Down the road with Indelible Ink


A member of the In Tlanextli Tlacopan Aztec dance troupe performs Tuesday night in the monthly Indelible Ink series at Pop on Union Street in Old Pasadena. Beginning next month, the poetry, dance and music series moves down the street to Robert Simon’s new AKA Bistro in One Colorado. It’s always the last Tuesday in the month — excepting December — and I’ll look forward to seeing you July 26.

A coral reef in Pasadena


A detail from Margaret and Christine Wertheim’s “Hyperbolic: Reefs, Rubbish and Reason,” on view at the Art Center Williamson Gallery.

Five thousand crocheters from all over the world helped the twin sisters create a landlocked version of the world’s coral reefs in an effort to bring to the public’s attention the fragile condition of these submarine miracles due to global warming and the proliferation of plastics. The result of their work is fantastic. Go see it.