The friends of Bill …

Picking up a book at will call upstairs at Vroman’s Sunday, I was scanning the store’s monthly calendar when the young clerk — a student at St. Andrews — said that, while it hadn’t made the printed edition, Bill Clinton would be signing his new book “Giving: How Each of Us Can Change the World” at the store on Tuesday, Sept. 18 at 2 p.m.

If you’re interested in getting at gander at the future Minister without Portfolio of these here United States, whatever you do, don’t imagine you can pop in off Colorado Boulevard on the afternoon in question and do so.

For the incredibly complicated rules of the game, which have to do with vouchers that became available only at the store this morning at 9, click here to find out what you can and cannot do. You cannot, for instance, bring a cell phone into the store that day. Yikes! Could be a no-go for that reason alone for some. Check out as well the fascinating memo from Allison Hill — formerly store manager but now carrying the fancy and well-deserved title of president/COO — about the logistics of the day.

Vroman’s is holding its event for former Mexican President Vicente Fox and his book “Revolution of Hope” Oct.16 at Beckman Auditorium. But the store itself is good enough for Bubba. Hey, if it could handle Howard Stern in his heyday, why not?

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