Rio Hondo and Pacific leagues to stay status quo after Crescenta Valley loses vote to join RHL … Marshall headed to the Mission Valley League …

Crescenta Valley High School’s bid to join the Rio Hondo League beginning with the 2014-15 school year, thus creating a domino effect that would have led Arcadia and Hoover to seek the same thing, was voted down on Friday when the Foothill Area held its re-leaguing meeting at Hart High.

Thus, the Rio Hondo League and Pacific League will remain the same for the next four-year cycle of league play. Elsewhere during the meeting, the area voted to send Marshall from the Alpha League to the Mission Valley League in a move that has soured the Mission Valley League, which vowed to appeal.

As far as the Rio Hondo League and Pacific League were concerned on Friday, the bigger story was what didn’t happen, rather than what did.

Last week, the Rio Hondo League agreed to a proposal that would move Crescenta Valley from the Pacific League to the Rio Hondo and get rid of Blair, which has put a weight on the league with its struggling athletic programs.

That proposal prompted Arcadia to propose that it would also like to join the Rio Hondo League if Crescenta Valley was voted in. The Rio Hondo League was not in total agreement about the proposal, with San Marino opposed to the idea.

That number must have grown in recent days because when Friday’s motions to put proposals to a vote were made, the Rio Hondo League decided against going forward with its Crescenta Valley proposal.

“There wasn’t a united decision from the Rio Hondo League anymore as far as adding a team or two,” La Canada athletic director Craig Franzen said. “It was just the best option at this point for the league. If the Blair problem gets worse, you have another opportunity in four years to do something.”

With schools given the opportunity to put forth their own proposals for a vote, Crescenta Valley went forward with its bid to join the Rio Hondo League despite the idea no longer having support from the league. The proposal did not gain enough votes.

With Blair staying put, the Rio Hondo League must again cope with a league mate that could not field a varsity baseball team this season and sent out a varsity football team last fall that was shutout in every league game last season by an average score of 62-0.

Another option for the Rio Hondo League would have been to add Marshall. Instead, the Eagles were voted into the Mission Valley League, which immediately made clear that it will appeal that decision to the CIF-Southern Section.

Marshall would join current Mission Valley League teams Arroyo, El Monte, Gabrielino, Mountain View, Rosemead and South El Monte to form a seven-team league.
“In my opinion, all the other proposals — Crescenta Valley, Arcadia, the Rio Hondo League — were all just posturing so they didn’t have to take Marshall,” Arroyo varsity football head coach and athletic director Jim Singiser said. “Obviously, geography was not an issue because you have to pass every Rio Hondo League school to get to a Mission Valley League school.

“Neither was school size (an issue) because I think Marshall may be a better fit size-wise in the Rio Hondo League.

“We will appeal and see what happens. If it sticks, so be it. I know a lot of people over there and they are good people.”

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  • Football Guy

    Very weak by the RHL. Chance to get rid of an awful program and get stronger in one move and they blow it.

  • SMH

    The RHL had no way to “get rid” of Blair. The only way to get them out is to have them voted into another league, which is not going to happen because other schools/leagues do not want Blair. Another option would be to create a new league, a “weaker league,” which they tried to do with the “Crescent League,” but again none of those schools wanted to be paired with Blair. The RHL attempted to at least “make up” for Blair by adding CV, and yes, they totally blew that one.

  • 22

    My vote would be to shut down all the sports if not the entire Blair High School.

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  • DadofaCat

    Dont know who im more disapointed with…the RHL or Monrovia for never having a proposal which would’ve moved them out of this league and division. Guess the fanbase wants to be a part of Big Boy football more then the administration does. Welcome to 4 more years of Div 11 purgatory…

    • Coach

      Monrovia doesn’t want out of the RHL because they do not dominate any other sport like football (haven’t we been over this already), and Monrovia is aware of that.

      • It’s getting pretty bad because in most years Monrovia’s five toughest games are in the nonleague and its five easiest are in league. To not even hear about any POTENTIAL ideas, i.e. Monrovia to the Pacific League, is pretty disappointed.

        But forget all that, the one big problem the RHL had was Blair and that didn’t get resolved.

        • Coach

          Blair was not leaving under any proposal, in the summer blair informed RHL they would want out, and in fall they said they didn’t RHL could do nothing about it.

        • GP AKA Green Machine

          Why won’t CIF let public schools hand pick what divisions and league they play in for each sport like the private Catholic and lutheran schools? BA plays D1 Football and Lower level Baseball and Basket…so does ST John Bosco, Alemany…St Francis Oaks Christian, St Bonnies ETC…This seems like it gives them a better chance at winning titles…

          • SMH

            That’s not how it works. Private schools do not get to “hand pick what divisions they play in for each sport.”

            First off, changing leagues is up to the individual school that wants out (like CV attempted) or schools trying to push another school out of their league (like the Hacienda schools are doing to Bonita, and what the Marmonte schools did to St. Bonnie’s and OC).

