Star-News Super 23 Rankings: Monrovia, St. Francis headed on collison course

COMING AT YOU: Scoby rushes for 292 yards and five TDs to lead Monrovia to 49-7 win over Arcadia STAFF PHOTO BY KEITH BIRMINGHAM

COMING AT YOU: Scoby rushes for 292 yards and five TDs to lead Monrovia to 49-7 win over Arcadia

1. Monrovia (2-0) —
The Wildcats looked like the real deal Friday, getting 292 yards and 5 TDs from Kurt Scoby, who played like a man among boys. They should take care of business this week against San Dimas, with two big challenges lying in the wings, next week against South Hills, followed by a possible area showdown against St. Francis. Win those, and Monrovia could run the table all the way to a SoCal Bowl bid.
2. St. Francis (2-0) — The Golden Knights have looked impressive, routing their first two opponents. Most seasons, the Golden Knights would be No. 1, but not with a team like Monrovia in the area. In three weeks, they get the opportunity to change my mind.
3. Muir (1-1) — The Mustangs pushed Pac-5 Alemany two weeks ago. They get Verdugo Hills this week before beginning Pacific League play, where they have a good chance to run the table again.
4. Rio Hondo Prep (2-1) — The Kares rebounded from a tough loss to Mission Prep with a solid win against Big Bear. No losses seem to be in their immediate future, which will feel likely includes another Northeast title.
5. San Marino (1-1) — The Titans keep the No. 5 spot despite losing to Crescenta Valley, 56-53. They benefit from losses from other ranked teams. This is a team that can score in bunches, but they will need to be better defensively to compete with Monrovia.
6. La Salle (1-2) — The Lancers sub-.500 record has more to do with their schedule than their talent level. The question is whether the tougher competition will help in league play in the playoffs. We find out in Novemeber.
7. Pasadena Poly (2-0) — The Panthers take advantage of losses to move up to No. 7. They have looked good early, but the barometer reading comes in league against Rio Hondo and Flintridge.
8. Gabrielino (3-0) — The Eagles, who won their first six before falling off in league play last season, are off to another quick start, taking care of business during the first three weeks. The real test comes in the Mission Valley League.
9. La Canada (2-0) — Sparta has looked good early. But they get a big test Friday when they face region rival Crescenta Valley, who outlasted San Marino last week.
10. Arcadia (1-1) — The Apaches were overwhelmed by Monrovia last week. But the Wildcats will likely do that to a lot of teams. This week is more of a test when they face Azusa, which beat previous No. 7 Maranatha.
The Rest: 11. Maranatha (2-1), 12. Rosemead (1-1), 13. South Pasadena (1-1), 14. Flintridge Prep (0-2), 15. Duarte (1-2), 16. Temple City (1-2), 17. Pasadena (0-2), 18. Keppel (1-2), 19. San Gabriel (0-3), 20. Alhambra (0-3), 21. Marshall (1-2), 22. Bosco Tech (0-3), 23. Blair (0-3).


1-Eli Snyder, Maranatha, 38 of 56 for 599 yards, 7 TDs
2-Tyler Gangi, St. Francis, 29 of 43 for 454 yards, 6 TDs
3-Johnny Bolinger, Rio Hondo Prep, 26 of 48 for 413 yards, 4 TDs
4-Dejon Williams, Muir, 16 of 24 for 375 yards, 3 TDs
5-Deshawn Potts, Monrovia, 16 of 30 for 258 yards, 2 TDs
6-Isaia Ah-hing, Rosemead, 16 of 30 for 245 yards, 3 TDs
7-Michael Bowman, Pasadena Poly, 17 of 23 for 219 yards
8-Robbie Fueling, La Canada. 10 of 24 for 208 yards, TD
1-Stefan Smith, Flingridge Prep, 499 yards, 7 TDs
2-Kurt Scoby, Monrovia, 429 yards, 6 TDs
3-Nate Tayco, Rio Hondo Prep, 355 yards, 5 TDs
4-Michael Valenzuela, Alhambra, 239 yards
4-Alec Zavala, Rosemead, 239 yards, 2 TDs
6-Nasser Banihani, Temple City, 216 yards, 2 TDs
7-Griffin Carter, Pasadena Poly, 215 yards, 3 TDs
8-Baile McDavid, Maranatha, 147 yards, 3 TDs
9-Mario Martinez, La Canada, 141 yards, 2 TDs
10-Angel Lopez, Rosemead, 139 yards
11-Isaac Holguin, Rio Hondo Prep, 139 yards
12-Joe Mudie, St. Francis, 136 yards, 2 TDs
13-Deshawn Potts, Monrovia, 132 yards, 2 TDs
14-Kameron Johnson, Monrovia, 118 yards, TD
15-Jadon Henry, La Canada, 109 yards
1-Joe Mudie, St. Francis, 8 rec., 171 yards, 2 TDs
2-Xavius Boone, Maranatha, 11 rec., 165 yards, 2 TDs
3-Dylan Crawford, St. Francis, 9 rec., 158 yards, 2 TDs
4-Isaac Holguin, Rio Hondo Prep, 4 rec., 158 yards, 2 TDs
5-Darron McWhorter, Maranatha, 12 rec., 144 yards, 3 TDs
6-Stephan Smith, Flintridge Prep, 5 rec., 140 yards, TD
7-Aidan Yamada, Maranatha, 6 rec., 131 yards
8-Oscar Noriega, Rosemead, 7 rec., 114 yards, TD

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