Source: Rio Hondo League to vote on whether to have Crescenta Valley join league …

The Rio Hondo League powers-that-be will vote Friday whether to bring/invite Crescenta Valley to join the league, according to a source.

It’s unclear whether Blair, which is struggling in several major sports, would stay or go. Blair reportedly wants to stay, which could mean a seven-team league.

Aram’s take: If you look at the RHL (for football) as Monrovia and everyone else, then this may do little for you. I guess it would be another speed bump for the Wildcats, but they still tower over the league. In other sports, well, that’s a different story and CV would be a pretty interesting add, especially in baseball. S

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  • Bob Anon

    I’m for it. LC will have all three rivals in the same league. Wow.

    For what it’s worth, LC/TC/SP/SM seem to do well in non-football sports against Monrovia. M-Town has a great football program, but it’s not like their other sports are as dominant as their football program. I’m not saying that other sports at Monrovia are subpar (look at the baseball program, it’s pretty good), but the rest of us* hold our own in sports other than football.

    * not counting Blair.

  • SMH

    Blair and Marshall are trying to get into a new league. This move for CV isn’t a good one. They fit perfectly in the Pacific and have around 3000 kids. Muir should be the team to go to the RHL as they have only around 1000, and are a much better fit.

  • GP AKA Green Machine

    This is not a good Move for CV. With Tucker leaving Pasadena, their basketball team will be the new power in that league. They are among the top Baseball teams in that league, and it’s anyone’s league in football. If they were going to move any teams from the pacific into this league, it should have been Hoover and/or Glendale. They would fit nicely in the RHL. Monrovia should be moved into the pacific. The Football team would walk into that league 1 or 2. The Baseball team would walk into that league 1-3, and the basketball team would have to improve. But in soccer and girls sports Monrovia would fit right in. CV coming to RHL would improve the league. With Scoby coming to Monrovia a 4 peat is going to be the tune this season. What is CIF going to do about Midvalley football and Rio Hondo Football ?

  • who cares

    IMO CV would go into the RHL and run it in almost every sport. they will definitely challenge and probably beat Monrovia in football they will destroy the RHL in Basketball/soccer/baseball/water polo and etc….M-town should move to the pacific whereas they will not walk in 1 or 2 IMO and being a pacific league fan M-town would be mid to top team in football and baseball but after that they’ll be door mats. Football M-town facing Burroughs then Burbank then Muir then Arcadia then a feisty Pasadena team as well as CV (if they stayed) would be in a lot of trouble. thats different styles of football night in and out with only two stat games Glendale/hoover. Monrovia would probably struggle heavily the first 3 years in football then possibly end up being a 1 or 2 team in the league before the season even start, but never and i repeat never will they be as dominant in the pacific or southeat as they are in the RHL and Mid valley.

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      I don’t know how CV would beat Monrovia in football, They would have to beat San Marino first…
      They also lost to La Canada in baseball..

      Basketball is the only sport where CV has a clear cut advantage. Soccer would be competitive, and the girls sports would be competitive.

      I think that is why this conversation is being held…

      By the way…you care or you would not have drooled on this thread.

    • Seriously?

      Obviously you don’t know what you’re talking about. CV got destroyed by San Marino last year and you lost to Glendale who was destroyed by South Pas. Monrovia would have won the Pacific last year. With a thousand plus more kids you should be better than Monrovia. But you’re not.

    • Antonius Block

      Water Polo? That’s where you lost me man.

  • SMH

    Pacific League Enrollment (according to Calpreps):

    Arcadia- 3636
    CV – 2900
    Glendale- 2835
    Burbank- 2719
    Burroughs- 2628
    PHS- 2085
    Hoover- 1947
    Muir- 1004

    Rio Hondo Enrollment (according to Calpreps):

    TC- 2024
    Monrovia- 1645
    SP- 1527
    LC- 1434
    SM- 1101
    Blair- 692

    So, you take the second largest school in the Pacific League and place them in the Rio Hondo where they become 2 to 3x larger than 5 of the 6 teams in the league? Yeah, this isn’t happening. Again, Muir is a much better fit in the RHL.

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      Wow Monrovia and Muir pack a punch for such small schools

  • You’re wrong

    “they will destroy the RHL in Basketball/soccer/baseball/water polo and etc….” Who cares, you’re absolutely wrong!!!! Maybe 15 years ago they would in all sports but water polo but not today. Go check and see how much CV sports has declined in the past 15 years and then come back with real talk.

  • bigfatfan

    I suggest that they should have looked ‘southward’ for another team like Gabrielino, or perhaps alhambra to join the RHL. PHS and Muir are long time rivals, they are not going to move Muir to the RHL and leave PHS in the Pacific league.

