Thursday Night Final: Monrovia routs La Canada, 77-0; San Marino rolls by Blair, 72-0

La Canada saw this a lot tonight. (File photo by Keith Birmingham)

La Canada saw this a lot tonight.
(File photo by Keith Birmingham)

Monrovia continued to make mince meat of the Rio Hondo League, rolling to a 77-0 victory at La Canada.
The Wildcats, seeking their fourth consecutive CIF-SS Mid-Valley Division title, has outscored its three league opponents, 177-0.
Kurt Scoby led the way Thursday with three rushing TDs. Deshawn Potts accounted for three scores and Darius McClain blocked and returned a punt for a touchdown.
Monrovia improved to 7-1 overall and 3-0 in the Rio Hondo League. They face Blair before a showdown in the final week at San Marino.
San Marino 72, Blair 0
The Titans improved to 7-1 and 3-0 with the easy win.
San Marino faces Temple City next week, with a victory setting a championship showdown vs. Monrovia on Nov. 8.

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  • blah

    Just an FYI, San Marino plays Blair tonight at Muir high school.

    • Steve Ramirez

      You have a score for San Marino-Blair?

      • kingw


  • Fixed It For You

    Thursday Gameday Countdown: Can La Canada stop stay within 50 against Monrovia?

    • kingw


  • GrimReaper

    steve you should have a link to the scoreboard on the top line of the site.

  • RespectTheGame

    Just curious. What gives Monrovia or San Marino the right to run up the score like this? Where is the Mercy Rule? They won, we get it. But how is it respectful to piss all over the other team just because you’re better and can? High School football is supposed to be a game that all players can enjoy playing. Instead, La Canada and Blair get beaten down and humiliated in their own towns for what? I didn’t see superiority from these teams. I saw arrogant jerks who lack compassion for fellow football players. I have absolutely no respect for Monrovia and it looks like my respect for San Marino might be dwindling also.

    • observantcat

      What do you expect from a running clock midway through the second quarter and your third string the entire second half? Monrovia let up on the gas against all of the RHL teams that they have played thus far, the margin of athleticism is not the fault of the Monrovia coaches or team, it more so boils down to the Coaching and the players on the teams that are competing. What are teams to do on a Friday night that they have prepared for all season. Leave your starting lineup in the locker room after the first quarter. I personally don’t like the scores being out of control myself, but things weren’t always like that in the RHL, the lack of team spirit has hit an all time low in the league except for SM and Monrovia so go cry yourself a river somewhere else. Arrogance would have been for Monrovia to score 100 plus points which they could have easily done.

    • observantcat
      • New York

        No scoring in the 4th quarter. It is bad strategy to take your foot off the gas too early in the third quarter. Strange things can happen. Besides, our starters are already getting cheated out of playing FOUR quarters of football and preparing for big games down the road.

    • New York

      This is a weak and pathetic post. If San Marino was able to rebuild and become competitive, so can every other local team. Secondly, if you ask either of these teams to stop passing at all, then it endangers their running backs. It would be unethical to put players at risk of injury, and that is exactly what happens if you ask them not to play hard.
      It is time for La Canada to live up to their Spartan mascot. They certainly have the resources for coaching and weight lifting. Get it done.

      • Bob Anon

        New York,

        LC cannot compete with South Pas or Temple City – nevermind Monrovia — in football. Coaching and weight lifting can only get you so far.

        Save for football, LC does quite well agaisnt Monrovia in other sports. I feel that sports in general at LC are declining. We have great coaches, but we don’t have athletes. We didn’t have athletes 5-10 years ago when I was there (okay, 5-8 years ago), but we still competed.

        As of now, LC athletics are barely better than Blair.

        • Let water find its own level

          LC beat Glendale who handled South Pas fairly well. And after seeing South Pas last night, I think their game next week could be a pretty good battle.

        • GrimReaper

          Really most of success is both setting up a good program, but in public school sports (as opposed to parochial schools that can recruit) are dependent upon the size of the community and enrollment figures.

          If you have more students, the propensity of having a big stud athlete goes up, or for that matter two three or ? It is just numbers.

          So based on enrollment figures, Monrovia has a big edge over all the other RHL schools. Add that to the recent free agent pickup system and CIF complicity, add a good enough program and you have repeatable success.

          The smallest school in the RHL, San Marino, has to work harder and secure better coaching to even stay on the field with Monrovia with their advantages.

          Not all life is a Hoosiers episode.

          Be careful what you ask for wanting to go up into a league where your school has the lowest enrollment. The margin for error shrinks big time. After a few years of third or fourth place finishes, I would guess the free agents will go to another school.

