OFFICIAL: Rio Hondo League upholds TC-Monrovia tie … La Canada wins outright league title and San Marino gets 3rd-place playoff spot …

After deliberating Thursday night and most of Friday, the Rio Hondo League decided to make official the Temple City and Monrovia high school baseball teams’ 4-4 tie that was halted in 10th inning due to lightning on Thursday.

The result had a ripple effect in the league standings and made La Canada the outright league champion with Monrovia second. It also gave San Marino the league’s automatic third-place playoff spot.

Trouble is, not everybody in the league felt the game should have ended in a tie given the fact that all five teams had either championship or playoff implications because of the result.

Both Temple City and Monrovia stood by on Friday in case they got word the game would be resumed. But after consulting with the CIF Southern Section office earlier in the day and further talks, the league upheld the tie because its own bylaws are unclear what to do in this event.

“Common sense would tell you that the game needs to be decided on the field,” said Monrovia co-head coach Brad Blackmore, whose team would have earned a share of the league championship with a win over Temple City.

“Maybe I’m wrong, but I’ve never heard in my life of any season ending with a tie in the last game of league with three playoff spots up for grabs and you have an open date the next day. Why would you not settle it on the field?

“There’s nothing in the bylaws either way. And once it gets to CIF, if the league hasn’t agreed on it, then you have no chance.”

Temple City blew leads of 3-0, 3-2 and 4-3 in Thursday’s game before Monrovia tied the game at 4-4. Then, a fluke lightning storm hit the area and the umpires suspended the game as a safety precaution.

Meanwhile, across town, San Marino edged La Canada, 3-2, to cause havoc in the standings.

League coaches left it in the hands of the athletic directors to reach a resolution to the quandary of whether Monrovia and Temple City should be allowed to resume. Some argued that without a unanimous vote, the league could not grandfather in a new rule where one didn’t exist or was unclear.

South Pasadena and Temple City will have to hope for at-large berths when pairings are announced on Monday.

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  • Whyy

    Wow I would have loved to see the monrovia/temple city game resume

  • Phil

    That’s the way it should be. They upheld CIF rules and besides, La Canada took 2 of 3 from Monrovia anyways

    • That’s correct, but they would have technically been co-champs, which counts in the history books. LC would have gone to playoffs as the No. 1 team from the league.

      But you’re overlooking the impact it had on third place.

      • Titansportsfan

        I would have loved to be a fly on a wall in that meeting between all the A.D …. How they come to this conclusion baffles me though 3 out of the 5 schools (blair difnt field team so i assume there AD wasnt involved) had an obvious reason to let them finish

        • Titansportsfan

          So either a majority wasn’t enough to sway it or an AD at one of the three schools SP,TC, or MTown dropped the ball in my eyes …. SM wouldn’t want a coin flip and LC wouldn’t want to be co-champs

          • From what I hear, and this is totally unconfirmed, LC and SM did not want a resumption. TC, Monrovia and South Pas did. Without it being unanimous, they would not make such a big ruling. And that’s totally understandable.

  • Someone who knows

    CIF Blue Book:


    A regulation called game with a tie score shall be counted as ½ game won and ½ game lost for each team. This rule will apply to all contests and
    leagues may not waive this rule.

  • Eddie

    South Pasadena is out no matter what though, right?

  • bigfatfan

    apparently if I read this correctly, SP will still be “in it” if the game is resumed and TC wins. that would set up three way tie for third place with SM, TC and SP. then a coin toss would be used to select the No. 3 team. SP took two of three from TC, but SM took two of three from SP, and I assume TC took two of three from SM. funky

  • With so much to be decided amongst thr RH League, the game should be played be fair.

  • This is hilarious, so if Temple City and Monrovia were okay with completing it, why not complete it?

    • Someone who knows

      Fred, the CIF Blue Book trumps all. The Blue Book is the Constitution and Bylaws of the CIF Southern Section.

      Sometimes the CIF lets the individual leagues have some leeway on certain rules, such as the ten run rule and some other “state association adopted rules” but this is specifically in the NFHS (high school) rule book and the Blue Book upholds regulation games (any game that has completed 5 or more innings) that end in ties as 1/2 game won and 1/2 game lost for each side.

      This should not have even been an issue and it was only wishful thinking that this game would continue. Nothing would have been said if happened in early April, just because it’s the last week of the regular season, shouldn’t change any rules.

  • elrayoex

    If they were horses they would have been shot and taken out of their misery after 10 innings.