Northeast Division Preview: Get ready for Mission-Rio V…Can you say 3-peat?


1. Mission Prep (8-2), 2. Rio Hondo Prep (9-1), 3. Salesian (8-2), 4. Desert (8-2).
Darkhorse: St. Anthony
First Round
Mission Prep over Santa Clarita Chr.
Pasadena Poly over St. Genevieve
Saddleback Valley Chr. over Cal Military
St. Anthony over Desert
Salesian over Chadwick
Capistrano Valley Chr. over Boron
Hamilton over Excelsior
Rio Hondo Prep over St. Monica
Mission Prep over Poly
St. Anthony over Saddleback Chr.
Salesian over Capo Valley
Rio Hondo Prep over Hamilton
Mission Prep over St. Anthony
Rio Hondo Prep over Salesian
Rio Hondo Prep over Mission Prep
COMMENTS: This is a basically a three-team division, with St. Anthony, which routed Poly last week, as the X-Factor. Salesian is new to the division and will be competition for the two Prepsters, but Rio is starting to pick up steam, and again looks capable of a three-peat. The Kares showed it last year, and will do it again.

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  • Eastern Ave.

    MP has the easy path to the finals this year.

    Desert is the dark horse here.

    They have been playing tough of late.

    Their new D coordinator was the head coach at Boron previously.

    Any one who has to travel to Edwards AF Base should expect a long cold night in the desert.

    St. Genevieve scored 33 on Mission Prep. Sorry Poly, methinks you will play just 1 game in the playoffs.

    Rio and Salesian will meet in the semi’s – Rio’s System vs. The D1 Talent laden Salesian team.

    I like the the heart of the system.

    MP vs. RHP? we will see..

    • Steve Ramirez

      Desert is a top four seed…that’s why I picked St. Anthony. Darkhorse should be a non-seeded team.

      • Eastern Ave.

        No worries Steve, I write for fun.

        But as you wrote,

        “This is a basically a three-team division”, anything after the 3 seed is a dark horse.

        Have fun Steve…

    • Desert Rat

      This whole thing gives the Santa Fe league way too much credit. Salesian is good no doubt, you would be too with what they get to pull from. The desert mountain league is not to be played with. All three teams cruised to easy first round wins and this is not a three team division. Never has and never will be. Ask around about Boron and Deserts reputation and you will know that coming to their place late in the year is the toughest games you will play. Ask Salesian how it went two years ago against the third place team from the DML in the semis on a cold night in Lancaster.

  • Tovar

    Salesian isn’t new to the division. They have been in the semis the past 3 years & 4 years ago were favorite to win it all but had to forfeit all there games for some reason.

  • Prep Fan

    The Santa Fe League (Salesian’s league) has 3 teams that could possibly advance to the Semis. Salesian is no joke and in my opinion, the best team in the division. Although i do believe RHP can get by them. RHP’s 1st round match against St. Monica (Santa Fe league) won’t be a cake walk. I think their 2nd round match will be much easier. St. Monica will put up a fight. RHP has their work cut out for them.

  • fuqyocouch

    Salesian just beat Chadwick real bad and there fans say they don’t see rhp beating shs

  • Dean Morrissey

    Salesian lost in their first meeting due to poor refereeing. Now Rio Hondo is coming to Salesian, they wont lose this time around guaranteed.