The Arroyo cell tower

48154-arroyo cell.jpg

Lousy (cell phone) photograph, but let me assure you, the real thing looks worse: A temporary cell tower placed in the far northwest corner of the central Arroyo Seco to help with the one day a year when the area is clogged with too much mobile traffic: Jan. 1.

But I saw the thing being put up well over a week ago, which means it’s visual pollution for over six weeks for the tens of thousands of hikers, runners, cyclists and motorists who will go past it for its one day of useful life.

It had to be put up that early … like the grandstands … ’cause, what, the economy is so fantastic that the workers are fully booked from here through New Year’s Day and otherwise couldn’t squeeze it in?

6 thoughts on “The Arroyo cell tower

  1. Now there are 3 tower emplacements around the stadium as AT&T works to install another device on the north side of Washington. Maybe we should call it Brookside Park Presented by AT&T.

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