Arcadia wants OUT of the Pacific League and IN to the Rio Hondo League … Plus, much, much more …

Arcadia High School will request that it be transferred from the Pacific League and placed in the Rio Hondo League effective for the 2013-14 school year 2014-15 school year when members of the Foothill Area have their re-leaguing vote next Friday at Hart High School.

The Apaches’ request is contingent upon Crescenta Valley also leaving the Pacific League. Crescenta Valley wants to either join the Rio Hondo League or form a whole new league altogether. Crescenta Valley is also interested in bringing in another school or two from the Glendale Unified School District to the Rio Hondo League. Hoover, currently in the Pacific League, has also made it known that it would like to join the Rio Hondo League.

The schools that currently make up the Rio Hondo League only have one proposal, and that’s to bring in Crescenta Valley for Blair, which is reportedly down to 600 students and barely fielded a varsity football team and did not field a varsity baseball team this year. The league is not unanimous, though, with San Marino preferring not to add Crescenta Valley.

Elsewhere, there are several scenarios being bandied about for Marshall, which is currently in the Alpha League. Marshall has been suggested to either go to the Pacific, Rio Hondo or Mission Valley League. The school is reportedly evenly content with going to either Rio Hondo or Mission Valley, but the Mission Valley has requested that Marshall be put in the Rio Hondo due to competitive equity, geography and enrollment.

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  • anonymous

    We hear of these schools wanting out of the Pacific. But we’re not hearing Monrovia wanting out of the RHL to the Pacific. Why is that?

  • Pacfan

    The Burbank schools are the ones that should be voted off the pacific. Have them form a league that would give them better all around competition.

    • NotSoFast

      What if the Pasadena schools (Marshall, Blair, Pasadena, Muir) combined to have enough students to make competitive teams in ALL sports? For a high school coach planning a schedule based off what the Pasadena schools “might” have, it must be a headache. Who knows if they, especially Muir, will show up with a JV team or not? Your guess is as good as mine.

  • SMH

    There was a time on this blog that this post would have had over 100 comments…

    • yep, this place is dead now anyway.

      • Blah

        That’s because Miguel is gone…

      • SMH

        On my way to the Dresden then…

  • Maintainuntilchange

    Soon Muir, Pasadena, and Blair won’t be able to compete in anything thanks to the flight and recruiting of all poential star athletes. The kids that attend the schools now do not really care about athletics either and there are no feeder programs. Yes there is the panthers and ponies but those kids will play for Alemany, La Salle, CO,Cathedral, Oaks, an now the hoop players will play at Maranatha

    • StangNation01

      Sadly the Pasadena Unified School District, isn’t doing anything to thwart this mass exodus of Pasadena kids to these other schools. Monrovia is also getting alot of Pasadena kids smh. PUSD has to realize that if their sports programs are well funded and are doing very well then parents will send their kids back to public schools. Hence enrollment will improve, test scores will improve & funding will too

  • CanOcorn

    Is Arcadia and Cv leaving because they want to compete in a stronger league or are they leaving because they can no longer compete in the Pacific? Clearly the RHL is the stronger league, so I don’t know how that benefits those two schools.

    • Seriously!!

      This has to be the most ridiculous statement! The only team in the RHL who is a strong team is Monrovia. RHL is by far a weaker league than the pacific! Blair, Temple City, So Pasadena…. San Marino?? C’mon now! Muir Burbank and Burroughs alone make the pacific tougher!!

      • CanOcorn

        But yet the Rhl has 16 cif championships combine since 2006 to the Pacific’s none. . . I don’t see Muir being competitive other than football, and the Burbank schools care more about beating each other rather than winning championships. So I really don’t see the strength in that league. The weak teams in the RHL can easily beat the weaker teams in the Pacific.

