St. Francis’ Joe Mudie leads Knights to Golden start

By Steve Ramirez

LA CANADA FLINTRIDGE — St. Francis High School is off to one of its better starts in recent memory, winning its first four games while averaging more than 40 points.
One of the keys for the Golden Knights has been senior running back Joe Mudie, who combined with senior quarterback Ty Gangi, gives St. Francis a nearly unstoppable combination that no one up to this point has been able to stop.
Mudie, who missed parts of five games during the Golden Knights’ 4-7 season last year, is valuable on and off the field. The latter commodity is not lost on head coach Jim Bonds.

St. Francis coach Jim Bonds: “As a leader, he’s someone you exactly look for as a coach. He works so hard that everyone else on the team, including the coaches, has to take notice. You can’t help but notice what a hard worker Joe is. He never says a word. He just goes about his business. But you can certainly see it, from January up to this Saturday morning. That rubs off on the rest of the players. He’s a returner and a guy that everyone looks up to. He’s not telling anyone how good he is, he’s just working hard and setting the example of how do it right everyday.”
Joe Mudie: “It’s easy (being a leader) with this team. I’ve learned from past leaders (in the program). We call them the Golden Knights, seeing what they did, I just tried to carry on. From the offseason, it’s been much easier than I thought. We have so many leaders on this team. We all have that one goal to win games, which is why its easier for me, because everyone has that same goal.”
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