Arcadia fires nationally recognized cross country coach

By Keith Lair Staff Writer
James O’Brien, who led the Arcadia High School cross country team to two CIF State and the last three CIF-Southern Section championships, has been fired.
“The only reason I was given was, ‘We want to go in a different direction,’ and despite my pressing the issue for a legitimate explanation, the party line was, ‘I am not at liberty to discuss it any further,’” O’Brien said.
Early Tuesday, athletic director Ryan Press could not discuss the situation.
O’Brien coached the Apaches to their third consecutive Southern Section title and second State title in the last three years last November, then led a team made up of his Arcadia runners to a surprising victory at the Nike Nationals championship in Portland, Ore. a week after taking the state crown at Woodward Park in Fresno. It was the team’s second national championship.
The decision was made in a meeting Monday. Also, softball coach Maurice Sibolboro was let go after one season in a separate meeting on Monday.
“I really feel terrible for these kids,” said O’Brien, who coached the team for 17 seasons.
In a way, the decision by the Arcadia administration is not surprising, considering the rift that gradually developed between O’Brien and track and field coach Chris Scholtz. O’Brien said earlier this year that Scholtz did not want him to help coach the team this past season.
As a result, O’Brien formed a spring physical education cross country conditioning class in which 80 of the cross country team’s 88 runners joined.
The scope and size of the conditioning class was evident at open events at meets such as the Pasadena Games, where the distance events were dominated by athletes from O’Brien’s Army.
Of the top Apaches, only senior Mitchell Pratt and freshman Phil Rocha joined the track and field team, and shortly after the season began, Pratt, who recently accepted a scholarship to run at Navy, suffered a stress fracture and did not compete for the season.
Rocha had the west San Gabriel Valley’s second-fastest times in both the 800 and 3,200 and area’s fourth-best time in the 1,600 this past season, but did not compete at the CIF-SS preliminary meets in any of his events, even though he won the 1,600 and his 9:40.33 time in the 3,200 was fast enough to advance.
The other top Arcadia cross country athletes, including Star-News boys and girls runners of the year Estevan De La Rosa and Roni Yamane, opted to train in O’Brien’s class. De La Rosa, a senior-to-be, was second in both the CIF-SS and State races last season. Yamane, a senior-to-be, won the Pacific League title and advanced to state as an individual.
Because of the defection, the Apaches did not have a distance runner in the CIF-SS finals or CIF-SS Masters meets for the first time in four years.
Sibolboro coached the Apaches to an 18-7 record in his season. They defeated Crescenta Valley for the first time in 13 games and took second in the Pacific League with an 11-4 record. In the CIF-SS Division 3 playoffs, they lost to eventual semifinalist La Habra ion the second round.
“He did some real positive things for the program,” Press said. “It was not a good fit. He is a very good person.” 626-544-0856

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  • thanks for post

  • Concerned Citizen

    the district is so stupid. worst decision they will ever make.

    • apachejoe

      you have no idea wTF you’re talking about if you know the horrible things he’s done you’d feel he should also be fired as a teacher.

    • Common Folks

      Winning aside does anyone care about following rules? You have people who make a lot of money working hard and you have people who make a lot of money by cutting corners. You have coaches who follow rules and do well and you have coaches who don’t follow rules who do well. Which coach do you prefer your kid to be with?

      Prior to the end of the association rule, coaches were not allowed to work with their kids outside their athletic period in the offseason. Some coaches tried to get around this by having their star athletes organize training sessions. So if a coach puts pressure on their kids to attend these informal training sessions are they being ethical?

      CIF prohibits contact with kids prior to them enrolling in high school. So let’s say a coach is attending a city wide track meet in spring…and approaches kids for their name and number…does that constitute undue influence?

      Let’s say that same coach starts to wisen up and instead has the kids in his or her program approach kids to get their names and numbers? The coach is not approaching them directly but is having his or her kids do it instead. These kids are representatives of the school. Is that a rule violation?

      Coaches and employees have to follow guidelines. How many times does it take before they have to suffer the ultimate consequence of being relieved of his or her duty?

      • truth

        No one is following rules anymore, you should see what Maranatha is doing this season,whole new basketball team on boys and girls side,lots of new VB anda ton of football. Whatever it takes since the coaches cannot do it.

