Poem written at lunch at Gerlach’s Grill with the Arts section

Reading accounts of the historical
Migrations of artists
Whole schools
As if they all gathered each day at 8
At the sound of the bell
Moving on to junior high
Crushes on teachers
The kiss of the classmate effected
In these migrations
Everyone lives as in a book
And neednt pay the gas man
Or tell the neighbors goodbye
Cancel the papers
Sell their cars and wrong-climate clothes
The children arent pulled
From their own schools
Really dont bother
Locking doors
You are artists and places
Are waiting
Entire cafes empty without you
Bars ghostly, needing hard-drinking artists
Its time for your Montevideo period
Get down to Uruguay
Perhaps its Paraguay, just go
Sao Paulo next
Caracas, Ciudad Bolivar
Then mostly its Paris
Thats where youll historically spend time
If you are much of a school at all
If I were these artists
I would eliminate
These middle periods
With their obscure works
And migrate to Paris en masse
Stand on these painted
Playground numbers
Soon as everyone is still, quiet
Well be gone
Dont tell teacher

4 thoughts on “Poem written at lunch at Gerlach’s Grill with the Arts section

  1. Good editorial today, Larry, in the print edition. These kids are not the victims in this one, as the beating sounds like it was a race hate crime the way you describe it. Wonder why the same leadership has not come to Pasadena to speak up about 80+ Latinos beaten because they are Latinos. Dr. Martin Luther King would have spoken up against both race hate crimes (and against the nooses in the trees which is also a race hate crime), I believe in my heart. He would have spoken up against evil deeds no matter who committed them. He might have gone to Jena but with a different message that took a lot more people to task. We need to unite against evil deeds and against race hatred no matter who the perpetrators are. Thank you Larry for having the courage to walk down this path. May all good people come together.

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