Modeling Eaton Canyon


USC Annenberg J-school student Rosa Trieu is reporting on the recent spate of tragic deaths among novice hikers in Eaton Canyon, and says she heard from the staff at the Nature Center that I was the go-to guy on musing about how and why it happens.

As in my theory, based on youthful experience — the canyon mouth is just blocks away from my elementary school, Noyes, and we scrambled up there all the time — that guys go up ridges and chimney-like crevices and don’t realize how hard, how even deadly, it is to try to come down.

Rosa and I hiked up to the Eaton Falls in the light drizzle Tuesday so she could shoot some B-roll by the falls. This young woman was posing in black for a photographer when we got there.

Found in space


There are many reasons to get up to Stephen Nowlin’s “Worlds” show at Art Center’s Williamson Gallery, 1700 Lida St., Pasadena, and Richard Selesnick and Nicholas Kahn’s wall-sized projection called “Liftoff, from the Apollo Prophecies,” a silent movie about landing on the moon and finding a new world of ineffable objects and creatures, including an elephant wearing a giant Lucite helmet for breathing, big enough for its tusks, is one of them.

Occupying L.A.


Tuesday night we were in downtown Los Angeles anyway and so drove by the City Hall campground staked out by the young and hearty protesters of Occupy Wall Street, Los Angeles branch.

This mask — don’t buyers really pay a royalty to “Vendetta”‘s producers, Fox? — was on the back of a fellow’s head, so that while he was facing in to the crowd, listening to a speaker, the image was going out to the street.