            Secondly, CIF divisional alignment differs from sport to sport. Bishop Amat has absolutely no say as to which division there teams go come playoff time…in any sport. Neither does LaSalle, SF, OC, or any other private school. And public schools are in different divisions as well. Look at Arcadia and PHS for instance: football-D7, basketball-D1, baseball-D2. Football and baseball placement is based on your league and basketball is based on enrollment and competitive equity.

            Bottom line, Monrovia’s admin does NOT want to leave the RHL (and the RHL does NOT want them to leave) and CIF can NOT step in and change that.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            Well don’t you think that’s stupid? Why would basketball be based on attendance when it only takes 8-15 players to field a team. Why would baseball do the same when it requires 15-20 players to field a team. Plus it’s really hard to create a dynasty in those sports…it takes a few tall guys or great pitchers to take a team from last to Champs. Football requires at least 22 players and if you wanna have depth you need at least 50. So shouldn’t Football be based enrollment and competitive equity, not league. If you look at football closely the same teams win all the time, and there are numerous repeat champs…Poly wins their league every year. Charter Oak Dominates their league. Who is going to beat Serra in their league and Division. How dominate has west co been overall…What about the Central you see the same teams, what about RHP…They could do well in the MVL if you are going to keep blair in the league…what about the inland…how many Corona Cent vs Vista M…title games are we going to see. Football should be separate and CIF should have more power to move or recommend teams to be placed on the right level. It generates the most money, and by far the most popular. The RHL does not want Monrovia to leave in Football. I think they were looking at all the sports. If they sports were separated they would reconsider…They are getting beat 50-0 every year. I think this all or nothing system is not the best b/c it allows schools to play where they shouldn’t and it discourages schools from better comp because the other sports are not as good. Monrovia is a small school that just happens to be exceptional in one sport and good in others, and bad in one. Really how many titles should a team be allowed to win?

          • SMH

            It may be stupid, but that’s just the way it is. And I don’t think it’s changing anytime soon.

            If you want change, fill this out:


            It pays well too.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            LOL Good one!!! Hahah

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        yeah, but don’t you think CIF should change the Idea that all sports must be in the same league and Division. The Catholic/Christian schools get to hand pick what divisions they want to play in for every sport. BA, Alemany, La Salle ETC sports participate on different levels for different sports…

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      true….CIF should step in….how many back to back to whatever are they going to see until something is done…

  • bigfatfan

    Say it aint so. Blair remains in the RHL. what a joke. I guess the RHL could not find a suitable trash can to dump Blair into, hence they got stuck with them going forward. horrible for the rest of the schools in the league. our ADs and administrators fail us once again.

  • realTALK

    Can we really name the team who goes 5-0 in league (RHL) every year the most dominate team in the SGV. When other teams beat up on each other playing better competition? When does strength of schedule come in at the HS level?
    To their defense they did beat St Francis but I don’t believe st Francis was ur typical St Francis team! They were obviously down this year! Clearly

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      Yeah, but Monrovia is 1-0 soon to be 2-0 vs St Francis …I’d say football is done over there.

      • realTALK

        You guys played they tough and you were a good team last year but I don’t think Jim bonds will lose consecutive years vs Monrovia. Scooby or not! But I do believe Monrovia will go on to win league and prob the division again!

  • Bob Anon

    Why was San Marino so opposed to CV joining the RHL? CV is probably LC’s strongest rival in all sports (sorry SP and SM) but I would’ve welcomed them and Arcadia.

    Also, is it just me or has LC taken the season series from Monrovia in girls’ volleyball, boys’ basketball, girls’ basketball, baseball, and softball this year? I’ll take the beatdown in football in exchange for winning in other sports.

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      Baseball is not done yet….However those sports don’t generate the revenue football does…there is more fans at one football game then all of the those games combined…Football is the cash cow…and LC sucks at it and has for some time…If they let Monrovia out just for football, it would help the league.

  • bigfatfan

    According to the LC AD, the RHL will reconsider booting Blair in four years if the situation gets worse… how low do we have to go folks. Blair situation is already untenable. the only signs from Blair are continued decline. what is going to turn that situation around?? nothing. our kids in the rest of the RHL are the ones that get cheated by continuing the charade of keeping Blair in the league. these ADs and decision makers are jokes

  • SMH

    I totally agree that Blair screws a lot of things up for the RHL and I’m not here to defend them. My thing is, why are the AD’s and stakeholders of the other 5 teams in the league getting heat for this from some commenters? How are they just supposed to “dump” Blair? From what I understand, you can’t just dump a team from a league if there is no where for them to go. Which league would they get sent to? Which league would accept them? Marshall left the Small School region and entered the Foothill region and HAD to be accepted by a league in the Foothill. That isn’t the case with Blair. And Blair won’t enter the Small School region because PUSD and Marshall’s admin took Marshall out primarily for transportation purposes.

