Friday Knight Final: St. Francis rules the West Valley, routs Monrovia, 48-14…Muir, San Marino, Rosemead also win big

Who’s the best football team in the area? St. Francis left no doubt, routing No. 1 Monrovia, 48-14. Tyler Gangi continued to look like the best quarterback in the area, accounting for five touchdowns as the Knights looked Golden, jumping out to a 35-14 lead by halftime. The question is are the Wildcats No. 2? Muir laid claim after routing Glendale, 40-0, but it would be hard to put the Mustangs ahead of the Wildcats at this point. Also Friday, San Marino and Rosemead also scored big wins in their final tune-ups before league play.

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No. 2 St. Francis 48, No. 1 Monrovia 14 — Tyler Gangi accounts for five touchdowns as the Golden Knights leave no doubt who has the best football this season, routing the previously unbeaten Wildcats. Next up is the Mission League, where St. Francis should be competitive.
No. 3 Muir 40, Glendale 0 — The Mustangs have their own version of the triplets with Dejon Williams, Taeon Mason and Marceles Clash, who helped Muir rout the Nitros.
No. 4 Rio Hondo Prep — Idle
No. 5 San Marino, 63, South El Monte 14 — The Titans scoring train just keeps on rolling, scoring at least 50 points for the fourth consecutive week.
No. 6 La Salle — Idle
No. 7 Pasadena Poly — Idle
No, 8 Rosemead 35, Temple City 14 — The Panthers score their fourth consecutive win and now look like contenders in the Mission Valley League, which begins next week.
No. 9 Gabrielino — Idle
No. 10 Arcadia 53, Hoover 21 — The Apaches took care of business, scoring a season-high in points. It’s a big win for Arcadia, which still has league games vs. Muir, Crescenta Valley and Burroughs.

Arroyo 34, La Canada 10 — Sparta, after winning its first two games, is falling, losing their third consecutive game.
Duarte 52, Workman 0 — The Falcons rebound from last week’s last-second loss, pounding the Lobos.
Maranatha 23, Mountain View 20 — The Minutemen complete a solid league season, going 4-2. But can they compete in the Olympic?
South Pasadena 41, Beverly Hills 7 — The Tigers win their second consecutive game.

AREA ROUNDUP: Rosemead routs Temple City

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  • bigfatfan

    Opps, something happened on the way to the Wildcat 2013 championship season. they fell down and could not get back up… great job St. Francis. where is the Wildcat fan this morning?

    • observantcat

      Well BigFatFan, I am resting comfortably in my bed and waiting for the RHL to get underway so that we may prep for the playoffs…. Congratulations or winning the Money wars over BH. Now you guys and SM will battle it out to see who has this years signing biggest signing bonuses and can take it all the way to the top of the Mid-Valley Div. Championship game. Good luck all in the RHL this season, several of the teams are not given the credit they deserve.

      • bigfatfan

        Cat, with the roster we have at SP this year, I’m tickled pink to be 3-2 going into league. now that is not going to last long, with SM and Monrovia to play in the next two weeks. but after that, I think we can win the final three and finish 6-4. again, with our thin roster this season, that would be one heck of an accomplishment.

      • GrimReaper

        I would guess Monrovia boosters had the biggest free agent signing since Reggie Bush,

        Was the source of the football team finance funds the unusual number of home games from last year’s playoffs. I would expect the CIF to award Monrovia one home game this year if they go all the way in the playoffs, just to make things fair to other teams and programs.

        But maybe that is too much to expect after CIF’s questionable handling of the Scoby transfer. Me thinks I smell a rat. and it does not reside in the Desert.

  • Kentera

    Wow, 48-14. I guess that settles it.

  • GK ’83

    But, but….

    Well done Knights!

  • bigfatfan

    and steve, my bad about banging on the News yesterday about prep sports. I grabbed the baseball insert instead of the full sports section.

  • New York

    Golden Knights left no doubt, obviously. Congratulations and good luck to both teams going forward. I hope this matchup becomes a long rivalry.

    • i agree with you.

