FOOTBALL PLAYOFF GROUPINGS: Read ’em and weep, Monrovia …


The bump up in class that many local fans felt was needed for Monrovia is now almost a reality. The Wildcats are headed to the Central Division, along with the rest of the Rio Hondo League, unless they decide to appeal (and win).

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  • New York

    Weep for what? This should be followed by a celebration and a renewed focus on hard-hitting, aggressive football at Monrovia!

  • GrimReaper

    New York is right, why would Monrovia weep…They can just recruit more players…

    Weep for the other Rio Hondo teams that have been sucked up to divisions with far larger schools with far larger enrollments. Teams that cumulatively have won one (non Monrovia) League championship in the last decade or more. Why does one suppose a once proud TC football program has done a face plant.. is it the realization that on the first day of the season you can do no better than second place or lower. Or Blair… once proud #1 in the nation, Blair, I wonder what they think of the new division. I would suspect their march to no football will only be accelerated by this CIF re-divisioning.

    All one need do is look at the number of D-1 college players coming from Monrovia and compare it to their competition, and one only wonders why Monrovia has even had a close game in the last decade. If anything, Monrovia consistently plays under their potential.

    CIF punted, by not just elevating Monrovia to play in Division 4 or higher. Just as NY says, it would only take a couple of years for the boosters to do their job and get them to the promised land via transfers.

    Finally, I have only one question for NY. Based on rumors that are circulating. What internet home school program is favored for your recruit transfers and recruit transfers to come?

  • observantcat

    So I guess if Trey Sydney left Bishop Amat and ran about 1/2 mile to Monrovia High School that would be considered a recruit? Let’s let you figure out the puzzle that you’re talking about in terms of recruitment. More guys have left Monrovia in the past few seasons than have come in and the ones that do return back to the City are residents anyway, so good try to discredit our program. PS…. Good luck next season in the RHL

  • Truth Teller

    Someone should simply look at the enrollment numbers of the RHL schools vs. the other schools in the division. Monrovia might win a first round game against the 3rd place team in the best league but no other RHL team will even be close to their competition. I feel really bad for the rest of the RHL since they have virtually no chance even if they somehow won the league. The numbers and demographics kill them vs. the other division schools. The CIF really screwed the other five schools that might make the playoffs.

  • New York

    Monrovia football will never hit full potential until we no longer play in the Rio Hondo League. Having five weeks off going into the playoffs has been detrimental to our team development for years.

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