CIF-Southern Section to have open division for boys and girls basketball

The CIF-Southern Section just sent out a press releasing announcing its plan of open divisions for boys and girls basketball. It sounds good, putting the top teams in the second in one bracket. Hopefully, it allows teams who had no chance otherwise to compete for playoff glory. According to the release, the open division teams will not be announced until after the regular season.

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  • GrimReaper

    good release! About as good as the Obamacare site!

    here is what the link brings

    Not Found

    Error 404

    • Steve Ramirez

      It works on my computer…check your equipment….and it’s The Affordable Healthcare Act!

      • GrimReaper

        Sorry Steve I dont have a Commodore 64 computer link still doesnt work for me.

        Here is the full link, site location.

        Have a Great Day!

      • GrimReaper

        note the president has used the term Obamacare and his campaign organization:
        Organizing for Action has registered the term Obamacare.

        • Steve Ramirez

          It’s still the slang term. I don’t use slang terms. Remember, there are no yellow cards in soccer and yellow flags in auto racing, just cautions.

          • GrimReaper

            ok from the famous last words file…
            we will see if you “dont use slang terms” in the future…
            I think I see a future post or two in the offing.

            Looks like Rosemead v Gabrielino was the game of the night, especially after the criminal incident at the Gab stadium..

            Postscript SM V TC, TC off its natural turf (or thereabouts) looked one dimensional and could not answer the 10 in the box defense that took away their one play, hand off to one wing or the other, and run parallel to the line until you find a hole.

            Next week Monrovia SM will likely be more of the same we have seen for the recent past, Close enough to be a game but a comfortable Monrovia win, recruiting free agents has its rewards.

            Have a great day!