Pasadena beats Muir in boys basketball

Pasadena High School completed its ninth consecutive Pacific League title with a 62-53 victory over visiting Muir on Thursday evening.
The Bulldogs started the second half with a 14-0 run. Perris Hicks led Pasadena in scoring.
The CIF-Southern Section playoff pairing will be announced on Sunday.

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  • who cares

    Man you really suck at writing. You hardly ever posted anything about Pasadena Basketball all year long and then you give us a short paragraph on one of the biggest rivalries in basketball. THANKS BUT NO THANKS

  • In the know…

    Im in agreement with the earlier post. The star news does not support basketball as a whole. Football has a pre-season magazine, basketball did not even have a story. There was nothing written on one of the biggest high school basketball tournaments in Southern California, the Rose City Round Ball Classic. The gym is sold out every night, great basketball, awesome food, and nothing from the Pasadena Star-News. The L.A. Times based Pasadena Sun does an excellent job covering basketball in the city. Pasadena Bulldogs have provided this city with a elite basketball program that is always in the mix for a championship. Where is the love. Monrovia football is doing great and we all know why, you cover them. Its the Muir-Pasadena game, no pre-game story’s, no profile stories on any players. The Jelani Mitchell kid at Muir has division one looks, Brandon Jolley last year’s MVP of CIF, Andre Spight signed with UTEP and yet nothing. Bring back Miguel… he understood.

  • 81

    Miguel wasn’r much better when it came to covering bball.

  • figueroaMoe

    raymond Jackson is the best wingman defender in the southern section and Pasadena High is 9-1 in league! you suck at writing!

  • Anything but Miguel

    I did not like Miguel, he was awefull in his own right…would hate to see him back…I would rather have this than have him back…Miguel please stay away… There were other schools in this area other than Muir….I don’t care that your friends were stangs…you work and get paid by a newspaper. STAY IMPARTIAL AND STAY AWAY!!!!!!