San Marino’s Devon Jack is tennis Player of the Year

One extra day and one extra match can make a world of difference to a high school tennis player.
It certainly did for San Marino’s Devon Jack. The senior had played in the CIF Southern Section’s individual tournament previously, but had never played on the second day of the finals of the tournament.
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Player of the year: Devon Jack, San Marino, senior
Coach of the year: Bo Tin Win, Arcadia
First team
Michelle Deng, Arcadia, freshman
Lauren Ko, Arcadia, freshman
Hailey McNall, Maranatha, senior
Rachelle Yang, Arcadia, freshman
Angelica Zhou, Arcadia, senior
Cassie McKenzie, La Canada, senior
Sophie McKenzie, La Canada, freshman
Libby Chang, San Marino, sophomore
Madeleine Gandawidjaja, San Marino, senior
Second team
Tiffany Chan, Alhambra, senior
Angela Hsieh, Maranatha, sophomore
Tegwyn John, Marshall, senior
Abby Siracusa, La Salle, junior
Katherine Wu, Temple City, sophomore
Sydney Tran, Arcadia, sophomore
Aubrie Weissbuch, Arcadia, sophomore
Emily Pratt, Mayfield, senior
Jacqueline Baggott, Mayfield, junior
Honorable mention
Gabby Dondonay, Alhambra, freshman
Natalie Orphali, Maranatha, sophomore
Angela Qiu, Arcadia, freshman
Molly Round, South Pasadena, sophomore
Ariana Saigh, Flintridge Sacred Heart, sophomore
Ruby Wellen, Flintridge Sacred Heart, senior
Sarah Rutzen, Maranatha, senior
Natalie Yee, Maranatha, senior
Tara Adarkar, Pasadena Poly, freshman
Sami Collins Pasadena Poly, senior
Shirley Mach, Rosemead, senior
Iris Wong, Rosemead, senior
Joanne Gong, Rosemead, senior
Jenny Ly, Rosemead, senior
Emily Hsiao, San Marino, junior
Sophia Lee, San Marino, sophomore

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La Canada’s Katie Scoville is girls cross country Runner of the Year

Katie Scoville made the biggest step of her running career on one of the biggest stages possible in November.
The La Canada High School sophomore won the CIF Southern Section Division 4 individual championship.
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Runner of the year: Katie Scoville, La Canada, sophomore
Coaches of the year: Mike Roffina and Jill Riehl, Flintridge Prep
First team
Sasha Codiga, Flintridge Prep, freshman
Sophie Gitlin, Flintridge Prep, sophomore
Jasmine He, Arcadia, sophomore
Holly Lung, Arcadia, junior
Natalie O’Brien, Flintridge Prep, junior
Emily Serhan, Mayfield, junior
Katherine Tighe, Mayfield, junior
Second team
Maia Cohen, Flintridge Prep, junior
Sophie Fortner, Mayfield, senior
Cindy Hoang, Arcadia, junior
Jenna Mijares, Flintridge Prep, freshman
Marisa Sanchez, Mayfield, senior
McKenna Smith, Mayfield, freshman
Eryca Yamane, Arcadia, sophomore
Honorable mention
Haley Allen, Flintridge Prep, freshman
Elizabeth Bock, South Pasadena, freshman
Bobbie Byrne, Flintridge Sacred Heart, sophomore
Adena DiPaolo, La Canada, freshman
Yaneli Guajardo, Alhambra, junior
Olivia Harrigian, San Marino, senior
Emily Ye, South Pasadena, senior

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Arcadia’s Phillip Rocha is cross country Runner of the Year


The run to be among the best in the history of California began before Phillip Rocha stepped inside an Arcadia High School classroom.
“It’s crazy insane that I can recall every day of my freshman workouts and every hard workout and race after that,” Rocha said of his four cross country seasons for the Apaches, which began in the summer during team workouts. “It feels like it was just yesterday.”
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Runner of the year: Phillip Rocha, Arcadia, senior
Coach: Ingrid Herskind, Flintridge Prep
First team
Jack Van Scoter, Flintridge Prep, senior
Evan Pattinelli, Flintridge Prep, sophomore
Joseph Vasquez, Arcadia, junior
Nikhil Poole, Flintridge Prep, senior
Tony Segura, Arcadia, sophomore
Austin Che, Arcadia, senior
Jonathan Vahala, Flintridge Prep, junior
Second team
Rab Moran, Flintridge Prep, senior
Chris Lee, Arcadia, senior
Xavier Beck, San Marino, junior
Xian Shively, Pasadena Poly sophomore
Kieran Press-Reynolds, South Pasadena, junior
Chapin Levin-Arbuthnot, Arcadia, senior
Shyam Patel, Flintridge Prep, senior
Honorable mention
Riley Coan, Flintridge Prep, junior
Ravi Sharma, Arcadia, senior
Oliver Chang, South Pasadena, sophomore
Francesco Fortunelli, South Pasadena, freshman
Jesse Gonzalez, Rosemead, senior
Jayson Espinosa, Gabrielino, sophomore
Armanious Shady Makar, Arcadia, senior

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San Marino’s Alessio Brunochelli is water polo Player of the Year

San Marino High School’s Alessio Brunochelli can have half of the last laugh.
“My teammates on the Rose Bowl (team) go to South Pasadena and they said, ‘We beat you every year,’” the junior said. “But we came out and beat them both times. It made me more than happy. It was probably the best moment of this season.”

Player of the year: Alessio Brunochelli, San Marino, junior
Coach of the year: Michael Gonzales, South Pasadena
First team
Kasen Barraclough, Flintridge Prep, sophomore
Bilal Elgabalawy, San Marino, senior
Royal Gong, Arcadia, senior
Sean King, Flintridge Prep, senior
Sideeq Mora, Temple City, senior (GK)
D.J. Myer, South Pasadena, junior
Leo Sonner, South Pasadena, junior
Second team
Dean Behary, Pasadena Poly, senior
Scott Fordham, Flintridge Prep, junior
Panagiotis Giannoulias, Temple City, senior
Kyle Ghaby La Canada, senior (GK)
Jacob Miravet, Monrovia, senior
Greg Walsh, Flintridge Prep, senior (GK)
Chance Woods, Pasadena, senior
Honorable mention
Cameron Benitez, South Pasadena, junior
Thomas Gao, Arcadia, senior
Spencer Gurley, South Pasadena, junior
Kelvin Liu, Arcadia, senior
Wyatt Lowe, La Canada, junior
Luke Stefan, La Canada, junior
Nick Whiting, Pasadena, senior

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Arcadia’s Annie Kong is golfer of year

Annie Kong was too busy to play high school golf.
But with her senior year at Arcadia High around the corner, she decided it was time.
“In my first three years I was very busy with school so I didn’t find time for high school golf at all,” she said. “It was my senior year so I decided to play it. I thought, why not?”
More story:

Player Of the Year: Annie Kong, Arcadia, senior
Coach: Wyeth Collo, San Marino
First team
Maddie Kang La Canada, freshman
Bella Setio, San Marino, sophomore
Brianna Steger, La Salle, senior
Vivian Sun, San Marino, junior
Elizabeth Wang, San Marino, sophomore
Ada Wong, San Marino, freshman
Second team
Pei-Yang Chen, San Marino, senior
Lolly Diehl, Mayfield, junior
Gabbi Lewis Arcadia, sophomore
Andrea Li, Westridge, senior
Cameron McCray, San Marino, junior
Caitlyn Yamashita, South Pasadena, junior

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