• GrimReaper

    Yep good prediction seeing as Dejon, Muir’s best player is ineligible for repeated taunting penalties.

    Yeah player of the year.. but can’t stay on the field. And lets his team down in the playoffs due to a selfish act and breakdown in discipline.

    Aram posted a couple of weeks ago why the White Hat should have penalized Scoby for leaving the bench and celebrating in the end zone after a meaningless late touchdown in the SM Monrovia Game. Aram could only think of the game at hand and not in the development of the player and discipline to stay within the rules and play with respect for the game.

    This Dejon situation is exactly the reason. To impress upon an undisciplined player the importance of the rules and quite possibly had Dejon been flagged in an earlier game for taunting, then maybe he would have learned a valuable lesson about discipline and being a man. Now instead he will be ineligible and let his team down.