Now that ‘Joe from Cincinnati’ is canceled …


You’ve got the three Harbour board guys Sunday at Bolsa Chica just out of the water after a couple hours of waist- to shoulder-highs in the fog. Right to left, James from Mt. Washington, an artist and musician, with his classic red Banana; Rick from Pasadena, a teacher and screenwriter, with his impeccable brand-new Rapier; Public Eye from Pasadena, your blogger, with his dirty-waxed Sano. Water: 60 degrees. Sun: none. But you’re sitting on top of the world. Photo credit: Tod the Boardhound.

10 thoughts on “Now that ‘Joe from Cincinnati’ is canceled …

  1. Surfers! What can you expect? Too much salt water in the ears erodes the brain — even to the point where tv doesn’t register anymore.

    Paul – the real one, not the pretender(s)

  2. joe, john — whichever. i should go in and change the headline tho’. since i’m too cheap for hbo i never saw the show! best-sounding thing about it was that kem nunn, the only great surfer novelist — ‘the dogs of winter,’ ‘tijuana straits’ — was involved. um, miss h., let’s see — rick gough in the middle is a quite married man; james duck, on the right, is a newly single man. plus a great painter and former guitarist of the by-far coolest downtown l.a. band of the early 1980s, the party boys, and current leader of the best post-modern surf-rock band, the jimbonaires. so, you know, a catch.

  3. “John from Cincinatti” was a show that never really figured out what it was about. But I watched whenever I could because Imperial Beach, where it was shot, was the beach where I spent most of my time as a kid and a teenager, being only about 10 miles from little Bonita, Calif., where I grew up. The redevelopment director in IB recently said everybody in IB — from the city to the business community — was devastated to learn the show had been canceled because it brought more revenue in one year than they had seen collectively in the past 10 years. Bummer, dude.

  4. Oh, and I forgot to mention the lovely aroma of the nearby Tijuana River and the stuff from said River that washed up on the beach from time to time. Don’t ask. Suffice it to say Mexico doesn’t doesn’t have the environmental laws the U.S. does.

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