Tim Tucker, Maranatha in talks …

Pasadena coach Tim Tucker has been in talks with Maranatha officials about becoming the school’s next boys basketball coach.

Tucker has built Pasadena into an area and Southland power. On Monday, Maranatha put out a press release saying that Tim Godley had resigned after five seasons.

It should be noted that last offseason there was talk of Tucker nearly taking the job at La Salle before deciding to stay put at PHS. One source said that Tucker was even offered the La Salle job, before he turned it down. Jelani Gardner was ultimately hired by the Lancers.

Aram’s take: I’m trying to figure out the pros and cons of this. Obviously, a coach has more leeway at a private school in terms of transfers, but it’s not like PHS was having any trouble getting transfers in anyway. Maranatha is likely able to offer Tucker a bump in pay, so that’s a plus. Maranatha’s playoff division is pretty difficult for what the Minutemen have got in terms of talent, but, Pasadena plays in the toughest division in SoCal.

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  • I would say salary is a big part of this, Aram. When I was in Pasadena one of the biggest complaints from Muir and PHS was that their athletic coaches were among the worst paid in Southern California. They would mention to me that stipends hadn’t changed much since the 80s.

    • SMH

      Fred, more like the 70’s. A head coach in the PUSD gets paid a little more than $2,000. I’m sure Tucker will be making as much as 4 to 5x that much at Maranatha. When a Tucker leaves PHS, a school he adores and busted his butt for, this is yet another sign of the times in Pasadena. Kids like Marcus Lovett (Providence HS), Tyler Dorsey (St. Johh’s Bosco), Ajon Efferson (Serra) Josh Brown (Cathedral), and Vance Jackson (LaSalle) have all spurned the PUSD schools and gone to private schools, like their football counterparts. And all of them are D-1 players. Tucker is just living by the old credo, “If you can’t beat-em join ’em.” Thing is, Tucker was actually beating them…but for how much longer? Good luck Tuck….although I should be wishing more luck to PUSD athletics. Sad state of affairs.

      • sportsfan

        Unfortunately, the private schools use “scholarships” as huge incentive to take kids from the public school system; even though it’s never touted as an athletic scholarship, it’s not rocket science to figure out how they get kids. Puts the public schools at a distinct disadvantage.

        • New York

          What’s the disadvantage? The scholarship takes away the burden of cost down to the level of the cost of attending the local public school. If the perceived opportunity at the public school were just as good as that of the private school, then the students would not jump at the scholarship.

          The real disadvantage of the public school, if any, is the perceived advantage of attending and playing for the private school.

          As they say, perception is reality.

  • Bob Anon

    Isn’t Tucker a PHS grad? This is like Tom Hofman leaving LC for St. Francis or Barry Bacon leaving TC for La Salle…

    Fred, I don’t doubt what you say about stipends. What puzzles me is that Tucker has been very successful at PHS, which may not be an LC or San Marino but is a good academic school.

    Of course, Maranatha is a great academic school, but in the WSGV the academics excuse doesn’t apply — some of our local public schools (LC, San Marino, South Pas, TC, etc.) manage to be succesful athletically and academically.

    • My feeling is when a person like Tucker has given so many great years to PHS, his alma mater, he deserves the right to start somewhere fresh if that’s what he wants to do. He’s earned it. If that means getting paid four or five times what PHS could give him, good for Tuck. He could have chased the money long ago and never did.

      I’ve said it a million times, the Pasadena Unified School district needs to do a much better job of compensating coaches, otherwise you’re going to have continual turnover like you do in most sports in Pasadena. But I don’t think it’s going to change, most parents in power in Pasadena have children that go to many of the zillion private schools in Pasadena, so public schools, especially athletics, are low on the priority.

      • SMH

        Fred, you couldn’t have hit the nail on the head any harder. The haves and have-nots are alive and well in Pasadena, and things are never going to change. Ever.

  • An under payed PUSD coach

    Fred a walk on coach makes between $1,200 & 2,000

    Thats gas & food money to run a good program not to mention a great program

  • I said it many times before, Pasadena (PUSD) is in a coaching crisis. Tucker is the last of the great names(Football/Basketball wise) in PUSD i.e., Hamilton, Griffin, Brownfield, Duwey, Sanders, Terzian (I forget the name of the Blair’s football coach in the 80’s when Chris Robinson – son of USC Football Coach John Robinson – attended)…names you could identify with a program. Our hands have been forced into a rebuilding period – coaching wise. Muir has Hardy(football) – a Brownfield protege and their basketball coach seems to know what he’s doing – another season will confirm. Blair and Marshall have a ways to go – neither have rebounded since Sanders (football) left their programs. Pasadena, is in a rebuilidng period – on the football level – new hire Bledsoe has his job cut out – failure is not an option for him. As for PHS’ Basketball, Tony Brooks – brother of PHS/USC great Barry Brooks (10th round draft pick by Golden State) who was coached under Duwey (Class of 1984) – a good player in his own right – and who also assisted Tucker, is PHS’s only salvation in this rebuilding period. PUSD, my alma mater (PHS) in particular, will get it right.

    As for salaries….every coach coming into Pasadena knows, or should, that they are afforded the best opportunity that only exist in Pasadena PUSD ….an opportunity to coach in a city where someone i.e. an alumni of PHS, Muir, Blair or Marshall, who has championed the highest level of sports i.e. the NCAA, Olympics, NBA, NFL, MLB, Wimbledon, etc. Not to mention the endless state championships. That’s priceless.

    Laurence Todd