Head neutrality


Out at the inauguration of the estimable Debbie Freund as president of Claremont Graduate University Thursday, much of the festivities surrounding which took place on the Pomona College campus, I searched out the restroom after lunch. In the hallway, I looked right: Women. I looked left: Men. That was the ticket.

As I approached the door, though, I found this sign. It would seem that on our campuses today, in our desire to accomodate, we have created lavatories for those who do not wish to make the apparently uncomfortable political and social statement implied by choosing Door A or Door B.

It was somehow irritating. Though it shouldn’t be. There’s always another way.

Ten years on Hill Avenue


This young man tuned up his cello onstage as The Pasadena Conservatory of Music celebrated on Saturday its first decade at 100 N. Hill Ave., where it hosts its 1,250 students. But with a need to expand, the PCM also celebrated acquisition of a new building just north of the old one on Hill, and launched a $7.5 million endowment campaign for further improvements, over $2 million of which has already been raised during a quiet start-up phase.

Actress Jane Kaczmarek, whose kids are students at the conservatory and who has studied there herself, is leading the fundraising drive.