          • New York

            Exactly the point I was trying to make. Grab some would-be water polo players and teach them how to play football. This La Canada project might need to start at the Pop Warner level.

        • New York

          LC has a big enrollment. Are you telling me you all can’t find a couple good quarterbacks every year as well as wide receivers? Maybe it is just a cultural attitude and lack of interest to play football. Basketball, soccer, water polo, baseball seem to be more popular.

      • GrimReaper

        Or maybe they can get some boosters that will pick up the best free agent each year. …

        Or maybe things that come around go around, and as once TC was the greatest program in CIF history, now struggles to be a break even team…soon someday Monrovia will be just another team.

        We all think things will never end, and trends go on forever, but history shows that is not true, no matter how we wish that were so.

        Enjoy it, while you got it, as all fame is fleeting…

        • observantcat

          You forgot to add “or the metro gold line which stops at sierra madre villa will probably go as far as Las Vegas blvd some day. LOL

          • GrimReaper

            In response to the Gold Line observation I might ask, “Should it?” and “Why?”The Red Line was once the greatest rapid transit system in the world. Now where is it?

            But in the mean time, I think you should act on your unrealistic optimism that the good times will roll in all things.
            1. Drop all insurance, auto house health- as nothing will ever go wrong.
            2. Put all your money into the stock market, better yet the more risk the better, as the market will keep going up. With your luck why worry, you will never pick an Eastman Kodak, Blackberry, or Polaroid all that were “winners” leaders in their industry and beloved growth stocks. Apple will always be the best company in the world.

            And the Monrovia Football program will keep winning forever.

            Someday they will will lose every game by 50- that is if the team or school- continues to exist. Blair is just not that far away.

          • observantcat

            Sure Grim, and in due time you might just change your name to the Angel of the Annunciation. I don’t believe that any Monrovia fan thinks that the Cats will be on top forever, but so far you may want to convince others of that. For right here and now it is what it is.

          • New York

            It is too convenient for you to simply assume that eventually, perhaps once your own bones have turned to dust, that you will be correct. Demographic shifts are not exactly equivalent of the buggy whip becoming obsolete.

            However, if we were to acknowledge your pessimistic theory as valid (Monrovia football will return to the doldrums of the 1988-1993 seasons), then we should certainly test ourselves as much as possible and get into a far more competitive league and division NOW, while we can compete. Give it a shot.

            These RHL Football Titles and even Mid-Valley titles are becoming like Monopoly currency. Worse, though, the level of play does not push our athletes and coaches to become better.

            I have no idea why the other RHL schools did not vote Monrovia out of the RHL, at least for four years to see how it goes.

          • 626

            NY, even worse, it wasn’t even mentioned in the meetings. Not once. There was zero conversation about Monrovia, and the only thing the schools were initially concerned with was finding Blair a league. But no true effort was made in finding them one. Then they bumbled the whole “CV thing”, and were smacked over the head with the “Arcadia thing,” not to mention they tried to ignore the “Hoover thing” as much as possible, and in the end it was all one big terrible mess. But not ONCE did they try and move Monrovia, or come up with different ways (such as the Conference idea) to address the discrepancies in competition if football. Not once. It wasn’t even on their radar.

          • New York

            That is a real shame that the rest of the league focused downward in the standings and not upward. It sounds as if they were focused on school’s total athletic performance in league, and weighted football equally to each other sport, which is a total miscalculation. Football should receive an outsized weighting, or at least a per capita weighting based on student participation!!! 120 football players, which is probably 15% of the boys in the school…seems pretty significant to me. Then if you add in all the cheerleaders and spirit squad, not to mention attendance…yeah, football should definitely receive a proper weighting, which is not a simple “all sports are the same” vote.

          • 626

            I agree. And I was most displeased with the Monrovia admin who had absolutely no desire to even broach the subject. Again, I think they feel content in racking up league titles, CIF titles, and State appearances…which in all fairness to them, isn’t the worst thing in the world! Lol. Although, at this point, like you mentioned earlier, it is time for the team to test murkier waters and move up in competition to truly bring out the best in the players and coaches.

          • New York

            I’m sure it was well intentioned, or at least from his/her/their perspective, but I definitely disagree with the end result of status quo.

  • Let water find its own level

    It’s time (well past time) to break up the RHL. There are, at most, 4 interesting games out of 15. Blair is so far behind that the top two (and maybe the other three) teams should try to find a decent opponent from a league with an odd number of teams to play instead, and just let their JVs get that W. Even between the top two and the middle three, so far the average margin is 52 points – and I see no reason to believe that TC-SM is going to do much to bring that down.