  • CB

    This is an extremely devastating blow to the Arcadia cross country team. O’Brien is a great coach who inspired, motivated, and praised the most gifted runners down to the most improved. The fact that his post season conditioning class was so large speaks volumes. If the district was really concerned about the well being of the program and the athletes, they should have factored in the number of students willing to dedicate a whole semester to conditioning under the supervision of one particular coach.

  • good riddance

    Phil Rocha was too sick to run at CIF and Track was undefeated on all levels despite O’Brien threatening to kick his runners for joining track (this is the main reason he was fired).

    • time of your life

      kick his runners off what, a voluntary class? lol

      • yoyoma

        during season duh?! how could you kick them off the voluntary class if they’re taking track during that time? of course he can’t do that know but thats what the post was implying

    • jelliidoonuts

      Undefeated where? Pacific League? What a joke.

    • ahsxcalum

      this thing about threatening athletes is pure fallacy the boys just did not want to suck next cross country season after being coached by schultz all spring.

      • apachesprinter

        out of the 4 years i was on track, schultz never once “train” the distance kids. get off this thread if you don’t know what you’re talking about

        • trollol

          that’s because J.O.B had been the boys distance coach until this spring you nitwit (besides those first couple years Schultz tried to get rid of him also)

          • trollolol

            lol. you’re reading comprehension is absolutely terrible.

          • trollol

            Okay smarty pants. First, it’s your, not you’re. You basically just said: “You are reading comprehension is absolutely terrible”. What a joke. Secondly, ahsalum stated the kids did not want to suck after being coached by Schultz this spring, to which apachesprinter replied Schultz doesn’t train the distance kids. Well, Schultz DIDN’T train the distance kids… until this year. What do they teach you nimwits at Arcadia?

          • runner

            schultz didnt train them this year either. we still had girls xc the boys ran “with” them

      • Track//

        How would you know you would suck if. Shultz coach you. For what I believe. Shultz have produce many great athletes, each one of you are just turning blind eye about Shultz’s coaching ability. You only believe in O’Brien training and never really gave Shultz a chance. Before you say anything why don’t you give him chance first without being bias here.

    • JKGenius

      I’m sorry but I was in the cross country team just last semester and he did NOT threaten any of his athletes for joining track. He in fact encouraged us athletes to not fight or hold any grudges against the track team. This is the truth.

      • apachejoe

        you are a complete liar and you know it

        • adult2

          Really! You’re an adult and I believe a coach, and you talk to the kids this way! From what I’ve seen of you on here, you’re not mature, or intelligent enough to be working with kids in any capacity.

    • apachejoe

      not main reason but One of numerous reason, the guy created this situation it was his own undoing.

  • Dissapointed

    Apache down.

  • blargh

    what you guys dont know is that even though he was an amazing coach he like to *@^%*$&!^$ everyone out. He “trashes” (i use it lightly) the stadium with xc flyers and Mitchell pratt was kicked off because he did not agree with obrien. and thats just a little bit of the whole story.

    • garl

      Mitchell Pratt was kicked off what? He went to the track team

      • apache

        if you went to this school you would know that he got kicked off.

        • runner

          No he didn’t. Apparently you are just another person from track and field. If you were ACTUALLY THERE, O’brien was fair and gave him a choice. He simply asked if he wanted to continue training with him. Mitchell replied with a no, took his stuff, and left.

          • bobo

            what were they arguing about prior tho?

          • runner

            well coach ob wanted the top runners to watch a video regarding treating your fellow athletes, including girls, with respect. Pratt refused to go, and that caused the conflict.

          • bobo

            lol wtf it was about a video

          • Racer

            You’re brainwashed by O’Brien. I was not apart of O’Brien’s army but I do know people who has to make the choice. Choosing between track and cross country is stupid, you should be doing both if youre a real runner. Kicking a runner off the team because he wants to compete for Schultz’s team in the spring is stupid and childish. O’Brien’s coaching methods are not exactly safe either, the article said Pratt suffered a stress fracture. This is because of the outrageous mileage O’Brien puts on his runners, 80 miles a week that’s insane. He is a coach that gets results, nothing more. He is rude to anyone who refuses him, just like a spoiled brat.

          • runner

            haha apparently you don’t know much about what happened because mitchell got injured DURING track season, under schultz. It wasn’t his coach’s fault of course, everyone gets injured. and how can you say you know something if you have never experienced it? You can’t say cross-country is easiest sport because you haven’t tried it.

