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Attention Gabrielino Football, could someone, anyone, contact us for the football preview

We’re down to the wire on the PrepXtra Football Preview Magazine and of 67 teams in the Star-News,Tribune and Whittier Area, the only preview we’re missing is for the Gabrielino HIgh School Football Team. We’ve tried unsuccessfully to reach the coaches and athletic department over the past three weeks, so this is a last-ditch effort for a story and to get players pictured for the magazine. Maybe coaches are on vacation or we’ve got the wrong phone numbers and emails, I’m not sure, but if any coach, parent or player from Gabrielino reads this, please let head coach Harold Sanin know Aram is trying to get in touch with him and can be reached at aram.tolegian@sgvn.com. If you want to reach me, call the office at 626-962-8811, ext. 2161. Thanks, we want to make every effort possible to ensure that every team is included in the football preview magazine.

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The SGVN is proud to announce that longtime staffer Steve Ramirez is the new Star-News Prep Sports Editor

Steve Ramirez, who has been with the company more than 20 years, is replacing Miguel Melendez as the Star-News Prep editor. Steve was the Whittier Daily News prep editor last year, and serves many capacities at the SGVN, including college football writer, area college beat writer and auto racing. When it comes to football, he’s the most knowledgeable on out staff, despite what Aram might say (can we get an lol). In all the years I’ve worked with Steve, few work as hard as him. Please welcome him aboard. With Steve leaving the Whittier Daily News, weeklies reporter Eric Terrazas will replace Steve as the Daily News prep editor.

That’s company man Mr. Ramirez in the company shirt ..

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Boys Tennis All-Area: San Marino’s James Wade and coach Melwin Pereira take top honors

All-Area Tennis Story: San Marino’s James Wade maintained tradition of excellence at San Marino to earn player of the year honors

Star-News Boys Tennis All-Area photo gallery

Star-News All-Area Boys Tennis
Player of the year: James Wade, San Marino, Junior
Coach of the year: Melwin Pereira, San Marino
First team<
Robert Carter, San Marino, Sophomore
Danny Gealer, San Marino, Freshman
Travis Tu, Arcadia, Senior
Lester Yeh, Temple City, Senior
Andy You, Arcadia, Senior
Second team
Garrett Mak La Salle
Henry LaSoya, Pasadena Poly
Sachin Puri, Pasadena Poly
Matt Johnson, Pasadena Poly
Brendan Ma, Alhambra

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All-Area Softball: La Canada’s Lauren Cox and Monrovia’s Dave Guzman take top honors

All-Area Story: La Canada’s Lauren Cox leads her team to second title to earn player of the year honors while Monrovia’s Dave Guzman named coach of the year.

Star-News Softball All-Area Photo Gallery

Player of the Year: Lauren Cox, La Canada, Senior
Coach of the Year: Dave Guzman, Monrovia
Pitcher: Michelle Floyd, San Marino, Junior
Pitcher: Adrienne Guerra, Monrovia, Sophomore
Catcher: Catherine Horner, La Canada, Senior
Infielder: Kelsey Drange, La Canada, Junior
Infielder: Annie Monroe, La Canada, Junior
Infielder: Alexis Watanabe, San Marino, Senior
Infielder: Vanessa Mendez, Keppel, Senior
Outfielder: Selina Mohr, La Canada, Junior
Outfielder: Elise McCarthy, Monrovia, Sophomore
Outfielder: Colleen McWilliams, La Salle, Senior
Utility: Alashanee Medina, Keppel, Senior
Pitcher: Kaysie Gatlin, Duarte, Senior
Pitcher: Denise Gonzales, Alhambra, Senior
Catcher: Karah Kirby, Rio Hondo Prep, Senior
Infielder: Amy Zeronian, Marshall, Junior
Infielder: Anjelica Amezquita, Maranatha, Sophomore
Infielder: Mary Rose Magnolia, Duarte, Junior
Infielder: Nikki Guzman, Monrovia, Senior
Infielder: Jessica Parada, Mayfield, Junior
Outfielder: Sami Jakeway, Temple City, Senior
Outfielder: Kelly Jacobs, Flintridge Sacred Heart, Junior
Outfielder: Jessica Ogden, La Canada, Junior
Utility: Julia Tsai, Pasadena Poly, Senior

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Star-News Did you Know: That 2006 Star-News Player of the Year LaVelle Peterson is now at New Mexico Highlands

Lavelle Peterson is still the best high school running back from my days in Pasadena. He graduated in 2006 at La Canada and was our player of the year. But I lost track of him after he walked onto to Utah where it apparently didn’t work out. But he has surfaced in Las Vegas and is playing college football for the University of New Mexico Highlands in Division II.

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Former Alhambra quarterback Dominic Breazeale made the Olympic Boxing team and is headed to London

This is an unbelievable feel-good story. I remember covering Dominic Breazeale at Alhambra, a big 6-foot-6 QB with a lot of potential who went to Mt. SAC then earned a scholarship to Northern Colorado. He graduated from Alhambra in 2002. We’re working on a story that we’ll post in the coming days, but he qualified in the Super Heavyweight Division after only taking up boxing a little more than three years ago.

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ALL-AREA: Temple City’s Corey Copping is Star-News Baseball player of the year; Alhambra’s Steve Gewecke coach of the year

All-Area Story: Temple City’s Corey Copping and Alhambra coach Steve Gewecke take top honors

Player of the Year: Corey Copping, Temple City, Senior
Coach of the Year: Steve Gewecke, Alhambra, 16th year

Pitcher: Joseph Mata, Monrovia, Junior
Pitcher: Marco Briones, Alhambra, Sophomore
Catcher: Jonah Jarrard, Temple City, Senior
Infielder: Bowdien Derby, La Salle, Senior
Infielder: Chris Ward, Pasadena Poly, Senior
Infielder: Chris Williams, La Salle, Senior
Infielder: Garret Glazier, San Marino, Senior
Outfielder: Juan Crespo, Alhambra, Senior
Outfielder: Calvin Copping, Temple City, Senior
Outfielder: Justin Jones, Monrovia, Junior
Utility: Angel Acosta, Gabrielino, Senior

Pitcher: Chris Burkholder, Monrovia, Junior
Pitcher: Erik Trask, Arcadia, Senior
Catcher: Francisco Gonzalez, Gabrielino, Junior
Infielder: Kyle Starling, Temple City, Senior
Infielder: David Olmedo-Barrera, St. Francis, Senior
Infielder: Jeremy Duran, Alhambra, Junior
Infielder: Anthony Mizrahi, La Canada, Junior
Outfielder: Josh Marrs, Maranatha, Senior
Outfielder: Jeffrey Bain, San Marino, So., Sophomore
Outfielder: Ayman Nureldeen, Duarte, Senior
Utility: Gary Huang, Arcadia, Senior

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