BREAKING NEWS: Aram reporting that Muir’s Dejon Williams is ineligible for Friday’s quarterfinal game vs Los Altos

Our football writer Aram Tolegian is reporting that Muir’s Dejon Williams ruled ineligible for Friday’s game vs. Los Altos:

Muir standout quarterback Dejon Williams is ineligible to play in Friday’s quarterfinals playoff game against Los Altos after being ejected toward the end of last week’s win over La Mirada.
Williams, one of the top players in the Southeast Division, was ejected for receiving two taunting penalties in Friday’s win over La Mirada. Under CIF-Southern Section rules, any player who is ejected from a game must sit out his team’s next game.

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  • This is really surprising news for fans. We hope they can progress further this season, but it seems to lose hope

  • New York

    Is this some kind of hoax? Aram, I thought he was the guy who was calm and collected during your interview and suggested that you all just moved down the sideline. Had be purportedly been ejected already? If so, did you know that?

  • Conq ’76

    This is CR#$%^olla if it holds up, LA wants to compete against a whole Muir team, any win now would be tainted…I hope he gets reinstated…

    • Sometimes a W is a W

      I’m sure they’d get over any tainted win, especially if they won in the next round as well.

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        You are correct…it’s not Los Al’s problem…It’s CIF’s problem…this is closes thing to “blood on your hands” as you can get in high schools sports….

        • Conq ’76

          I am sure Ziola will make it clear it is indeed not their problem and to go out and take no prisoners….”Mercy is for the weak!” John Kreese!

          • Cobra Kai

            Sweep the leg!

          • 626


          • New York

            I am sure Coach Ziola realizes that Muir is still explosive, even without their MVP.

  • Eastern Ave.

    bad news. no bueno. is there an appeal process?

    • Steve Ramirez


  • Football Guy

    What I saw wasn’t that big a thing. That being said, someone should have told him what would happen if he got another.

  • Destiny Iwuoma

    As a former Muir football player (2011) I know that Dejon Williams was simply pointing to a group of Muir fans on Montana Ave where Muir Fans congregate during the games as well.

    The referee lacks the knowledge of the awareness of John Muir High School to make an accurate decision on whether Dejon Williams was taunting or not.

    Finally, as a current Race, Education and Public Policy scholar at UC Berkeley I have researched many scenarios where racial/cultural misunderstandings like this one happen all the time.

    So i urge everyone to

    1) email

    2) Call CIF and tell them how you feel about this situation and to urge the referee to rescind his decision 562.493.9500

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      Very interesting Point you make. Here….When dealing with high school sports and kids of all ethnic groups and cultural behavior, some rules are bais and misinterpreted…This one is a huge crime and the Hubris of the CIF Office, and refs know exactly what happened here…what a shame they would uphold this terrible decision. Monrovians experience this same issue in games…However no ref has ever done this…this was not a good precedent to set….I am sure after one penalty….Mr Williams was not taunting on purpose to get ejected.

      • New York

        Monrovia players get benched for doing this. Jim Brownfield would have benched his players as well. The difference is that it would have happened earlier in the season. You can’t build a championship program without the assurance that your star players will not cost the team senseless penalties. This entire fiasco has turned into a recruiting promo for Alemany.

        • GrimReaper

          I didnt see Scoby or others get disciplined when he left the bench (with three other Monrovia players) to celebrate in the end zone after a meaningless late touchdown by another running back on the Monrovia team in the SM blow out.

          That actions showed a lack of discipline and sportsmanship.

          Not a word said, not a flag throw, despite the White Hat’s clear admonitions to the four as they returned to the bench.

          So Just where was this Jim Brownfield? MIA… And this tough discipline you talk of? MIA.

          • New York

            Tread lightly. Coach Brownfield was Muir’s legendary head coach in the 1980s and early 1990s. He also led their track program to great prominence.

            Coach Brownfield was a huge figure in SGV football as well, founding the SGV National Football Foundation Hall of Fame Game.

            Sadly, he passed away a couple years ago.

            I thought you were familiar with WSGV football.

          • Old Mustang

            Amen, Brownfield was a legend at Muir from the 60’s through the 90’s. They really hit their stride in the late 80’s, with players like Ricky Ervins. Muir won 3 CIF titles between 1985-1995, all under Brownfield. Current coach John Hardy played for Brownfield.


          • New York

            I just read Coach Hardy’s message that is on Muir’s homepage. It was taken from his interview when he first got hired. Coach Hardy mentions wanting the players to become role models and to restore traditions of the Brownfield era. I am confident that once players have been in his program for 3 or 4 years they will not provoke senseless penalties.

          • 626

            John Tyree was the coach when Muir won their 3rd title in 89-90.

          • New York

            I’ve rarely seen players get penalized for celebrating someone else’s achievement.

            Besides, players run onto the field AFTER a touchdown for the PAT team anyway.

            For many years every football association has discouraged individual celebrations and have encouraged group celebrations such as high-fives and that jump bump.

  • Lonnie

    CIF should be investigating this thoroughly. This is the most important player on Muir’s team. You can’t get another qb ready in one week for a game of this magnitude. Most kids in high school aren’t even aware of these rules and now knowing that this was a miss interpretation of the kids action something needs to be done quickly. Find out the background of the ref. Interview thie kids who were allegedly taunted. But doing it this way is a disgrace to high school athletics

  • Old Mustang

    Having been at Muir during the Brownfield days, I have to agree with the poster below, that kind of thing wouldn’t have gone down. But times change, this isn’t 20 years ago. If you’re going to DQ the kid, do it right after the game. Sounds like a really questionable decision, given the timing. Let the game be decided on the field.

    • New York

      There was definitely a better way to handle everything.
      You are fortunate to have played for Coach Brownfield.

      • Old Mustang

        I was just a spectator, but you knew how it was on the team, you could see him in action. Bad, bad call by this ref. Still time to rescind the call and the game go forward as planned.