Looking ahead: An early-summer football top five


We are in the midst of putting together our SGVN PrepXtra football preview magazine. As we gather information, I thought there is no better time to look at a possible area top five. It includes the usual suspects.

Mid-Summer Area Top 5
1. St. Francis (10-3 in 2013) —
The Golden Knights, with Dylan Crawford and John Carroll returning are the biggest benefactor of the re-leaguing and the new divisional alignment. St. Francis will be the favorites in the new Angelus/Serra League and the Southeast Division. Yes, they have key losses, but Jim Bonds usually just reloads.
2. Muir (10-3) — The Mustangs, with returner Taeon Mason, are also in the catbird seat. They are the class of Pacific League and don’t be surprised with a Muir-St. Francis final in the Southeast.
3. San Marino (9-3) — The Titans will battle Monrovia in the Rio Hondo, and you have to tab San Marino, which returns four pretty good skill players, including all-area first teamer Tyler Spitzer.
4. Monrovia (11-2) — The ‘Cats lose their top two producers from a year ago, and now have a new coach. They’ll battle San Marino in the Rio Hondo League, and right now, it looks like their reign is over.
5. La Salle (9-3) — Russell Gordon has won 19 games in two seasons at La Salle. His Lancers take a step up in class this season. But there is a solid nucleus back.

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  • Mean Joe Green

    San Marino ranked three?!! Beat Monrovia?!! 21 points and both interceptions from that 62-21 butt whooping last year were from Monrovia players that are returning. Kameron Johnson had 113 yards from 5 carries against San Marino. Please tell me that San Marino has acquired new talent, because I just don’t see them doing it with what I saw last year. Oh yeah, I also forgot to mention that Spitzer had three receptions for 24 yards and zero TDs the last time we faced them.

    • Observantcat

      Don’t worry MJG, even San Marino’s best is having a ball laughing at this post. Trying to get the Star News side of the Valley is going to take more than this, Maybe like, Kurt Scoby returns to high school football and goes to San Marino and still Monrovia wins by 21 going away.

      • Mean Joe Green

        Ummm why not just say that Monrovia will lose to Blair this year? If we are going to talk crazy, then let’s just get really crazy. Bishop Amat loses in the first round or doesn’t make the playoffs every year and they manage to be at the top of the SGV rankings every year. Yet MTown continues to go deep in the playoffs and we can barely get ranked, or better yet we have to hear each year how teams we historically beat are ranked above us. San Marino has not beat Monrovia in over 10 years (that is as far as Maxpreps will go). The running tally is 361 to 129. Not only will San Marino have to break a losing streak of over 10 years, they will have to come to Monrovia’s house and do it. I know that Monrovia has a new coach, but its just a different driver inside the same Ferrari. Don’t think for a minute that a Volkswagen can beat the Ferrari simply because they changed drivers.


          MEAN JOE,
          Don’t you MTown guys ever get tired of trying to compare yourselves to Bishop Amat ? When you can whip everyone or even most consistently in the SGV maybe you’ll get the type of respect you long for . Maybe that whipping you took against St Francis similar to yours of San Marino is what’s holding Steve back on the Cats GO MUSTANGS at a strong #2 looking at MTown in the rearview mirror

          • Mean Joe Green

            LOLOL!!!!! I am just wondering why there is so much SGV sack riding on BA. The Bishop Amat name does not come up because I bring it up, it comes up because every year us SGV football fans have to watch BA get ranked high only to get ranked low by the end of the season. It gets tiring. As for St. Francis, do me a favor and get out of the playoffs before you can speak amongst winners. You sound like Wilt Chamberlain disrespecting Kobe because you came up in an era when minorities were not allowed to play. Here is the new rule. No Bishop fan has the right to respond to me until you make it to the playoffs. Until then, you are no better than any other SGV team that cannot win or make it past October.

          • New York

            This guy seems to be a Muir fan…read the post again and see the Mustang reference.

          • Mean Joe Green

            My mistake New York. I give BA all the respect in the world based upon the competition they face each year. I just don’t understand the criteria these writers use for judging schools. Fred and Aram did not even rank MTown in the top 10. How is that possible for a team that has been to the semifinals 6 years in a row and the finals four out of 6 times. Now we have to deal with San Marino being ranked above us? Its all one big joke.