          • Racer

            I didnt say it was easy. Also, it doesnt matter where he was injured, mileage is cumulative. And no, not everyone gets injured. I know O’Brien and he was never nice to anyone who wasnt on the XC team.

          • runner

            the xc thing being easy was an analogy. and don’t you think a line up of 3 races(mind you at least doubling up in events) in a 6 day period would make him prone to injuries?

          • Racer

            That would be ideal if it were true. It is not. It also doesnt cover for O’Brien’s childish behavior. Even worse, his arrogant behavior radiates among most of varsity 7. His anti-Schultz mentality created an unnecessary rift between track and XC.

          • racer or racist

            what do you mean unnecessary rift, Schultz treats(treated) distance kids like 2nd rate citizens, including taking their coach away from them

          • Idealistrunner//

            First off Shultz never treated the distance runner as 2nd rate citizens. O’Brien is the one who chose to segregated the distance runner from Shultz. You only see Shultz as a horrible coach and seeing OB as a hero, and you don’t even know the whole story what OB have done

          • Arcadia!!

            Don’t you dare tell me how I (emphasis I) and others feel like I/we have been treated. Everyone has these “you don’t know the whole story”, enlighten us then. You also sound like Mitchell Bahn or someone of the other

          • Idealistrunner//

            Don’t dare you? Okay why don’t you enlighten me. What you say is true and you can prove it, then I will walk away, say “you are right and I am wrong”

          • Arcadia!!

            You want me to prove to me how I felt? How do you supposed I do that. So then you’re saying I’m lying about my feelings? People have different world views and how they respond to things. This whole thing should show you that. Some feel one way, some feel another. Feeling’s aren’t right or wrong, they are what they are.

          • Idealistrunner

            Your right, I’m sorry.

          • Anonymous Person

            With all respect, sound like you have a problem with Mitchell or the other people. What did they do to tick you off? It just out of curiosity.

          • Wow

            Coach was very nice to my son and he was never on the XC team.

          • jelliidoonuts

            Well Pratt did get the stress fracture AFTER he left so I think you’re blaming the wrong coach.

          • AL

            80 miles a week is insane? Time for you to learn a little more about running…..

      • outsider

        Okay I am hearing two different story about Pratt being kick off or chose to leave, what actually happen?

    • jelliidoonuts

      Pratt left. It was his own choice.

  • boom

    Sibolboro, well im not 2 sure if im thinking of the right guy, but hes the only coach that i saw around that i didnt know so ima assume im thnking of the right person. anyways, i think it was mainly of his conduct. everytime i saw him he was surrounded by giggling girls. One time i saw him twerking on his his car was shakking and blasting music surrounded by more giggling girls. It was quite disturbing for me

    • Concerned

      How do you not know who O’Brien is ? With what you’re commenting, I’m pretty sure you’re talking about the wrong coach.

      • boom

        lol what? im talking about sibolboro here…i know all the other coaches….read please

        • concerned

          Actually I did read through all the comments and their threads, yet there is no one under the pseudonym of “sobolboro”

          • boom

            lol what? i refering to sibolboro. the soft ball coach? the article talks about him 2.

          • boomer

            yeah for like a sentence.

  • Pacifier

    If you are from Arcadia Track and Field or Cross Country, please don’t flood the comments with your thoughts. People would like to hear others’ opinions because their opinions are the ones that matter. They don’t have bias. Please take this into account

    • person

      of course, however whats done is done and might as well hear the opinions of everyone. Especially when the article in itself is bias. Social media is talented in portraying their bias inconspicuously which influences readers. Ex in this article. It mentions that Rocha did not compete in CIF using words “even though” implying he was prevented from doing so, however this article makes no mention that he was sick making the reader believe that it was the coach who did not allow him to run. Please take this into account as well.*just a note* all the xc and track athelets i know are on good terms with each other

      • Pacifier

        I agree that this article does not address all POV’s, but do you honestly believe O’brien would threaten his students? I think Pratt and Rocha both left either to maintain a high status in arcadia’s track races or on their own terms. Yes the athletes have good relationships with each other, but I am cannot speak on behalf of the coaches.

