Accidents in Abstract Painting


The controlled crash of Richard Jackson’s paint-filled radio-controlled airplane went off absolutely swimmingly Sunday in the Arroyo Seco after a half-hour or so of technical delay that only served to whip the huge crowd — who knew that a thousand or so people were so hungry for performance art? — into even more of a frenzy. After the problems with the plane’s tail were fixed, it took off easily, did a couple of slow turns around Area H south of the Rose Bowl, and, its nose loaded with paint-filled Christmas tree ornaments, smashed directly into its target, as planned, creating this painting, which will be on view at the Armory Center for the Arts in Old Pasadena.

Party at the mausoleum


The late artist Jae Carmichael was a descendant of the Giddings family, which founded Mountain View Cemetery and Mausoleum off Marengo in Altadena in 1882. She made these stained glass windows and installed them there as a kind of complement to the classic Tiffany and other stained glass fixtures in the gorgeous place. I took this pic the other day — Hipstamatic, my lens of choice, created the images other than in the rear and on top from reflections on the walls and the floor.

We’re having a party benefitting LitFest Pasadena, the literary festival coming March 17 to Central Park, there on Sunday, Jan. 29 from 3 to 6 featuring performances from Pasadena drama students and high school jazzters. Interested in attending at this gorgeous venue? Drop me a line at to get an emailed invitation.



I always go to the Rose Bowl Game with my friend Elaine.

As both of us are University of California at Berkeley alums, we never get to root for our favorite team.

But she got her master’s at USC, and I teach there, so during years when the Trojans aren’t caught cheating, we can root for them.

Monday she pledged allegiance to Wisconsin, wearing its sweatshirt, even, on the logic that soon Oregon will be the enemy of both Bears and Trojans.

I always root for the Pac 12 teams on the logic that they are our conference champs and that we have to stand with our West Coast brethren.

Good game. Ducks won.