Friday Night Massacre? Pasadena area football season ends as St. Francis, Monrovia, Muir and Rio Hondo Prep all ousted from CIF-SS semfinals

muir loses

The Pasadena area was propping itself up last week after the area’s top four teams all advanced to the semifinals. A week later all are gone as the football season came crashing down. It’s now shifted to the award season as St. Francis; Monrovia, which looked like a title lock a few weeks ago; Muir and Rio Hondo Prep all lost. Monrovia, which lost 22-21, to Paraclete, lost its chance at a 4-peat, while Rio Hondo’s chance at a 3-peat went crashing down.


Serra 22, St. Francis 14 — Nothing to be ashamed about for the Golden Knights, who lost close games to arguably one of the top teams in the state.
Paraclete 22, Monrovia 21 — The Wildcats simply made too many mistakes against a good team. They had a fumble lead to the Spirits first score another one cost them a chance at the lead in the first half. Monrovia made a nice comeback, but couldn’t deny the Spirits, who won it on an 18-yard field goal by Andrew Jimenez with 39 seconds left.
Norwalk 35, Muir 28 — A tough one for the Mustangs, who behind the play of Dejon Williams, led a 28-14 lead slip away. But another solid season for Muir.
Salesian 35, Rio Hondo Prep 20 — The Kares chance at a 3-peat came crashing down. Another solid season for Ken Drain’s group.

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  • observantcat

    Well Steve, according to the weather bureau it is supposed to be much warmer tonight in Lancaster than most have expected. 7:00 50 degrees up till 10:00 and no rain. The colder weather will kick in overnight to around 37 degrees so maybe we will not have to bear the brunt of cold weather after all. Looks like this side of the Hill will receive rain in the forecast. So much for Black Friday.

    • GrimReaper

      I guess the Clete didn’t need white jerseys in a blizzard..Didn’t see that one coming.

      The playoffs only go to show how big the gap is between the top three in the division and the rest of the teams.

      • observantcat

        Well Grim, Paraclete has certainly matured in terms of defense and their offense was better than advertised, San Dimas will have their hands full trying to stop Stovall. Paracletes defense is very aggressive and quick to the ball.

  • Pasadena area and stories surrounding the game. The end of the wait.

  • Jim Clark

    The “two-minute drill” in ten minutes. Ha ha

  • The SID

    Steve, now that all Pasadena teams are out and you don’t have anyone to write about, I want to invite you to a Salesian game.

    • Steve Ramirez

      Sorry, Fred already has me on San Dimas-Paraclete final.

  • New York

    Great season for WSGV football with four teams plus Burbank in the semifinals. Tough endings, but that is only because they did so well all year!

  • rickjames1717

    WOW Monrovia blew 2 TOs in the 2nd half due to bad substitution ……… Can someone please tell me why coach didn’t go for 2 when they scored late in the 4th?? Whats the dif of loosing by 1 or 2?? Had Monrovia went for 2 and got it regulation would have ended in a tie…..

    • Steve Ramirez

      Hard to blame a coach with 3 CIF titles in 5 years, with 5 final four appearances.

      • New York

        Steve, it is actually 6 trips to the semis. 6 for 6. Maddox’s tenure has been remarkable. Semifinals every year 2008-2013 seasons.

        I have no idea what the reference is to, but no one is above constructive criticism. That is the only way to improve. Otherwise, you start telling the emperor that he is fully clothed when he is not. Even Pete Carrol while at USC should be scrutinized for certain decisions, including not having Reggie Bush on the field during the final drive against Texas in the 2005 Rose Bowl.

        • AMAT 73

          New York,
          Kind of reminds me of a conversation we had , I believe last season after the losses to SH and Ayala on Maddox . Got over those humps but maybe not all the way . Should have found a way to win the game with all the talent on that MTown bench .

          • New York

            The reason I brought up Pete Carroll is because even the best coaches make mistakes. Alabama losing to Auburn: A very long field goal attempt is almost like a kick-off situation, except you have a bunch of offensive linemen out on the field trying to tackle the return man! Yikes! That was a learning opportunity for every coach in the nation. Maybe they will swap in an extra running back in place of a burley tightend/fullback to play wing next time.

            Regarding this Paraclete game feedback: Going purely off Steve’s article (assuming it is accurate):

            Yes, choosing to go for one instead of two when you take a 20-19 lead is not the right call. I have no idea if that was a simple oversight and getting caught up in the moment or what. There is nothing to say that we would have converted it anyway, but we definitely should have tried. It’s a significant in-the-moment mistake. I’m very surprised Maddox does not have a cheat-sheet in hand that makes that type of call automatic. Oh well. Everyone of the good coaches around has made some bad calls in that same regard. Coach Z at San Dimas has a couple notable.

            Speaking of questionable calls, Coach Dalhia of Paraclete decided to take the winning points off the board and accept a personal foul penalty with only 2:04 left in the game! Talk about risky.

            Anyway, I’d say the most pressing issue is whatever led to a personal foul call against Monrovia when Paraclete successfully kicked their field goal with 2:04 left in the game. That would have been plenty of time for Monrovia to march back down field and score some winning points. However, that personal foul allowed Paraclete the option to chew up more clock and darn near punch in a touchdown. They ended up on the one yard line.

            The second most pressing issue are the fumbles that led to a Paraclete score as well as a fumble that kept us from scoring. Turnovers are so demoralizing to your defense. They are not always the fault of the ball carrier. Sometimes a lineman or someone else misses a block. Sometimes the exchange is not clean. Either way, they are almost always controllable and solved through good practice.

            I agree about winning with talent. Until Monrovia gets into a league and plays a schedule that demands focus every play of every week, we will never reach out potential. When you play weaker opponents so often, fundamental mistakes are easy to forgive and overlook. Losing a game is sometimes the only way to force closer review and correction. If Paraclete had squandered that last drive after taking points off the board, then we would not even be having this conversation and not talking about needing to improve fundamentals or anything like that.

    • New York

      Possibly true, but Paraclete might have tried and successfully punched it in from the one yard line instead of kicking the winning field goal. I do agree about needing to go for two in that situation, though.

  • Dena

    big rumor at muir that Desean Holmes has just checked into the school..welcome home rellie!

  • 626

    Football: Desean Holmes could be headed to Muir

    By Eric Sondheimer | 57 minutes ago

    On the day standout junior receiver Desean Holmes of Alemany was named the Serra League co-MVP, he was at Pasadena Muir apparently planning to transfer.

    Muir Coach John Hardy confirmed that one of his players saw Holmes on campus. Hardy said if the rumor is true of Holmes’ arrival, he would be a big addition.

    Alemany Coach Dean Herrington said Monday he was unaware of Holmes leaving the school. Holmes did not show up to Alemany on Monday for classes.