Topping Todd on hat-tips to the Weekly …

I, too, dug the passionate and simply irreplaceable Andre Coleman’s column in today’s Pasadena Weekly, as Todd Ruiz blogs at Under the Dome. It hit the spot with a historical perspective on the most serious subject we face. But I’ll also point to the brilliant return of the funniest guy who ever wrote a newspaper column in the 125 years of Pasadena newspaper columns: Mr. Jim Laris! I knew I’d been missing my dose of Cigar Smoke; until I read today’s Weekly, I just didn’t know how much. Jimmy, we hardly knew ye: now that you’re back in print , would you please stay? Except, did you forget how to type the real F word, or what? Sincerely, a fan.

2 thoughts on “Topping Todd on hat-tips to the Weekly …

  1. Thanks for the compliment Larry. I really appreciate it. I am enjoying your blog, and yes it is good to see Jim in print again.

  2. Your editorial today was great. Keep printing the news even when it is hard for people to swallow. When we all know the truth we have to take responsibility for it and to take it head on. When the truth is hidden, then we can all continue to pretend. When you strip away illusions and falsehoods, folks who are invested in those are bound to get upset. When folks stop pointing fingers at others, they can then take a hard look at themselves. When the eyes of folks who care are opened, they can help end this insanity. You can’t end it if you can’t even talk about it. It is the toughest job in the world to point out the truth. We need to know it all. Keep doing it! A free press!!!

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