Party at the mausoleum


The late artist Jae Carmichael was a descendant of the Giddings family, which founded Mountain View Cemetery and Mausoleum off Marengo in Altadena in 1882. She made these stained glass windows and installed them there as a kind of complement to the classic Tiffany and other stained glass fixtures in the gorgeous place. I took this pic the other day — Hipstamatic, my lens of choice, created the images other than in the rear and on top from reflections on the walls and the floor.

We’re having a party benefitting LitFest Pasadena, the literary festival coming March 17 to Central Park, there on Sunday, Jan. 29 from 3 to 6 featuring performances from Pasadena drama students and high school jazzters. Interested in attending at this gorgeous venue? Drop me a line at to get an emailed invitation.

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