          • Observantcat

            Mean Joe, As I always conclude at the end of each season, “The Cream Always Rises To The Top” Usually Monrovia is always the last man standing in Dec. Last years St. Francis squad lived up to its billing and this season we have a chance to exact revenge on a team that is rated pretty high on the State and National Level. I believe that we can prove ourselves worthy of the respect that we know we deserve even without Scoby and Potts. Wishing them two Ballers all the luck in the world over at Fresno State.

          • New York

            They are both at Fresno State and we still had the disappointing season we did last year? Wow.

    • Balance life

      Monrovia deserves a lot more respect than they are getting!!

      La Salle has made some great moves this off-season! They will be fun to watch with 2 6″4+Wrs and a 6″5 Qb. They have 2 division 1 commits and 2 more kids with offers.. The best is the interior with 3 more additions within the last week.

      • LS4life

        Tell us more about the additions to the line. I know LS needs help on the line this year

        • FootballisLife

          Not True, they only got one 5’9 kid from crespi, not 3

  • noDICElancers

    Are you high? La Salle is going to get their butts kicked. They can’t even make it out the first round in their old lame division. What makes you think they’re going to get better?

    • quackatit

      Ahhhh you must be from one the schools that La Salle beat in the past two years. How was reading about everyone in playoffs for you? I love those you talk most….you are usually the ones who have done the least!

  • New York

    If you are gonna predict Monrovia losing to San Marino, then how about doing a little bit more work and ranking the rest of your top 10? What other earth shattering predictions do you have?

    • Steve Ramirez

      New York, I went with the Top 5, because that’s what will be in our magazine. As for ranking San Marino ahead of Monrovia. It’s all based on the number of starting skill players San Marino returns compared to what Monrovia has coming back. Now rankings are usually fluid, so the first week is going to tell a lot, with Monrovia at San Dimas and San Marino hosting Arroyo. Also, comparing Monrovia to Bishop Amat is apples and oranges. It would be like ranking 11-0 Azusa Pacific over 10-2 UCLA. If Bishop Amat was in the Rio Hondo League the past five seasons, it would have five CIF-SS titles. The only SGV team that can compare to BA is St. Francis, who in some seasons, like last year, can be better.

      • Observantcat

        Funny Steve, you said that because in 2012 you couldn’t bring yourself to say that St. Francis was so dominant then when Monrovia beat them at their house, so we are 1 and 1 so far in this West San Gabriel Valley series, and this year they are supposed to be just as good. Even better question Steve, how would you compare Player for Player Amat vs. Monrovia with the exemption of their best player which is also from Monrovia?

        • Steve Ramirez

          Yes, but in 2012 it was a close game, which St. Francis could have won (a very inexperienced St. Francis team), and last year was a blow-out win by SF, so 1-1 on paper, but not by perception. There’s really no comparing Amat, and what it’s done against some very good teams in the CIF-SS, compared to what Monrovia’s done. Remember, every Pac-5 playoff game is a war…in the Mid-Valley, the playoffs really don’t begin until the semifinals.

      • New York

        I assume you are addressing everyone with this post. I did not mention anything about Amat.

      • quackatit

        When is the magazine coming out?

        • quackatit

          Never mind, I saw 8/28. Is that Correct?

  • Observantcat
    • GrimReaper

      Lets have a little talk about Monrovia Football and just win baby mentality of the boosters.

      Scoby was the equivalent of a free agent signing. All you have to do is read the LA Times Sondheimer, article. At a Monrovia game last year I inquired about Scoby’s grades. I was informed by a Monrovia sideline booster that Scoby was getting A’s and B’s as if Scoby had set foot in a classroom at Monrovia High.

      Later discussions with the AD of another local school I was told that Scoby had not attended a single class at Monrovia other than football practice. Scoby was per the conversation purported to have attended home internet school and was allowed to play football at Monrovia as an enrichment program for the home schooling. Maybe that has something to do with keeping him academically eligible. I hope for his sake there was not a booster taking the tests and doing his homework so someday we do not read about another Billy Don Jackson or Dexter Manley so Monrovia can put another trophy in the case.

      You can’t blame Scoby,other than switching schools like a free agent, everybody wants the best deal.. But it raises booster questions in the biggest free agent signing in local prep sports for 2013. I wish him the best as he has not had the easiest of lives. But just what Monrovia is willing to do to just win baby.

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