The middle of the month

Some images from the last few weeks:

8989-mid-may serious play cac lud rb 001.jpg

That flying spaniel/woman by my old friend Marnie Weber, former bassist in the greatest downtown art band L.A. has ever known, the Party Boys, is on view at the Armory Center for the Arts’ Good Doll Bad Doll show, through June 1.

Remember the ice-block sculpture in Memorial Park across the street from the Armory I was worried would melt much sooner than the three-day life span it was predicted to have? Yep — melted the very same night it was put up. That late-April hot spell was almost as hot as this one. We went by after the movies that Friday night and “Fluids,” a recreation of Allan Kaprow’s original Happening, was already almost fluid:

8990-mid-may serious play cac lud rb 002.jpg

A decidedly different form of art is championed by Elaine and Peter Adams, on the right below at a recent preview at the Pasadena Museum of California Art, of the California Art Club. Plein aire and representational works are favored in the juried show, now on view at the PMCA:

8991-mid-may serious play cac lud rb 004.jpg

As I mentioned in my column, the good people of Pasadena’s sister city Ludwigshafen came from Germany this month to celebrate 60 years of being siblings, and the Sister Cities Committee hung this banner in the Athenaeum:

8992-mid-may serious play cac lud rb 006.jpg

Pasadena Rotary met in the new dressing rooms at the Rose Bowl to hear L.A. Times columnist and former Sports Editor Bill Dwyre describe the newspaper business: “It’s changing. It’s different. It sucks! … There are times we make only 9 percent on (our owners’) money! Terrible, huh? I’m sure you all would be so upset if your businesses only made 9 percent, huh? I’m tired of it. I want to start thinking inside the box.” Leaving the room, listeners found the motto the UCLA Bruins will see every time they leave that locker room for their home field this season. Good luck on that one, guys:

8994-mid-may serious play cac lud rb 007.jpg

Gorgeous model, track champion, Georgetown Foreign Service grad, double amputee Aimee Mullins brought many of her prosthetics to the stage with her toward the end of Friday’s session of the Serious Play conference hosted by Art Center College of Design, told funny stories about how her boyfriend is flummoxed when she decides to be 6’1″ instead of her usual 5’8″, and how when she was in elementary school her classmates would goad her on when they had a substitute to swivel her plastic feet 180 degrees, which she could easily do: “One fainted!” she laughed:

8995-mid-may serious play cac lud rb 011.jpg

These are the legs that make her tower: toes based, she said, on Elle Macpherson’s:

8997-mid-may serious play cac lud rb 012.jpg

4 thoughts on “The middle of the month

  1. The Party Boys huh? Love the boys, hate the tunes. Marnie gave me the Party Boys cd which I promptly gave away. It’s o.k., it was to someone who also loved them.

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