    I just don’t see how anyone is served by this arrangement. For SM and Monrovia, it’s nice to win, but regularly winning by 50 (or more) is a waste of everyone’s time. For Blair, they’d probably have a far better team (just due to better on-campus recruiting/retention and more enthusiasm) if they could play at their own level. And for the other three teams, they should have more than a two game season, with a vague hope of a bad first-round playoff loss.

    • Let water find its own level

      In light of the TC-SP game, I think I may have overestimated the parity in the RHL.

    • 626

      Here’s the solution…We need a “RHL-Pacific Conference” people!! It can be done, and has to be done. A conference allows for teams to be placed in “leagues” based on how they’ve done over a 2-yr. or 4-yr. cycle. Competitive teams move up or stay in the “top” league and less competitive teams move down or stay in the lower league. Every 2 or 4 yrs. coaches and AD’s vote on who moves up or down and who stays.

      League A: Arcadia, Burbank, Burroughs, CV, Monrovia, Muir, San Marino.

      League B: Blair, Glendale, Hoover, La Canada, PHS, South Pas, Temple City.

      League A: Burbank, Burroughs, CV, LC, Muir, PHS, TC

      League B: Arcadia, Blair, Glendale, Hoover, Monrovia, SM, SP


      League A: Arcadia, Burbank, Burroughs, CV, Monrovia, PHS, TC

      League B: Blair, Glendale, Hoover, LC, Muir, SM, SP

      It really is one of the best alternatives to solve the major competitive discrepancies going on in both leagues in multiple sports. Like I said before, Monrovia is NOT leaving the RHL and that is NOT a CIF issue, it’s a “Foothill Area” issue, and ONLY Foothill Area schools can vote a team out of a league and into another.

      • New York

        I like it.

        • 626

          I really think it’s time for coaches, parents, alumni, journalists, etc. to put pressure on the schools’ admins to do this. If they don’t feel the pressure things will never change. Ever.

      • Let water find its own level

        I think this is a really terrific idea. There are three problems with it:
        1. It is far too creative.
        2. It makes way too much sense.
        3. An odd number of teams creates mid-season byes. Teams can deal with this by finding other opponents; there aren’t as many after the first two weeks, but they’re out there – including from the other league in the conference. In fact, when traditional rivals are in separate leagues, their bye weeks can be aligned, such as Muir and PHS having the last weekend free for the Turkey Tussle.
        4. I can’t count.
        5. I’d still rather find a new home for Blair.

        • 626

          1. Lol
          2. Lmao
          3. That’s exactly what I was thinking. There could be a slot for a “crossover game” for traditional rivals in opposite leagues like Muir/PHS, Monrovia/TC, and SM/SP if the schools so choose. Teams that want a “crossover game” would only schedule 3 pre-season games and teams that wouldn’t could schedule 4. If the odd number becomes a problem, you can make it a 6-team and 8-team league in the conference.
          4. Lol
          5. I would too, but it’s not going to happen. At least in this league they wouldn’t get murdered as bad as they do now.

  • bigfatfan

    folks, the school administrators are to blame for the apparent mismatch of teams, especially in the RHL. These knuckleheads could have done something about the RHL this past summer, but they failed. Blair is a lost cause in the RHL, and should have been jettisoned this past summer, but apparently the RHL could not find a trashcan (league) that would accept Blair. don’t remind me how great Blair was less than 10 years ago, those days are gone gone gone. Monrovia needs to find another league, at least for football, to take their ‘recruits’ to and have some real competition.

    • observantcat

      Recruits?…. You mean guys who live in Monrovia who’ve decided to play football, Maybe SP needs to knock on some doors and ask some parents of some of your band members can they participate in football instead of playing the tuba. My friend Monrovia doesn’t recruit we just play the kids who want to join the team and the ones who don’t go to other schools and try to participate. We still have around 7 kids on that Amat team who could easily come back over to play at MHS.

      • Just play, kid.

        That’s a good point. The biggest recruiting pool for all of these teams is the one already on campus. Obviously things have changed over the years, and demographic shifts and perception of football have hurt certain teams a lot more than others, but there’s still a lot more that can be done.

        I went to a local school about half the size of Blair. And even though we had a terrible football team, our numbers were still comparable to most RHL teams. It’s a bummer that kids are not as interested in football.

      • GrimReaper

        As a famous President once said,

        “It all depends on what the definition of (live in Monrovia) is..History will tell you how that turned out.

        According to Aram and Sondheimer it was Scoby’s guardian who quote “had lost all credibility” said Scoby lived in Monrovia once prior to their shopping for a team after a checkered athletic and academic career.