        • “C’mon MAAN”

          Pacific has been is higher divisions and maybe had no business being in these divisions playing the likes of hart, arroyo grande, Mira coasta, Edison etc. when the RHL wins titles its against San Gabriel, maranatha, Whittier Christian! Yeah no wonder you guys have so many championships! You beat up on the irrelevant! Come beat the West Covina, Downey, La Serna La Mirandas! The weak teams in the RHL are all the teams except Monrovia! TC HAHA LC HAHAH SP HAHA SM HAHA BLAIR HAHAHAHAHAH!! In football: Pacific has Glendale who didn’t win a game! TC and Sp had trouble with Hoover and and that’s the PL bottom feeders haha get a clue!

        • NotSoFast

          Ummmm…CV has three CIF Championships in the past two years, Boys Soccer, Boys Swimming and Girls Water Polo. So while your point hasn’t been disproved about the RHL being tougher than the PL, the divisions the RHL play in are much lower than the PL Divisions.

  • maintainuntilchange

    I believe they feel they get hurt in seedings for baseball, cant compete in basketball (Arcadia) will be down in football (both) but really they want to compete with teams that field and play on the all levels (fr-so, jv, v) in many of the other sports

    • SGV Coach

      Maybe in boy’s basketball for Arcadia. But CV Boys and Arcadia Girls Basketball would be tops in Rio Hondo League. I don’t think the Rio Hondo League is stronger than the Pacific, but geographically it makes way more sense for Arcadia to be in the Rio Hondo. Arcadia would have a rival in Monrovia or Temple City. If La Canada moved to the Pacific they would have a rival in CV. A rivalry is suppose to be against a school that is close where kids grow up knowing each other. Even though the Arcadia/CV rivalry is good it kids don’t learn about it until high school.

    • SMH

      maitainuntilchange is dead on with all these points. Dead on.

  • QuietCat


    Monrovia is not asking to get out of the RHL because the rest of the school would get destroyed (accept baseball) in the Pacific! Also Monrovia officials wouldn’t touch the Pasadena duo (Muir & PHS) with a ten foot pole (to much potential for bad stuff they dont need).

    What is San Marino worried about??? Why wouldn’t you want CV and Arcadia in and Blair out? The RHL would become exponentially better overnight. If San Marino is scared to play a “Big” school like arcadia, then maybe they should leave the RHL and join the small school league with Hoover, Blair and Marshall! I mean Rio Hondo to it to Arcadia and they’re enrollment is like 19 kids! lol

    I for one hope Arcadia and CV join, could you imagine that Baseball league (Arcadia, CV, Monrovia, TC) wow! Aram please keep us posted of anything you hear.


    • SMH

      Monrovia will never leave the RHL on their own volition. Ever. The only way they leave the RHL is if the other RHL schools try and push them out, like what the Hacienda is doing to Bonita, and what happened to Charter Oak and South Hills a few years ago. Again…MONROVIA IS NOT LEAVING. Zero chance. Zilch. Nada. They didn’t apply for it and the proposals that are being voted on this Friday at Hart HS don’t even include that possibility. And, you’re right, the Pasadena/Monrovia issue is a major issue for their admin dept. I’m telling you folks, it is NOT HAPPENING.

    • anonymous

      So is it safe to say Monrovia and the RHL will continue to be stuck in div 11 because San Marino chooses the status quo by not wanting to add bigger schools into the league? I’m with you quiet cat get them out of there.

  • QuietCat

    “Rio hondo took it to Arcadia”

  • Maintainuntilchange

    You know why it appears dead is because this paper (Pasadena) covers everything but Pasadena schools sports. If you want local coverage, go to the Pasadena Sun or Altadena Patch. The opening articles for all sports mention Damien, Bishop, La Mirada, Diamond Bar, and others, WTH!! Maybe you need more writers, look at some of the other papers for clues. The OC covers their huge area of HS sports well, they do a thing called “Hot Shots” where action photos of many players from different school are put in the paper.
    Back to the topic of releagueing, I just was to say that it is hard to compete in multiple sports against team with more than 2-3 1/2 more students than you have. Muir has to share their few athletes. There are so many people trying to change things there but parents do not want to take a chance. It is not the academics it is the social interaction they fear. The bottom line is competition and Muir and Blair just are not getting done and it is not the coaches.

