Mid-Valley Division Preview: 4-peat for ‘Cats? Count on it


1. Monrovia (9-1), 2. Arroyo (9-1), 3. San Dimas (6-4), 4. Paraclete (6-4).
Darkhorse: San Marino
First Round
Monrovia over Sierra Canyon
Northview over Montebello
Rosemead over Pomona
Paraclete over La Canada
San Dimas over Gabrielino
San Marino over Bell Gardens
Schurr over Viewpoint
Arroyo over Bell Gardens
Monrovia over Northview
Paraclete over Rosemead
San Dimas over San Marino
Arroyo over Schurr
Monrovia over Paraclete
San Dimas over Arroyo
Monrovia over San Dimas
Comments: There’s not bigger favorite in any other division than Monrovia in the Mid-Valley. While San Dimas, San Marino and Arroyo can be scoring machines, they has no answer for the ‘Cats’ Kurt Scoby. The question is not who will win the divison, but whether any team can give Monrovia a game.

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  • Eastern Ave.

    The playoff’s are Monrovia’s preseason for state!
    The Cats will ride the Scoby train to

    the rarefied air of December football!

    • GrimReaper

      Like I said, order the rings… the Tshirts and book the banquet room.

      The only problem with so much success is Maddox may get a college gig…

      • Real Talk

        How do you book a guy for a college football gig that wins vs. inferior talent?? He is not a great X’s & O’s guy. It’s very obvious. What is obvious is that they have much better talent. They basically run man blocking schemes and defensively their scheme is very vanilla. It sure helps him (and them) to have much bigger/better athletes at almost every position. Don’t even get me started on their position in the Mid Valley Division or even the RHL. I will say that it is a good sign that he doesn’t screw it up. Losing at Monrovia would be the sign of a bad coach. I wonder who would be bad enough to lose regularly at Monrovia. Especially with all their talent that transfers in. I think if the SD coaches were at Monrovia, it would be a wrap. I think almost any of the other MV coaches would win league and CIF with Monrovia. Does anyone see what I’m seeing?? I think it’s pretty obvious.

        • GrimReaper

          One of the key abilities of a college coach is to recruit. Maddox has a good track record at that skill.

          • Real Talk

            He’s very good at recruiting kids.

        • GP AKA Green Machine

          A coach has to be able to relate to the Kids, Admins and Alum at Monrovia…San Dimas has had talent transfer in just like Monrovia. Monrovia could run a tighter ship, but the coaches are good coaches…When you have athletes Good coaching keeps it vanilla. You always have to have good athletes to win. When San Dimas beat Monrovia in 2009, they had good athletes Like Tre Evans, and their line was more athletic than Monrovia’s. So stop putting it all on athletes…Sierra Canyon had talent and lost. Paraclete had talent and lost…Covina had talent and lost…Just stop it.

        • No one wins by accident 4 long

          You write as if it is an accident that Monrovia has so much talent under Maddox. Who would lose (or even not dominate) at Monrovia? A coach who wasn’t able to amass so much talent and motivate them to make the most of that talent.

          It’s not like Monrovia was ever anything special before Maddox showed up.

          There’s a lot more to coaching than game-planning and play-calling.

        • observantcat

          I hear you Real Talk but I think you may be off a bit on the recruiting theory, I know for a fact that the biggest motivator at Monrovia is Donald Davis and Coach Flucker who know several of these kids and their backgrounds and have become good role models to them and motivated them to stay at Monrovia and play football, Monrovia has a lot of its youth players that participate in the JAA programs around the valley especially on the Duarte Hawks and the Pasadena teams so recruiting hasn’t been a problem. It would really scare you if you knew of some of the kids who should be playing over at MHS right now. Monrovia has always had a great dynamic of players to choose from, Maddox has defiantly benefited as has Monrovia for his services as Head Coach but to say recruit, that words not even in his vocabulary. Any great coach can see the spirit in his teams eyes and bring that out in their game, thats what makes champions. TC did it now it’s Monrovia’s turn to take that measure of pride for their city and give the fans what they have alway known was possible, 100%.

  • FootballGuy

    right now Monrovia is ranked 4th in Division three in Southern California. They need some teams to lose above them to really help them.

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      Check Cal preps…the article says that if St Francis goes to the Semis in the Western, based upon Strength of schedule Monrovia still could get the bid over 10-0 Mission Oak….Corona Del Mar still has to beat Woodbrige and Garden Grove…Mission Oak still has to play Wasco, and few other teams to win the division….Can Oak Park beat Nordhoff twice? MOnrovia already beat #10 ranked San Marino, and could Beat Arroyo in the Finals which could be a high as # 5 by that time. Monrovia has a great shot to go from #4 to #2 with the 4th straight Midvalley. Remember in these games CIF decides who is better team among the section champs, and I don’t think that Oak Park is better than Monrovia in D3 with Kurt Scoby…Those rankings on Maxpreps and Cal High don’t decide anything even though they help fans try to predict the outcome.

      • SMHS 86

        CdM will not lose in the Southern Division – That is even more of a “no contest” than Monrovia’s Mid-Valley. There is NOT a team in the Southern Division that will come within 21 points of CdM. While Monrovia will face a stiff challenge at some point. Maybe the finals??? CdM would be a great match, but I am not certain if the format will allow it. A 3 time CIF Champ vs. a 4 time Champ would be a great Southern California Final

  • Actually, this season, everything seems pretty smooth and wonderful. I’m looking forward to the end of the season will last the unexpected happens

  • GrimReaper

    Yes cue balloon drop and break out the party hats…

    Mee Mee Mee-

    The Fat Lady has already warmed up the pipes and is on stage.

    It is officially over, let the mad dash for second place begin!

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      Pretty much lol…that’s if they can beat SC tomorrow..

      • GrimReaper

        I wouldn’t put it past them, It looks like you have a better field goal kicker for sure…