    If there’s anyone to be mad at it’s the Blair folks and PUSD who have allowed this to happen. The RHL is stuck with Blair, period. So long as the school is open and has athletics, and as long as no other league will accept them they are in there for good. This is not the fault of the other 5 schools in the league.

    If I’m incorrect, someone please fill me in, because I’d really like to know.

  • bigfatfan

    SMH, I think that the ADs and Administrators in the RHL owed it to the families of kids at the remaining 5 schools to do something this time around. Its not like this date and situation just “snuck up on them”. It comes around every four years. and over the past four years, the situation at Blair has gone from bad to worse. these nameless and faceless administrators should have planned something with PUSD and “whomever” to make the transfer happen. now we are stuck with Blair for another four years. thats what pisses me off, the apparent inability of these admin folks to get something done. Heck, put them into the Pacific league with the rest of PUSD schools.

    • SMH

      bff, I definitely understand your frustration. And you’re right, the Blair situation has gotten steadily worse over the years. However, under the current system of releaguing, there is no way to just dump a team in another league. That’s just not how it works, whether right or wrong. And putting them in the Pacific league with the rest of the PUSD schools is not as easy as “putting them in the Pacific league with the rest of the PUSD schools.”

      Remember, outside of football and basketball, Muir is to the Pacific what Blair is to the RHL. So there is no way in the world that Blair would ever go to the Pacific, as the Pacific League schools also “owe it to the families of the kids of THEIR remaining schools.” Not to mention enrollment is one of the 3 factors of moving leagues and Blair only has about 650 kids, where the average enrollment in the Pacific is around 2,500 or so.

      Bottom line, hard decisions have to be made by PUSD officials outside of athletics, namely closing Blair down and consolidating students, staff, and resources with Muir. However, that is not likely to happen for other reasons that would take too much time to explain here.

      But I’m with you, it sucks big time for ALL involved.

  • Spartacus the cat

    Amazing the disconnect to the actual process put forth by CIF. All schools must be in a league.

    Where was Blair going to go after it refused to be put into the Small Schools area? The RHL had to keep them because no one else wanted them. You cannot just “Dump” a school.

    So the RHL had a choice, go to a 7 or 8 team league or stay status quo. My sources tell me the coaches and ADs of the RHL wanted to stay at 6 for scheduling non-league games, so Blair stays and the non-league games continue to be very important to each school.

    • SMH

      Exactly. I think everyone will be watching to see how Blair and the PUSD will respond over the next four years. Personally, I don’t see how the school will be open in four years, as their numbers have been dropping steadily every year. Now it’s just wait and see.

      I’m of the opinion that the Pacific and RHL should combine to create a conference, kind of like the Alpha/Delphic Conference…a “Pacific-Hondo” Conference, if you will. Match up the top teams from each sport every year or two years to create competitive equity. In addition, the schools without Freshman and JV programs in some sports (namely the PUSD schools) and without specific sports (again some of the PUSD schools) wouldn’t pose as much of a problem. AD’s from the conference schools could create Freshman and JV league schedules with teams from across the conference that might not matchup with whomever the Varsity team is playing. It would prove a tough task, but hey, it’s their JOB and the kids would be playing more games! So Muir, Blair, and PHS don’t have freshman football teams…create a Freshman football league from the other remaining schools! The PUSD schools don’t have Diving teams…create a league of schools that do have Diving teams! With 14 schools you could either have two 7-team leagues, or one league with 8 teams and one league with 6 teams (for sports where all schools play, like basketball and football.) This would take A LOT of work and the logistics would be a TOUGH task, but in the end it would be best for the student-athletes and their families. For example (based on this year’s results):


      A. Arcadia, Burbank, Burroughs, Monrovia, Muir, SM

      B. Blair, CV, Glendale, Hoover, LC, SP, TC, PHS


      A. Burbank, Burroughs, CV, LC, Muir, PHS, TC,

      B. Arcadia, Blair, Glendale, Hoover, Monrovia, SM, SP

      BASEBALL (season not done yet):

      A. Arcadia, Burbank, Burroughs, CV, Monrovia, TC, PHS

      B. Blair, Glendale, Hoover, LC, Muir, SP, SM

  • SMH

    Hey, Foothill Region….break out your notepads. This is how releaguing should take place. Not that this is a perfect method, but there seems to be MUCH more dialogue and compromise. Go ahead Foothill Region, feel free to jump into the 21st century.

  • We’re all dumping on Blair over one…say it again, one season. Their problems were obvious before the season so it was no surprise that their season would be a default. Each player that played in those games – played as best they could under the circumstances….how many other players could say they would have done so? Think about the transfers before you comment. Not giving excuses, but let’s give them time to get their ship in order. Let’s not forget how Blair performed under the reigns of Tip Sanders. As for Marshall, they have some rebuilding to do as well – regardless of whether it’s in the Mission League or anywhere. Are they ready for the RHL?? They were under Sanders…Today, they sound like…I hope so. All in all, it seems that many of the schools seeking entrance into new leagues look a lot like many of our student athletes transfers.

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