A stroll through Washington Park

Look for my Sunday column about the reinvigorated virtues of Pasadena’s Washington Park, historic acreage designed in the 1920s by two of the greatest Southern California landscapers and recently recovered from graffiti-ville by a group effort spearheaded by neighbors:

9097-wash park 002.jpg
9101-wash park 001.jpg

5 thoughts on “A stroll through Washington Park

  1. During the 70’s Washington park had much more foliage. As a matter of fact we would spend the whole day there playing hide and go seek. The area around the bridge was the best for the old classic. Unfortunately, when drugs became prevalent, the character of the park changed and much of the shrubbery had to be removed. I like the progress that’s been made.

  2. I grew up on Howard Street. My sisters and I used to ride our bikes down to the park and play the whole day there. The photos brought back great memories.


  3. I was at the park just this morning and so many memories came back to me. I love what you have done to the park, but, I too remember the lush foilage and the many hiding places in the park. My brother, sisters and I would run around the park for hours. I hope that you can maintain it. What have done is fantastic.

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