        Monrovia might as well be some parochial school, Saint Monrovia’s. From the free agent signings of the past couple of years, it would appear there is some serious recruiting and or booster action to any disinterested observant person.

        All this casting of blame on someone else, no one has observed that the CIF Southern Section Offices are just as complicit in creating this mess by approving the recruit transfers.

        When you consider that Monrovia had 3 home games out of 4 in CIF play last year and gets questionable transfers approved, one begins to wonder what is going on with Monrovia and the CIF offices.

        • observantcat

          It’s called keep winning and hope you get the coin flip so that you can keep playing at home. There is no other method to getting home games in CIF except to keep winning and for your next opponent to also have had a home game and therefore the coin flip. In the Finals it all depends on your Div. Rankings…

          • New York

            I think the finals are determined by coin flip as well.

    • 626

      You’re right, the school admins dropped the ball big time on this issue. But so did parents, alumni, and fans who didn’t taken the admins to task. That time is now. Releaguing does not happen for another 4 years, so we are stuck with the current configurations for a few more years. However, it’s high time people start coming together on this issue and demanding the admins to take action in 2017 and to start communicating and planning for it now (and of course I’m an advocate for the RHL-Pacific Conference I discuss in detail below).

      And Blair isn’t ever going to go to another league. There is no other league in the Foothill Area for them to join where they would be more competitive. The RHL is just stuck with Blair at this point. The best one can hope for (if they don’t improve) is that they discontinue their football team.

  • bigfatfan

    626- check out the Alpha League, perfect for Blair, only four schools playing football in that league, including Marshall of Pasadena. Blair and Marshall could develop a nice little rivalry. Cat- I guess Monrovia did not whine too much when the RHL got left as it is… you guys like rolling the competition to get to the playoffs? oh well, maybe Maddox will try a bit harder in 2017 to get the Cats moved up a notch or two.

    • observantcat

      I’m completely with you on the League change for the Cats, especially in football, We have a few guys coming home next season from the PAC 5 schools to participate on our squad and I hope that our preseason changes so that we can truly measure ourselves against like opponents. I really don’t think that it’s fair to the kids to have to play half a game when they work all year to compete to win Div. championships. I would love to see them play in the Pacific at the least in order to sustain the love that they have for the game. I believe there is much more to it than meets the eye because everyone that I have talked to is in favor of moving forward. We have several kids that don’t attend Monrovia because of that very reason.

      • bigfatfan

        Cat, if that is the vision of Maddox and the football program, then you need to convince your school admin that is the way to go. at least for football. I contend that the rest of the RHL is competitive with Monrovia in all the other sports. I am a fan of SP football, not a fan of South Pas in general. The motivation for SP administrators is to keep the school’s API up as high as possible, because that translates into real estate value for the home owners. The school and community of SP don’t give a rats a$$ about football. if they did, Ed Smith would not have survived 16 miserable seasons as the head coach. Even today, the HS Bingo operation squeezes the football program for cash from football’s own fundraisers. its a crazy and frustrating place to be a HS football fan. this is a down year for us, no doubt about it. but there is promise for 2014 with lots of juniors and sophs on the varsity team.

        • observantcat

          I would love to believe that Maddox has this upgrade in mind but he must be in perfect sync with the other administrators and AD as well as Other RHL coaches and administrators before Monrovia can be put anything into action. I’m more afraid of someone else making Maddox an offer he can’t refuse before his greatest days at MHS are up. In this day and age it’s all about winning championships as Monrovia found out the hard way. We as fans and as a community have endured all of the tongue lashing from our local news papers as to how soft we were and that we couldn’t focus our way into a championship game, but now that it has all changed we somehow are much to good for our league let alone our Div. I am all for the challenge of stepping it up. I believe that Monrovia is the last of the Mohican’s in terms of public schools in the west San Gabriel Valley when it comes to football.

    • 626

      Yeah, I know about the Alpha. But remember Marshall is leaving the Alpha next year to go to the Mission Valley League (and the MVL absolutely hates it) and the primary reason was transportation to all those schools in the Alpha that aren’t remotely close to Pasadena. So Blair is definitely not going there. Like I mentioned before, Blair in the “lower” league of the RHL-Pacific Conference would be the best place for them in the Foothill Area, even though they’d still lose, at least the games won’t be 77-0.

      And Monrovia certainly “did not whine too much when the RHL got left as is.” At least the school admins didn’t. They are very content with the status quo. The players, coaches, and definitely the fans are not however. They are the ones that need to put pressure on the admins to make a change. The only change the RHL AD’s wanted was to bring in CV, but SM wasn’t having it, and when Blair knew they were going to stay in the league they were against the move as well.

      RHL-Pacific Conference people, is the way to go.