        • person

          nope pratt was kicked off. from his own mouth. not sure about rocha tho. Also maybe another factor that was considered was the way obrien taught his p.e classes or at least his attitude/time management? one time i was halfway to school(20min by car i usually arrive 1 min before bell) and the car broke so i had to walk over. My first period was P.E you get more time after the bell to change etc and by the time i got to where role call would take place, obrien was still not there. He didnt arrive till 10 minutes later. His excuse was “sorry i was doing crosscountry stuff” then hed take role and make us run. I’m thinking this may have been another reason why he was fired?

          • Pacifier

            I’m not exactly sure where you are getting your information on this… but true that O’Brien is late to his P.E. classes, only because he is so focused on cross country. That is how he gets is results with his kids! haha I have to admit that I, too, am from arcadia. I just wanted to know what people thought right off-the-bat when they read this article. I was there when Mitchell got kicked off. Philip left because he chose to maintain his running career, and Coach O’Brien ACCEPTED THAT! I’m afraid people think he got kicked off, but that isn’t true. And there are MANY other coaches in arcadia who don’t even know about the sport they are teaching. The track coach didn’t even do track and field in high school! I will not accept people not being told the truth.

          • Pacifier

            Hold on. Just to change something. Mitchell WAS NOT KICKED OFF. Coach O’Brien waited for him to come back after leaving. He didn’t come.

          • person

            oh well that was just a little anecdote from me being part of his P.E class and Mitchell told me he was kicked off, i dunno if thats really what happend, but if its not maybe he said that to save face or something.

          • person

            oh and shouldnt he be fair to all his students? of course p.e wont complain b/c more time to socialize and he doesnt really pay attention when he makes p.e run, but its a bit unfair that he “solely” devotes his time to xc

          • Anonymous

            What truth do you supposedly know? The track coach didn’t do track in high school? Wow, that’s strange because he has shown several people on the team pictures of him RUNNING in high school. He also ran cross country, so maybe your “truth” is just the fiction you have been fed.

  • EJ

    Ryan Press is clearly an idiot. Firing O’Brien was done for no reason other than Press and O’Brien didn’t get along. Given Jim’s stature in the High School Cross Country community, and the value and leadership he taught the kids, it’s clear that Press has NO business being an Athletic Director.

    • apachejoe

      As for Obriens stature in the CC community that’s a laugh I’ve spoken with no less then 10 coaches in that community that think he has absolutely no class and several college coaches think he’s everything wrong about coaching.

      • ak

        that’s funny, you must talk to a lot of terrible college coaches. How does a college coach argue with both results and sound training based off physiology?

  • XC Athlete
  • Renard

    im going to be brutally honest, this man being fired is good? Why? he teaches his pe classes like special ed kids, he comes 20-30mins late, he makes you do twice as much work than any class possible. He was sexist to my ex girlfriend. He treats cross country for boys as his bread and butter. The one thing that pisses me off is he guilt trips you, plays mind tricks with you, and treats cross country for girls sexist above all things.

    • girl

      OMG you know whos sexist? one of the spanish teachers. he literally said “well you cant do that cuz your a girl” and i was just like 0_0 did u seriously just say that?!!

      • Cb

        Getting a little but off topic aren’t we?

        • girl

          yeah just getting rid of the tension on this least redirecting it

      • wow

        You should have reported that teacher.

      • guest

        you’re* you can’t understand grammar cuz…. just kidding. plz dont get offended.

  • anonymous
    • Joyce Liao

      While I completely understand where this is coming from (and I thank you SO SO MUCH for your support of Coach O’Brien) this might not be the best way to approach the situation. We are trying to be as professioinal as possible about it and handle it with maturity and grace. With that being said, if you do approach Mr.Press, please do so with consideration to his position. However, I’m also not sure who did the actual firing here. Once again, thanks so much! Your love and suggestion is very appreciated 🙂

  • Alumni

    O’Brien covered up a fight for a star cross country student, Ammar, just because he wanted to win a national title. That brat should have been disciplined far harsher than a one week suspension. The kid issued death threats and continuously threatened to “jump” the kid he was fighting with. O’Brien is a fraud and I am not surprised that he has been fired.

    • Not Happening

      Yes because that makes total sense. OB covered up a fight, which Ammar still got suspended for anyway, to win a national championship two years later. Right.