    • woanelly

      I had the Knights 28-14 because I felt the Cats are one dimensional and rely on scoby a bit much for their big plays. Cats QB going both ways; tough to do against a high caliber team. Mustangs look very good but Burbank and CV are no joke and will give Muir fits if they control the ball and keep Muir offense off the field. Maranatha and Rio are good by not playing challenging teams right now

      • 626

        Monrovia may be a one dimensional team vs. SF and some of the upper echelon teams, but they’ll be able to pass it a little better in league and the playoffs. And I agree, its very tough to have your QB go both ways against top-notch teams.

        Muir vs. Burbank is for the league title and will be a great game. CV already lost to Burroughs so I’m not sure how well they’ll do vs. Muir.

        Maranatha blowout losses vs. LaSalle and Azusa is a bit concerning but I think they’ll do ok in league. Rio has played some tough teams for their level and will be a top team in their division, though I think Salesian is being overlooked big time in that division as well.

  • football

    Marantha is 4-2

  • Titan Football Fan

    Titan players continue to work hard. They’re ready for the upcoming Rio Hondo League grudge matches. The players are looking to make a statement against SP, LC and TC. Coach Hobbie keeps it all running smoothly. Among the best coaches in all of So Cal HS football! When the Wildcats come to San Marino, the home stands will be loud and large. Titans and thier fans can’t wait for Monrovia and the playoffs! Friday Night Lights! All coaches, all teams. All players, all teams. All fans, all teams. All field officials. Soak it all in! Root for your team! Root for a good game by all involved! There’s nothing like it.

    • GrimReaper

      Least I be misunderstood in the following post, as I would love to see the look on the Monrovia faithful and posts that would assuredly follow about how the game and or pre destined league title were stolen from them by the refs, or fate or ? I would question any projection that would have SM beating them.

      First off, as usual SM has walked through another weak series of opponents in pre season. Not for trying but SEM, Nogales, BH etc all have had off years and are performing poorly. Monrovia by contrast has taken on tough team after tough team in pre season with only one loss.

      Second, Monrovia with essentially an off week game against Blair prior to the SMvMon game and a month to prepare and recuperate, Monrovia would appear to have a big schedule edge.

      Clearly from the results to date, TC, SP, LC, and Blair appear to have little prospect to alter the importance of Nov 8 for the league title. Clearly SM will have faced no team as good as Monrovia and Coach Hobbie can not be faulted if he projects his efforts towards 11-8 and formulates designs to frustrate Monrovia as best he can. Maddox will have two weeks to prep and will do likewise.

      The odds seem heavy on Monrovia’s side for the betting man. But that does not mean surprises cannot happen. I would refer to a 1972 night when TC was playing a seemingly weak SM team to tie the CIF record for consecutive wins. TC had negative yardage in the first half, but won 14-3 despite 5 missed short field goals by SM and three fumbles recovered in the TC end zone on SM fumbles just as SM runners crossed the TC goal line. TC had two plays, two long pass completions for touchdowns to save their march to history. So who knows what might happen between now and 11-8 or on 11-8.. but I wouldnt bet on it.

      • Titan Football Fan

        Your analysis is spot on. it’s great to see the history of local HS football tied to the present. Only thing SM can guarantee is an all-out effort. The coaches and players are doing all they can to be ready for RHL and especially Monrovia. From what little I’ve seen / read of this year’s Monrovia team, we’ll have our hands full.You’re right on with the soft schedule. Titan fans are talking about it too. Just a normal up and down of local teams, we think. Schedule from 2 years ago inlcuded Bell Gardens, La Salle , Rosemead and Golden Valley. This year’s team would be better off with that same schedule. It’s been tough sometimes to watch this year as the Titans control the game from the opening kickoff. Crescenta Valley cut up our defensive secondary. The Titans continue to work on all facets of the game. The defensive secondary will be ready when stonger opponents try to test it. D-Line keeps shutting down the rush. Most opponents have had negative net yards while starters were in. Our best opponent so far has been in practices, where Coach Hobbie really shines. I’m sure the team will be ready this year for the tougher opponents. Still, Monrovia is VERY GOOD at this level. But, that just makes it more fun and challenging.