Star-News Super 23 Rankings: Gap closes, but Monrovia retains top spot over St. Francis

No. 1? Not yet, St. Francis. But you're closing. (Staff photo by Keith Birmingham)

No. 1? Not yet, St. Francis. But you’re closing.
(Staff photo by Keith Birmingham)

1. Monrovia (3-0) –
The Wildcats, despite a closer than expected win over San Dimas (26-13), still look like the best team in the area. How good Monrovia is will been seen during the next two weeks when they host South Hills and St. Francis in back-to-back weeks.
2. St. Francis (3-0) -– The Knights, after a sub-par 2012, are back, rocking their first three opponents. They’ll get tested the next two weeks, first at home vs. Damien on Friday and next week at Monrovia.
3. Muir (2-1) –- The Mustangs have looked impressive in wins over Salesian and Verdugo Hills. They should dominate play in the Pacific, which begins Thursday vs. Hoover.
4. Rio Hondo Prep (3-1) –- Who Kares? The rest of the Northeast Division should be as Rio has looked impressive in the early going, and a three-peat looks well within their grasps.
5. San Marino (2-1) –- The Titans are an offense juggernaut, averaging 56 points in three games. Defense will be the key to their success going forward. But don’t be surprised if they win out going into the regular-season finale vs. Monrovia.
6. La Salle (2-2) –- The Lancers have been hardened by a tough schedule and showed with a 40-0 whitewash of rival Maranatha. Next up is the Del Rey League, which looks to be theirs for the taking.
7. Pasadena Poly (3-0) –- The Panthers have taken care of business thus far. They face Bell-Jeff this week in game that could determine a playoff it spot. It did last season when a loss to Bell-Jeff cost them a trip to the postseason.
8. Arcadia (2-1) — It’s hard to get a read on the Apaches, who routed Alhamra, got whacked by Monrovia and struggled before beating Azusa, 8-7. They will need to play better in the Pacific go dancing in the playoffs.
9. Rosemead (2-1) — The Panthers have found their second wind, winning back-to-back games. They are likely a step behind Mission Valley League favorite Arroyo, but I definitely see a playoff spot in their future.
10. La Canada (2-1) — Sparta was overwhelmed by Crescenta Valley. But this is a team that could make a run at third in the Rio Hondo, behind Mornovia and San Marino.
The Rest: 11. Gabrielino (11-1), 12. Maranatha (2-2), 13. South Pasadena (1-2), 14. Duarte (1-2), 15. San Gabriel (1-3), 16. Flintridge Prep (0-3), 17. Temple City (1-3), 18. Pasadena (0-3), 19. Keppel (1-3), 20. Alhambra (0-4), 21. Marshall (1-3), 22. Bosco Tech (0-4), 23. Blair (0-4).


1. Eli Snyder, Maranatha, 72 of 125, 1,082 yards, 9 TDs
2. Ty Gangi, St. Francis, 45 of 68, 671 yards, 8 TDs
3. Johnny Bolinger, Rio Hondo Prep, 30 of 52, 491 yards, 6 TDs
4. Dejon Williams, Muir, 16 of 24 for 375 yards, 3 TDs
5. Robbie Fueling, La Canada. 16 of 32 for 356 yards, TD
6. Deshawn Potts, Monrovia, 16 of 30 for 258 yards, 2 TDs
7. Michael Bowman, Pasadena Poly, 20 of 27, 248 yards, 5 TDs
8. Isaia Ah-hing, Rosemead, 16 of 30, 245 yards, 3 TDs
1. Kurt Scoby, Monrovia, 612 yards, 8 TDs
2. Stefan Smith, Flingridge Prep, 499 yards, 7 TDs
3. Nate Tayco, Rio Hondo Prep, 407 yards, 6 TDs
4. Griffin Carter, Pasadena Poly, 388 yards, 7 TDs
5. Baile McDavid, Maranatha, 330 yards, 3 TDs
6. Michael Valenzuela, Alhambra, 313 yards, TD
7. Nasser Banihani, Temple City, 267 yards, 3 TDs
8. Joe Mudie, St. Francis, 267 yards, 4 TDs
9. Alec Zavala, Rosemead, 239 yards, 2 TDs
10. Mario Martinez, La Canada, 221 yards, 2 TDs
1. Darron McWhorter, Maranatha, 20 rec., 341 yards, 4 TDs
2. Xavius Boone, Maranatha, 21 rec., 310 yards, 2 TDs
3. Joe Mudie, St. Francis, 13 rec., 245 yards, 3 TDs
4. Dylan Crawford, St. Francis, 14 rec. , 225 yards, 3 TDs
5. Isaac Hoguin, Rio Hondo Prep, 5 rec., 192 yards, 3 TDs
6. Aidan Yamada, Maranatha, 11 rec., 180 yards, TD
7. Todd Murray, La Canada, 9 rec., 117 yards
7. Sam Brown, La Canada, 3 rec., 117 yards, TD
9. Oscar Noriega, Rosemead, 7 rec., 114 yards, TD
10. John Carroll, St. Francis, 10 rec., 100 yards, TD

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  • realTALK

    St. Francis beating La Mirada should have taken 1st even for a week! All those d1 athletes! Monrovia really hasn’t played anyone… I think they would have blown SD out with Potts in!

    • Steve Ramirez

      Those who know me is that I treat the No. 1 spot like the champion in boxing…except you don’t have to beat No. 1 to get the spot, but No. 1 has to lose for it to be moved off it.

      • realTALK

        That’s actually very true! Good point.

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      Yea right take away Gangi from ST Francis, Throw in their best Frosh QB and see what they do. Until you see them win a game with those circustances, Shhhh…. we play in 2 weeks.

  • prepfan2

    Poly plays Brentwood, not Bell-Jeff on Thursday.

  • I love all of my players. I will soon be having their

  • Ranking great, the team played its best. trying to St. Francis