      • Alumni

        No, he was putting the blame on the other kid. None of what you said was the point.

        • momm said

          you mean the fat kid that actually threw a punch and knocked Ammar out?

          • Alumni

            He threw NO punches. Get your facts straight. Amman instigated the fight entirely for no logical reason.

          • Alumni

            Ammar- not Amman.

          • I was there

            You’re wrong, I saw the thing happen. Ammar may have instigated the fight, but it was barely an exchange of pushes between others pulled them away.

    • really….

      What other punishment could have been given to student for a fight? These “death threats” and “threats” is not unusual in high school, it’s high school, teenagers, what do you expect?

  • Ignorant

    Despite the victories he led or the inspiring things he has done, what are some true cons about this teacher? Is it just being competitive?

    • Mike

      He didn’t lead anyone to a victory. He was lucky enough to get a few good kids.

      • runner

        just a few kids doesn’t win you a national title, even more so for 2 titles.

        • runner

          all the pictures he has from title races have 13 kids tops. wheres the rest of the team? and maybe it wasnt just xc reasons cuz he was always late to my p.e classes

          • runner

            boys xc is the lowest funded athletic team in the high school. He can’t take many boys and girls there because it would cost too much! he is already paying many things out his pocket like training at mammoth

          • runner

            i thought both xc and track r sponsored by nike?

          • apachejoe

            Nice try it’s not even close to being the lowest funded yet they spend more then any other program at the HS by choice not out of necessity. Get your facts once again.

  • anony

    Schult is an Asshole

    • Runstar005

      You sir just being bias. Shultz doesn’t deserve this. You truly don’t understand what O’Brien have done that prompt Shultz to fire OB from track. That guy have put way too many stress on Shultz and trying to undermine him. Shultz was nice enough to give him a second chance and a third chance, but OB took advantage of Shultz’s kindness. Before you say thing do your homework, find out what really happen.

    • apachejoe

      And you’re a class act. If you’re an Apache you’re definitely not a very good representative our our HS and if you’re someone who ran CC then I guess fruit doesn’t fall from the tree.

  • student

    First Arcadia does away with the Freshman honors / Junior AP English courses and now this ? Come on Arcadia, get your act together.

    • craycraygurllll~

      i think i know who this is…lol…hey whoar….if ur not who i think u are…sorry

      • Student

        By all means, who do you assume I am ? There are many other students who are frustrated with what the Administrators are doing to the legacy of the academics and athletic departments of Arcadia

        • craycraygurlll~

          hahahahhahaha? <<if its not u sorry. cuz he was just talking about it and judging from the fact that u dont know who i am from my prior comment,,its probably not u..sorry

          • craygurl~

            …wat just happened^^
            anyways r u hahahah? and ima assume not cuz u didnt identify me from my prior comment or name. so sorry

  • Alumni2003

    Coach O’Brien is the reason I made it through high school, without him I would have dropped out. Irregardless of what Coach O’Brien did to get himself fired, I will support him to the end.

  • AHS get it together

    O’Brien’s been around for 17 years with a proven track record and a system that works. How long’s Press been in the picture? Maybe he’s the one that doesn’t “fit.”

  • Runner

    Absolutely ridiculous decision, AHS should be ashamed… if they hadn’t already made a mockery of themselves.

  • Apache coach

    EJ: you are an idiot!!
    Press is the only thing holding our programs together as Jim had a lot if off the track problems, he actually was suspended for his actions towards one of his runners a few years ago and has had number of conplants about his attitude towards the whole athletic program! He is egotistical and arrogan, thinks she’s gods gift to the world but in fact only coaches cross country. Kids running in a big circle! PERIOD! Arcadia will be fine with out him he was a cancer!

    • CV rulez Arcadia drooooolz

      the whole athletic program is a p.o.s. Look at your post, what kind of respectable coach says stuff like “Kids running in a big circle! PERIOD!” You’re what’s wrong with Arcadia. CV rulez, Arcadia droolz. But maybe you’re right, maybe his success was cancerous to you all and made all the other sports mediocre, AT BEST

      • Weak

        Nice Z’s. You look really cool now. Or should I say, kool? Perfect way to represent your school. In my position now, I’d never hire a kid like you.

