Pasablanca in the fall …

It’s all, you know, a terrifically big secret, and cast members are never supposed to spill the beans about the plot of, or the local celebrities in, the Pasadena Senior Center’s annual fund-raising Pasadena Follies parody musical extravaganza. But Ann Erdman can’t actually have us killed, can she? Powerful as she is in City Hall, we won’t get tossed into the base isolators during a quake — will we?
Well, you already know it’s called “Pasablanca.” Script is by Ann and Barry Gordon . Lyrics by Jerram “Ira Gershwin Ain’t Got Nothin’ on Me” Swartz, who returns to directing duties this year as well. Curtain goes up sometime after 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 21. Tickets still widely available.
And you know the mayor’s in it, because the mayor’s always in it. Mmm — “Pasablanca.” Wonder what part the mayor might play?

But someone slipped me a draft script and I see here that a certain local newspaper editor, in an incredibly self-referential bit of schtick calling back to a skit last year, has the following line: “Oh, the bovinity!” And that a certain city-side reporter for a competing rag — OK, it’s Andre Coleman — replies, “Holy cow!”
Yes, it goes on like that, and yet you wouldn’t miss it.
Others in greasepaint? I don’t know, but I heard a rumor that there’s a once and future mayoral candidate who managed to poll 26 percent fewer votes than the last guy who became an also-ran …

120 thoughts on “Pasablanca in the fall …

  1. I’m betting Bogaard gets typecast in the Peter Lorre role. Or would playing a backroom dealing manipulator be too close to the real thing?

  2. Whenever (not this one) the author is Anonymous, means it was written by Martin Truitt. Whenever it says it was written by Martin Truitt, means him trying to appear as if normal person.

  3. Martin would be good for the Louie role. He’s always blaming the usual suspects.

    Always nice to see the official apologist at work. (Tweak. Tweak) How’s everything Ann?

    Paul (the real one, not the pretender)

  4. I’m guessing Bill will play Ilsa (the Ingrid Bergman role) in drag a la Monty Python.

    Martin’s much more clever than the anonymous poster, btw. If he wrote that it would be funny.

    Paul (the real one, not the pretender)

  5. Because I’d much rather see Bill gaze longingly into Sid Tyler’s eyes as (s)he listens to Sid deliver that amazing, “hill of beans” monologue on the airport tarmac. (With Martin standing in the background smoking a cigarette and Tom Coston (in the Paul Henreid role – think about it) waiting on the ramp for Bill. of course, Tom would have to be carrying his accordian instead of a suitcase.

    Paul (the real one, not the pretender)

  6. Don’t you people realize you are being used by Ann? The truth is they don’t have a script and are in a panic. Another day of these posts and the entire script will have been written by you! Ann did this once before, right after FAX machines had come into style. All of those silly chain FAXes were an elaborate scheme to have a script created by the unknowing public.

  7. Aaron, you need to distinguish between homo-erotic and absurdist. (Yes, there is a difference, Tom.)

    Hi Ann, I know Tom’s right about the script because Tom’s always right (if he’s the right Tom, that is).

    I don’t know if I’d recognize those new, spruced up, hallowed halls anymore, but I will try to come by one day soon and say, “Hi.”

    Paul (the real one, not the pretender)

  8. Ann. How soon you forget. Don’t you remember those foggy evenings in Morro Bay or the romantic lunch on the beach in Santa Barbara?

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