Dancing, east of Lake


Li Chang Rothermich and Michael Nickerson-Rossi dance in the Pennington Dance Group’s piece “Missing Pluto” Thursday night at the hot new performance space ARC — A Room to Create — on East Colorado Boulevard on Thursday night: www.arcpasadena.org. It was a friend-raiser for the Bella Lewitzky-trained John Pennington’s new dance space, with the interior redesigned by the great L.A. firm Brenda Levin & Associates — overseen by Levin’s Andrea Rawlings of Pasadena.

I don’t know from dance, but it was really very cool. Music too: That’s singer Kate Conklin and her banjo man below.


Life drawing at the Armory

50806-armory nude.jpg

At the Armory Center for the Arts’ biannual Off the Wall auction and party Saturday night, I am told that there was also a male model sans culottes upstairs. Couldn’t say. Didn’t make it upstairs myself. I hadn’t even noticed that the downstairs model was nude until she stood up to slip her clothes on …

The benefit was a great success and I do believe I heard over the P.A. that a big oil by local painter Margaret Caldwell went for a sweet $5K in the live auction portion …

Tigers, moms: But not Tiger Moms


Sandra Tsing Loh, left, and Wendy Mogel, right, at the Tiger Mother Emergency Response S’lon in Pasadena on Sunday chez Sandra. Wendy’s new book is “Blessing of a B-Minus,” and ain’t it the case — sometimes a B- is just fine. Not getting-into-Princeton fine, but … well, my theory was always that the A- was the best of all possible grades, ’cause it showed that you had kicked butt, but not in a striving way. Most Princetonians would probably prefer an A.

Marnie Weber at the Armory


Marnie Weber, the great Los Angeles conceptual artist and former Party Boys bassist who has a studio in Altadena, has an installation as part of the show currently on view at the Armory Center for the Arts on Raymond Avenue in Old Pas.

I got to peek in at her spooky fine piece, part of which is pictured above, in the honored former ammo bunker space at the rear of the building — now dubbed the Joseph A. Belloli Gallery — while attending an event for the Pasadena-based California Alliance for Arts Education on Sunday.