        • CV rulez Arcadia drooooolz

          Hey, I’m just some simpleton kid though, at least I have that as an excuse. Way to nitpick at my post though and call me out about how I represent my school yet conveniently glance over that gibberish post by “Apache coach”. It’d be terrible (not really) if it were really the drunkard former coach he sounds like he is. Kudos to you.

    • concerned

      Isn’t it your guys’ job to aid in the development of the students/athletes? The only time you even mention the kids in your rant is in a very disparaging manner. Do you also need me to read the definition of “disparaging” from a dictionary for you?

    • Alum.

      #1. Grammar and spelling.

      #2. Cross country kids are not just “running in a big circle”, know the difference between T&F and cross country.

      #3. Where is your source for his suspension?

      #4. Jim O’Brien is a HE, not a SHE.

      #5. Jim O’Brien isn’t JUST a coach, he is a mentor.

    • AL

      Way to look down on our sport when you cannot do it yourself. You clearly care about something else instead of the kids you have.

  • Concerned Parent

    What kind of message does this send to our children? Work hard and attain the highest achievements, then get fired! Perhaps Press is the one who is “not a good fit.” What other sport in his program has done as well? Was Press ever at the CIF State championships to show his support? Anyone else from the administration for that matter? AUSD looks pretty bad here. Sounds like school politics was the only reason for such an idiotic decision.

    • apachejoe

      If you’re such a concerned Parent then get the facts if you knew all of the things O’Brien has done over the years you wouldn’t feel the same. The list is endless he’s lucky no one has ever been seriously injured. As a teacher what moron leaves campus during a class he’s in charge of and leaves an instructional aide who’s responsible for a severely handicapped student in charge of class. That alone he should have been fired for and this wasn’t just once.

  • devastated

    Probably the worst thing to ever happen in our AHS sports department

  • AAAlumni#

    This guy has been a liability to the school and the district for years, and to the fanboys on this blog you should be ashamed for giving him your blinded support.

  • Anonymous

    Why are the AHS staff firing the good teachers who actually do something and not firing the bad teachers who do nothing and barely contribute anything as much as O’Brien did?
    This is outrageous.

  • Qwerty

    Everyone understands the success that O’Brien has brought to Arcadia’s XC, there is no denying that. In the multiple different blogs about this subject, I have read a few people stating that they don’t care what O’Brien has done to cause this firing but they just want victories. That makes me sick, there is obviously something behind the scenes that we are all unaware of, yet everyone is ignoring this.

    I also do not understand majority of these people on these blogs that are calling out Schultz. I understand that these two might not see eye to eye, but I am pretty sure he does not have the ability to fire another staff member.

    I think it is great how all of you are showing your appreciation towards your coach, but do realize there has to be a huge REASON to fire one of the best XC coaches in the country.

    • narnia

      Can I come live in this Utopia with you where everything has to make sense?

    • apachejoe

      Schultz is an outstanding person and Coach why doesn’t everyone discuss the gutless stunt O’Brien tried to pull in his attempt at getting Schultz fired.. Talk about no class O’Brien.

      • neo

        let’s discuss it. what was it?

        • disappointed runner

          Do you ever question the things O’Brien have done. Or are going to blindly believe every single thing OB tells you.

          • neo

            I’m legitimately trying to find out, would be nice if anyone could shed light on anything, good or bad. I’m not blindly doing anything, if anyone has something to share, then share it instead of all these innuendos. I wasn’t being sarcastic when I asked to discuss whatever it is..

          • apachejoe

            OB wrote a letter full of false information had a mother who could barely speak English read it. The board and everyone in the room immediately new she didn’t write that letter. Several individuals including CC parents approached Schultz and apologized stating they had no idea OB was planning on doing that and that they were extremely upset. The entire board was embarrassed for OB it was a joke. That’s just of many things over the years. People ask why the district doesn’t elaborate well that’s because they do not want to beat the guy down. There’s no point in it, being fired is difficult enough (as it should be) but on the other hand whats the point is tarnishing his rep any further. Additionally, there’s contractual and confidentiality issues.. Wake up people!!! I find it fascinating that people think he was fired for no reason.

  • ha

    arcadia overrated

  • Titus Wu

    I currently just joined AHS x country this past spring, and let me tell you how much I improved in just one semester. My mile improved by way more than a minute, going from a 7:10 to a 5:43. That’s how good Coach Obrien is. All I want to say is that for whatever reason coach was fired, I want to thank him for all his hard work and dedication to the team.

