BREAKING NEWS: Tim Tucker leaves Pasadena for Maranatha …

Tim Tucker has been named the new varsity boys basketball coach at Maranatha on the same day he resigned the same title at Pasadena after 19 successful seasons.

The move comes a day after Tim Godley resigned as coach at Maranatha after five seasons. Tucker told his Pasadena team yesterday, then made it official by signing the paperwork at Maranatha on Tuesday afternoon.

“From a Bulldog to a Minuteman,” Tucker said of the address change. “It was probably the toughest decision that I’ve ever made as a coach. What it came down to is that I needed a change because I needed to be rejuvenated. I needed to be excited again and I was starting to get not as excited going to Pasadena High School because I was doing the same with different players.

“And the other side of it is that the offer Maranatha made to me was just too good to pass up.”

Tucker, a 1978 graduate of Pasadena, won two CIF championships as a player. As a coach, he led the Bulldogs to 15 league championship, including nine consecutive, and two CIF championships. Tucker has been named the Star-News Coach of the Year five times.

Because of its success, Pasadena was moved into the CIF Southern Section super division 1-AA, where some of the Southland’s top heavyweight programs play. The Bulldogs did not enjoy their usual deep postseason run, losing to Loyola in the second round of the playoffs.

Tucker is hopeful his longtime assistant coach Tony Brooks will be promoted to head coach at Pasadena, thus making for a smooth transition. Pasadena athletic director Kevin Mills sounded like he was on the same page, but wouldn’t get into specifics.

“Stay tuned,” Mills said. “I have some thoughts, but I don’t want to put them out there just yet. I want to run it by the powers-that-be. But I have a thought that could make it a smooth transition.”

Tucker played for legendary former Bulldogs coach George Terzian and certainly carried on the legacy of success as a coach. His Pasadena teams not only dominated the local landscape, but they consistently proved capable of beating some of the Southland’s best programs, too.

“There was some shock, a lot of disappointment and a lot questions about where the program was headed,” Tucker said about the reaction of his players at Pasadena when given the news.

“The tradition will continue on.”

Shifting from a large public school like Pasadena to a small Christian private school in Maranatha won’t be easy, but Tucker is already laying out plans to turn his new program into something special.

“Tim (Godley) had done a good job here and built a good foundation to help me not have to start from scratch,” Tucker said. “They’re a winning program. I don’t feel like I have a long way to go here to get it done. I think that you’ll see some things happen in our program, starting this summer.

“We’re going to do some of the same things we did at Pasadena. We’re not going to play an easy schedule. We’re going to play the teams that Pasadena played. This is the direction they want to go. They want to compete and I welcome the opportunity to make that happen.”

Tucker lives in Altadena and is owner and CEO of Bourne Inc., which is a non-profit company that provides residential group homes for at-risk children.

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  • GP AKA Green Machine

    yikes! PSUD just lost another great coach….PHS program is done…All those great players will be gone. It was hard for tuck to hold on to his talent when so many schools dip into the Pasadena area Talent Pool. Face it the Maranatha Job really unties his hands and allows him to really go after talented players looking for a private school experience. He has taken Pasadena Basketball as far as it can go

  • Bsk Fan

    It will be interesting to see who can recruit (pay for) the best
    local talent, La Salle or Maranatha.

  • Observantcat

    Could this be the begging of the end for Muir and PHS rivalry in both Football and Basketball? Money, Money, Money, MONEY…. some people gots to have it,….. You fellows know the rest.

    • New York

      The rivalry has not been much of a rivalry in football for a very long time, and that is unfortunate.

      This could certainly be a sign of the future of sports and education in California. Maybe the coach’s choice is not so much about money as it is the environment of support with less bureaucracy.
      Perhaps the La Salle vs. Maranatha rivaly will eventually be played at the Rose Bowl with rosters similar to Oaks Christian and Alemany. As long as it is with local Pasadena kids getting access to great opportunities closer to home, then what’s wrong? In fact, if local kids are able to play locally, then that sounds like a pretty good thing.

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      PHS has not done anything to improve there athletics city wide. Yeah, Muir and PHS got turf fields, but that is nothing.

      All of their facilities are bad, they have no coaching stability at any of their schools academically Muir was on the verge of being shut down….Coaching scandals…Blair Ewww..have the parents stood up and demanded better. Right now there is nothing attractive about playing sports at a Pasadena City Public School. Yeah La Salle and Maranatha will improve and fight for Basketball players, but Monrovia may benefit in Football and Baseball, Since the cats have best teams in those sports in area. If Dena does not get their act together.

  • I’m just say’in

    There really has not been a rivalry in basketball for long time also. Unfortunately PUSD has fail to keep up with the times. The climate of high schools sports has changed but PUSD has not. In the grand scheme of things PUSD head coaches pay PUSD to coach. The money they receive does not cover gas for summer, picking up and dropping off players, buying meals for some players who don’t have money to eat, etc…. So no one can blame anyone who moves on to be in a better situation especially after 20 years of service. Change the way you do things PUSD so we can keep the best for our public schools, students and community. Good Luck Tuck on your new journey.

  • New York

    This underlying tone of “Haves vs. Have Nots” and “Us vs. Them” is not healthy. These private schools are providing a challenge to the public school status quo. Hopefully that creates pressure for improvement.

    If local Pasadena players end up thriving at these schools and going on to great things, then 20 or 30 years from now these kids will be on the trustee boards of the schools and create a new face of “Haves.”

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      How do public schools which depend on a state budget and School District policy, compete with private schools that can control tuition and appropriation of their athletic funds? Monrovia is a one high school city, but Pasadena has several high schools. What about in the LA City Section where all of the schools fall under a state and district budget. El Camino Real is a lot nicer than say locke high school. They are in the Same State and district? What do you think NY?

      • New York

        The private schools control tuition only to the extent that people are willing and able to pay. They are willing to pay only if the service is good.

        You might have answered your own question by pointing out the exact characteristic differences: some districts with declining enrollments might need to consolidate schools and better pool their resources. Furthermore, maybe some school district policies need to be re-examined.

        I’ve read your suggestions that parents get more involved and demand certain things…well that is exactly what happens at private schools. Parents are allowed and actually expected to be involved. Far less red tape.

        • GP AKA Green Machine

          Haha OG New York…why are not in running for City Council somewhere 🙂

  • First of all “Once a Dog ALWAYS A DOG”! Congratulations Coach Tucker from a PHS fan/student who watched you play in 1978. Even though I left PHS in my Junior year I have ALWAYS followed the Bulldogs thru good times and not so good times (losing to MUIR for 13 years now?) “Thank-You” for your time, commitment and service to your alma mater “Hail Pasadena, All Hail, Hail, Hail!!!