by 10. lost to maranatha by 4, TC lost to maranatha by 24. beat bonita by 13, bonita beat TC by 19

    • Veteran

      St. Francis should be in the top 5 they play a much tougher schedule than most teams on this list. Aram you need to do your homework because records vs. lesser competition is deceiving and will not help teams in the playoffs.
      I’m sorry but Temple City has not played a tough schedule and La Canada despite the coach is struggling.What have you done for me lately! That’s ridiculous. St. Francis plays Loyola,Chaminade,Crespi and State Champion Alemany within their league.
      Renaissance Academy beat Muir by 17 points,won the Bell-Jeff tournament beating Burbank Burroughs in the semi-final. Burroughs beat Maranatha.
      Renaissance has had 3 starters go down with injuries and are struggling but they played in the Rose City Tournament and the schedule includes playing the likes of Price,La Verne Lutheran,Los Osos,Mission Prep,Buckley,Cantwell Sacred Heart,Long beach Jordan.They should be in your top 10.

  • St. Francis has lost 8 of its last 10 games. If this were December, you’d have a point. But as Janet Jackson once profoundly asked “what have you done for me lately?” …

  • Tech Support

    It all depends on how you’re defining the top 10. If it’s 1 can beat every team below it… and 2 can beat everybody but 1… then I think St. Francis and Renaissance should be in.

    If it’s a reflection of what 10 teams have won the most games, beaten teams on their schedule, etc then it’s a solid list that you can move a few teams here and there but not really controversial.

    • Veteran

      So reward the teams for playing a weaker schedule? St Francis just beat Alemany in a league game last week,Give them their respect.
      In my day a team that beats another team is considered better cut and dry.
      I define a top 10 list as the best teams being ranked accordingly and it is simple common sense.St Francis lost close games to Crespi and Hart and it will all pay off in the playoffs lets see what happens in the playoffs.
      Renaissance also beat Div 5AA 2nd ranked Buckley last Saturday and is ranked #7 in Div 4A but now has to play at Price which will be alot tougher without their best front court player who is out for the season but again they could make a run during the playoffs were they have had plenty of success after usually playing tough competition-their schedule includes 11 ranked teams and previously unmentioned Div 3AA #1 ranked Luezinger.
      St Francis along with Pasadena has the toughest schedule.Then teams like La Salle,Muir,Renaissance are next. Much respect to the teams that are not afraid to lose vs. playing for winning records.
      La Salle,St Francis and Renaissance are all young and they are going about it the right way.Good luck to all.

      • Tech Support

        The key words are “I define a top 10 list…”

        That is your definition. And actually one I agree with. I think St. Francis and Renaissance should be in. (Not La Salle as I’ve seen them a number of times and never have been impressed with their play. Youth or not I expect a top 10 team to be able to run a half court offense from time to time).

        But again, at some point wins and losses matter, regardless of schedule. Aram, I believe although he can and will answer for himself, tries to balance both the overall quality in a head to head matchup (can #1 beat #2, etc) and actual performance. Although I wouldn’t do it that way I can see why emphasis would be placed on actual results (things we can prove and see) over speculation on who would win a hypothetical game.

        The great thing of course is that this CIF basketball. They have playoffs. Easiest way to end up #1 somewhere is to just win your division.

      • Tech Support

        And considering Alemany just dropped a game to Sherman Oaks Notre Dame…. not sure we’d still call that a quality win.

      • Bob Anon

        I would argue that La Canada is also afraid not to lose, as opposed to playing for winning records. One of their starting five is a freshman, so they are not senior-laden either.