    • SMH

      Blair only has 650 kids and terrible leadership and facilities. Muir has 1000 kids and substandard facilities. Bottom line is both should not be in their respective leagues. The only thing keeping Blair in the RHL is that no league in their right mind wants them. The only thing keeping Muir in the Pacific is their football team. And the coaches aren’t great either, though it’s no fault of their own as they give all they have. The pay is just ridiculous and these walk-ons just can not be on campus as they have their own 9-5’s.

      For all intents and purposes PUSD should close Blair (not just for athletic reasons) and send all of those kids to Muir. But they won’t do it.

    • I didn’t know the Sun or Altadena Patch had a blog. I will have to check it out. You know why I think it’s dead here? Because of you, you, and you. You people make the blog what it is. Not me. Not any writer. I go cover a game between the two top baseball teams — LC and Monrovia and guess how many comments. Take a look. It was like that ALL throughout basketball season, too. And hoops is supposed to be this area’s big sport. Maybe nobody has computers or internet connex.

      But I can tell you that if I post something on the back-up running back at Amat eating bologna in his sandwich, there will be comments and a conversation that spawns life and many other topics. Same with Monrovia.

      So until and unless any of you start making this interesting, it’s gonna be dead now anyway.

  • SMH

    Here’s what’s gonna happen: NOTHING. After all this talk and all these proposals, neither the RHL nor the Pacific is going to change. They’ll be voted down and it’ll end up being much ado about nothing come Friday in Santa Clarita.

  • Maintainuntilchange

    It’s not about the blog, it’s about coverage. So what Muir loses in baseball, cover a game or two, put some names in the paper and get the kids excited. I am not sure if this paper has changed its coverage area? If that’s the case then hey what can we say. All I know is that us “Old Timers” from the 70’s and 80’s were spoiled by the coverage of the local schools. SMH I have been preach’n for Muir to leave the Pacific but only because they do not compete in other sports and being in a tough league does not help them recruit, they only get their butts kicked and everyone quits. Go to a lower division, play Pasadena, forget about schools with 2,200- 3,500 students, pay the coaches, upgrade your facilities (ALL) and maybe someday move back up. It is as simple as that for Blair and Muir.

    • SMH

      Hear, hear. I couldn’t agree more. Also, the football team would be able to have a real shot at competing for a CIF championship at the lower levels, which might attract some of the talent that they’re losing to the private schools.

  • SMH

    Not a bad idea here:

    What if the RHL and the Pacific combined to form one league split in two, and the football teams were placed according to how competitive they were from year to year, or every two years? Here’s an example based on last year’s teams:


    San Marino


    South Pasadena
    La Canada

    The final week (Week 10) could be reserved for rivalry games like the Turkey Tussle, Monrovia/TC, SM/SP, etc. All alternatives need to be explored in the near future, as it is obvious change is going to occur…if not now, in the next few years.

  • Aram….no other lcoal paper compares to the Pasadena Star News….but you know that. And for all the haters (HA!) on Pasadena Unifiied School District…no other Unified School District in the state has produced champion alumnis – at all levels – over the years in comparison to the PUSD. We’ve struggled over the years, but without a doubt, have legacies (including Blair) that may never be matched. The Pasadena Spirit is alive and well…

    • SMH

      With all due respect Mr. Laurence, it’s great to look to the past, but it’s not a good idea to live in it. You are 100% correct, PUSD was a great place for athletics. Not anymore. And the present day kids deserve more than to just glance back fondly at the legacies of old. They deserve to create their own legacies and push forward for the generations after them. Honestly, PUSD kids tire of hearing about yesteryear when they get killed 70-0 in football or 22-2 in baseball. While their neighborhood buddies are lighting up the scoreboards in Mission Hills, La Puente, Sherman Oaks, L.A., etc and creating legacies outside of their hometowns the kids who remain in the district have lost their “Pasadena Spirit.” Now that Tuck is gone, there is no true dominant program in Pasadena and it might be a long while before there is another one. Things are cyclical, I understand that, but MAJOR change is needed. Hopefully, in some way, folks can help out to start something new (starting with the district) so we can start to create some change.