    Sometimes, he pushed us. sometimes, a little bit too hard. But now that I look back, I realize that all of what he did was for good reason. And here’s one thing that i appreciate very much: even though I just knew him for only around 5 months, i am very, very glad that I met him.

    • lol.


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  • ieballer

    “It was not a good fit”??? It took them 17 years to figure that out?

  • Apache Bob

    whatever, Apache Joe aka Apache Football gobbler. I’m Apache Bob, and I know O’Brien isn’t some sort of Saint, but I have a hard time taking you seriously knowing you’d say exactly what some of these people are saying if it had been that drunk Dimalante. You’d have echoed all the posts praising him and what he means and how he changed lives and made men out of children and defended him to the teeth.

    • apachejoe

      Your comments on Coach D just prove the Coward you are.

      • Apache Bob

        And your response just proved how right I am.

        • apachejoe

          about yourself thank you for admitting the fact.. It was mighty manly of you.. I’m sure you’ve finally recovered from being second string on the JV your Senior year.

          • adult2

            Ah, apachejoe showing us once again how mature you are? LOL!

  • Not sure

    It’s really hard to tell what is the true story, but the saddest part is that the student/athletes did not compete for Pacific League, CIF, Masters, and State Championships. The bottom line is that the kids should ALWAYS come first. And for whatever reasons they chose, will not be able to compete for coach O’Brien in the upcoming cross-country season anyways. These innocent hard working kids should not have had to endure these consequences. Logic seems to suggest that something must have been going on for anyone to decide to fire such a successful coach. Without any comments from those individuals, we might not ever know.

  • Alumnixcrunner

    Alright everyone, we all understand the firing of Coach O’Brien will have a huge impact on cc community and especially on the Apache distances, but it look like most of the posts is pointing fingers. We should handle this with more maturity. There are many unanswered question we truly don’t know why O’Brien is fired, and pointing fingers won’t help. We shouldn’t be blaming others. As Joyce mention we need to approach this more professional.

  • XC/Track

    I understand O’Brien has huge impact on you guys and I understand you are trying to support him here, but we shouldn’t be responding like this. I am not going to pick side here, but we all need to be mature here, and respect others. I known Coach O’Brien for awhile now, and he has lots of passion for xc and you guys, but I think you guys need to think about what you are saying. The situation between O’Brien and administration is strictly professional, and I expect each one of you be as professional about the situation. You guys shouldn’t be saying bad things at Shultz, Coach Press, and the administration. That need to stop. And people saying bad things at Coach O’Brien need to also stop, you guys need to stop saying unnecessary things about him. For what I believe the situation between the two should stay private, because for what I believe is keep things under control to keep the reason of O’Brien fired from being misinterpreted, and cause more problem that easily can be avoided. I know everyone is entitle to their opinion, but we need to respect each other here.

  • apachejoe

    OB was recently giving a multiple I believe 45 day probationary period for vandalizing lockers at the HS come on people open your eyes. Where there’s smoke there’s fire wake up and move on. XC will be fine and move on Feraco will do a great job.

    • XC

      Ok I wanna elaborate on this one a little bit since I was there for this one. The locker’s in the locker room are pretty beat up, a couple years ago we painted them and made them look nicer. They weren’t just beat up in terms of how they looked, but we have had many issues of things being stolen from our lockers. This was happening over and over. OB marked the broken lockers with an “X” so we could get them fixed. Nobody has fixed any of them and I haven’t seen any attempt to.

      • apachejoe

        nice try that excuse didn’t fly and it was full of holes and that was not the only reason for his disciplinary action.

        • XC

          It’s an excuse that my backpack got stolen, even with a lock on my locker? Or that we painted the lockers and made them look nicer in the first place, only to vandalize it. That’s like laying down new grass and then turnaround and spray painting or peeing on it ourselves.

  • confuse-person

    For crying out loud, this just a high school sport. I don’t understand why you guys are taking this so seriously. There are many more important things in life than just this. I understand it suck, but you guys need to cool off.

  • Track Dude

    Mitchell B can you please stop posting under so many different anonymous names here. It’s very clear who you are, you aren’t that clever. Kthxbye


    O’Brien is an AWESOME coach!!

  • worst decision they will ever make.