Boys basketball playoffs


Downey (San Gabriel Valley 2) at No. 10 seed Pasadena (Pacific 1)

Alhambra (Almont at-large) at No. 2 seed Santa Monica (Ocean 1)

Santa Ana (Golden West at-large) at No. 15 seed Keppel (Almont 1)

Lakeside (Sunbelt at-large) at No. 12 seed La Canada (Rio Hondo 2)
El Dorado (Century 2) at No. 11 seed Gabrielino (Mission Valley 2)
West Valley (Mountain Pass at-large) at No. 7 seed Temple City (Rio Hondo 1)

South Pasadena (Rio Hondo at-large) at No. 12 seed Cabrillo (Los Padres 1)
No. 7 seed St. Francis (Mission at-large) at Lompoc (Los Padres 3)
Monrovia (Rio Hondo at-large) at No. 2 seed Oak Park (Tri-Valley 1)

San Marino (Rio Hondo 3) at No. 11 seed Oaks Christian (Tri-Valley 2)
Heritage Christian (Olympic 3) at No. 13 seed Muir (Pacific 3)
Costa Mesa (Orange Coast at-large) at No. 10 seed Maranatha (Olympic 2)
No. 16 seed La Salle (Del Rey 3) at St. Geneveieve (Santa Fe 3)

No. 15 seed Marshall (Delphc 3) at Riverside Notre Dame (Mountain Pass 3)
Crean Lutheran (Academy at-large) at No. 6 seed Renaissance Academy (Harbor 2)

No. 12 seed Pasadena Poly (Prep 3) at Academy for Academic Excellence (Agape 2)
Avalon (San Joaquin at-large) at No. 2 seed Flintridge Prep (Prep 1)

Laguna Blanca (Condor 4) at No. 3 seed San Gabriel Academy (Westside 1)
No. 4 AGBU (Westside 3) at Cate (Condor 1)

Canoga Park AGBU (Westside at-large) at No. 1 seed Rio Hondo Prep (Prep 2)
No. 13 seed Lake Arrowhead Christian (Majestic 3) at St. Monica Academy (International 3)
Southwestern Academy (Westside 4) at No. 2 seed Trinity Classic Academy (Heritage 2)

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  • Someone who knows

    Since when does the CIF-SS seed past #4?

    As per the Southern Section Bylaws, all league champions must host a first round game. Besides, the CIF-SS is not the NCAA ans has numerous divisions, boys and girls to actually spend time seeding every team. Seeded teams get at-large or third place teams, with league champs getting basically the same. They do rate each league in the division to help when they fill out their brackets. First and fourth in the upper bracket and second and third in the lower bracket.

    It is basically the same for all sports, too.

    • Steve Ramirez

      CIF-SS has been doing it for basketball the past few years. They seed the top 16, which can be an at-large team. But they still honor a league champion being at home in the first round. Hence, why Bishop Amat girls are top seed in 1A, but open on the road at league champ Katella.

  • RHLfan

    Somebody needs to do a profile on San Marino and their head coach Mihail Papadopulos….. Two CIF playoff births in a row, for san marion in basketball? he’s clearly doing something there, and I dont think Im alone when I say that I wanna know more. These SM teams are completly different then any that I’ve ever seen

    • SGVBall

      RHL Fan: What are you inferring? What kind of profile do you want? Google him and you can find whatever you want. Or hide behind a post and write nonsense. If you know basketball and players who are from the SGV then you should know who he is. Outstanding player and played at the collegiate level and great person. What is it you feel he is clearly doing? Go to a game and then pass judgement. He has them playing hard and actually cares about the kids. Have you seen how the RHL league has declined? Monrovia and Blair are terrible. SP is on a downswing with no talent at lower levels. So to be in the top three is doable with players that will work hard and a good coach. Since you are a RHL fan then be happy SP, TC , Monrovia and SM are represented. But from your tone you seem like an SM hater. I am happy the RHL is represented and the boys on these teams can experience a CIF game.

      • RHLfan

        Nooooo, I am in no way an SM hater! I clearly did a bad job of getting my point across. I was inferring that he’s doing a good job building up the program and a newspaper article would do a good job of highlighting what he is doing! Basically i think that they need to give credit where credit is due (while also writing a basketball article that isnt about pasadena) I think Papadopulos should be the coach of the year in the area

        • SGVBall

          RHLfan…Completely my fault for interpreting your post like that. My apologies. Since I see negativity on this site at times I was quick to assume that. I completely agree with you. I wish the coverage would have been better on the RHL as a whole. I thought this site and blog lagged on that this season. He has a really good senior PG that is averaging 20 and was mid 20’s in league but no coverage. I like seeing programs turn it around and with all the transferring its especially hard within the public schools to do it. I looked on maxpreps. He had 15 wins this season, around 13 wins this season and before he go there they barely won 3 league games in 10 years. I think he should get consideration. Steve Ramirez, whats your take? What other program has turned it around in a 3 season span and tripled their wins? Also will Goldstein turn things around at Monrovia? I hope this means an upswing for the future of RHL basketball. RHL fan again my apologies!

      • RHLfan

        I was in no way inferring that he is doing something wrong or illegal!