  • …and Arcadia should stay put.

  • Maintainuntilchange

    I do not believe anyone is Hate’n, it is just that they do not cover equally. The district is struggling to have its schools just field teams. How about starting up the intramural sports programs again. How bout letting elementary and middle schools playing each other again. How can you say the spirit is alive and well when hundreds of kids go elsewhere and our HS are down to 3 or four sports. How can you say the spirit is alive when the alumni associations reach out to their members and they do not donate anything. How can you say the spirit is alive when there are 40 people at a varsity basketball game. I do the best I can to get things done only to get frustrated when parents say they will leave after their kid graduates from middle school to go to any HS outside of this area
    (PUSD) and its not for academics it is for sports. Some do say that their kids need to be in a different environment socially and that is totally understandable. I just hope that someday some groups decide to stick together and get these schools back to where they use to be ACADEMICALLY, ATHLETICALLY, and SPIRITUALLY.

    • SMH

      I don’t know who you are, but it’s like you’re living in my brain. Again, you’re dead on with ALL of the points you make. Couldn’t agree more.

  • Maintainuntilchange

    SMH, you see it!!! Put that Hahamonga money into the facilities their but please consult with the administration at Muir. Build those kids lighted batting cages and dugouts for the softball team. That cant cost more than 20 grand. Back to the title of this particular blog and just keep Muir in the pacific, move out those want want to go and move in Marshall, they compete very well. Arcadia and CV want competition from all schools and that is the bottom line. They will get that in the RHL with Blair out.

  • Wow….First, the Pasadena Spirit can’t be beat…especially with or by numbers. It’s a live and well. “Maintainuntilchange” is an alumni of the Pasadena USD (He has to be to be to concerned about it), but his sentiments are that of many of the alumni in the area – Muir alone has 4k members in it’s alumni association. It’s that spirit that will provoke the change, granted, that our schools need. While some may argue that looking in the past is a wasted cause, I see it as perspective…even call it 20/20 vision. It’s a strong foundation for our kids about what the standard is…not just about winning, but about school pride as well. Pasadena (Bulldogs, Mustangs, Eagles and Vikings) will rise again. “SMH” – do me a favor – search the last 20 years and point to me one high school squad that could match up to any squad from Pasadena (or has created their own legacy as you say)..or any school in the state for that matter. You can’t. My point? They may leave the city, but its the great ones from this city you hear and read about…the ones that stayed in the city of champions – Pasadena, CA. Yep, I said it.

  • Maintainuntilchange

    Todd, once they leave they can’t come back home. Nobody remembers them. I coached Ramses Barden for two years in baseball at Loma Alta and he plays for the New York Giants and won a “Super Bowl” ring. He visits FPHS to reach back to the community when he is from Altadena. Not his fault he probably just feels weird. He is a great kid and his pops a wonderful man, but we make choices and move on but with tremendous consequences, if reaching back and being a role model is important to them.
    I hear Muir has about 25 players for Varsity…. Blair and Marshall are done, Find leagues for these teams because the parents aint comin and are basically movin out of Pasadena for various reasons. There have been no, none,nada hispanic or African American families moving (buying) in and they are the ones attending the schools on the west side. I did see J. Wash eating a bologna sandwich the other day with chili limon chips inside. let’
    s talk about that

    • Ha…..I hear you. But that’s why the Pasadena Sports Hall of Fame exists…to remind you and others of the great ones that walked the hall ways and the black tops and fields/tracks of the PUSD. Again, PUSD will rise again but I won’t hold your comments, or others, against you because I know you too long for the glory days of sports at its finest from the schools of the Pasadena Unified School District.