    • SMH

      I understand that argument, but if you live in Pasadena you know that the rivalry has died down tremendously the past decade. With all the elite athletes leaving the city and with Muir only beating PHS in football/track and PHS dominating in everything else, change is needed big time. Other rivalries have been broken up, especially in the ESGV! And you can schedule your rival in the preseason, just look at San Dimas and Bonita! Bottom line, CV is too big for the RHL and Muir or another smaller school would be a better fit. Especially considering one Pasadena school is leaving, just replace it with another!

    • Aphex

      I think Gabrielino should stay in the MVL. They do good in basketball, baseball, track&field. There football team is looking REALLY good this year. I think Alhambra should move to RHL..

    • Jay Santos

      Alhambra is huge, and better suited to the Pacific League.

      • Alhambra was in the Pacific. As the enrollment demographic changed at Alhambra it was perceived they couldn’t compete in the Pacific . At the time, the Alhambra struggled with getting the new demographic to play competitive sports. Alhambra is way bigger than ALL the other schools.

        • jay santos

          You could certainly make that argument for Glendale and Hoover to move, even with their high enrollment numbers. Their demographic has changed dramatically since joining the Pacific league from the old Foothill league in the early 80’s.

  • Former Coach

    A few years ago Blair informed the Rio Hondo League that they would be leaving the RHL. They were looking to get into the league with Marshall. Blair causes so many issues in the RHL.

    1)They don’t field enough non-varsity teams.
    2) The varsity teams that they do field are not competitive.
    3) They tell the league that they will be fielding teams so schools set schedules counting on Blair and then BHS cancels at the last minute. I know of schools that have confirmed lower level matches only to show up and there is no team or Blair does not show up at all.
    4)They have no administrative structure to their sports programs. No one at Blair knows how to run a sports program.

    CV would be a good fit for the RHL. I know the RHL was looking to invite Hoover High School in the past but that never worked out. CV might have an advantage in a few sports, but I dont believe that they would dominate the league in any one sport. The only sport they might dominate for a few years would be boys basketball with La Canada in a down trend. Over the next few years La Canada and Monrovia bball will be back to their normal standards and then things will be different.

    Do the right thing kick Blair to the curb

  • FAN

    Leagues need to made up of schools all in one area…RHL should be Duarte, Monrovia, Arcadia, Temple City, San Marino, and Alhambra…PL should be Pasadena, Muir, Blair, Marshall, LaCanada, and Crescenta Valley…that way there are actual “cross-town rivalries”…I think it’s too much to have schools traveling 20+ miles for a league game…

  • SMH

    Here’s what’s happening today.

    The Foothill area is voting on releaguing at Hart HS. The RHL has put forth two proposals, and both include their endorsement of CV moving to the RHL. Here are the basics of the two proposals.

    PROPOSAL 1 (which is a refinement of an original proposal):


    San Marino
    La Canada
    Temple City
    South Pasadena
    Crescenta Valley



    Here is their reasoning for bringing Marshall to the Pacific:

    “The precedent of widely varied enrollment numbers in the Pacific already exists, with the membership of John Muir.”

    I know, I LMAO too.

    PROPOSAL 2 (which includes creating a new league called the Crescent League):





    —-Crescent League—


    If you care to read it, here is their reasoning for bringing in CV instead of Muir:

    “The Pacific League remains a very competitive league with continued rivalries. Also, while Muir is a smaller school, it continues to lead the league in several sports. While scheduling would be slightly more difficult, the benefits for the league are huge as the level of competition will increase.

    The Rio Hondo League benefits from the addition of Crescenta Valley. As previously noted in their formal proposal, CV is dropping in enrollment wishes to move to the RHL for competitive reasons. Additionally, the addition of CV creates a new rival for La Canada that has no rival in the current league configuration. The RHL will continue to function as it has for the past 40 plus years as a 6-team league that remains competitive. The RHL has won 17 CIF championships and the addition of CV will further enhance our competition.”

    Oh yeah, that makes a whole lot of sense. CV has dropped from their enrollment of 3000 kids to 2900 kids and Muir “leads the league in several sports” such as football, girls basketball, football, girls basketball, and football, and girls basketball. It totally makes sense to add a school like CV with 3000 kids to a league like the RHL where the average school hovers around 1500. Smart move. But hey, apparently this is what the RHL wants as these are THEIR proposals. And to all you Monrovia honks, your dreams of moving to the Pacific and bumping up divisions in football is not going to happen. Like I’ve said all along the administration at Monrovia does NOT want to move the Wildcats anywhere.

    Can’t wait to find out what happens at Hart HS today. Should be interesting.

  • Bigfatfan

    So what were the results of the league realignment talks?

    • SMH

      More tumult than anything. Essentially no vote took place and they will reconvene after more internal discussions.

  • PacMan

    Kick out the Burbank Schools, so that Cv will be competitive again. Problem solve