A very long bike ride for charity

Bill Catlett plans to bicycle from Chicago to Rancho Cucamonga on Route 66 to raise money for disadvantaged children. Catlett, a merchant marine captain and ordained minister, made a similar 2,000-mile trip last year, from Santa Monica to St. Louis, Missouri. He’s hoping to raise $25,000 for his next ride.

To help support Captain Bill, e-mail him at No1divemaster@aol.com

Brave little girl

After being diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor, Sedona Wright, 5, went through 15 surgeries, radiation, and chemotherapy that left her blistered and weakened. She can’t use her right arm. Still, she’s shown spirit, courage and grace in light of the difficulties.

Thanks to Jennifer Wright for inviting me into the family’s home in Rancho Cucamonga. This short documentary was shot on Sedona’s fifth birthday.

To help, visit www.helpsedona.com

Group begins restoration of historic Route 66 gas station

The Route 66 Inland Empire California nonprofit group began efforts this week to restore the historic Cucamonga Service Station to its former glory. The gas station is located just northwest of the Archibald and Foothill intersection. The hope is to make the place a museum and a tourist attraction for Route 66 fans and the general public.

Roll film:

Catholics celebrate new pope at special mass in Rancho Cucamonga

Catholics from throughout the Diocese of San Bernardino celebrated the election of their new spiritual leader, Pope Francis, at a special mass presided by Bishop Gerald Barnes last night.

Here’s a short documentary the faithful explaining their excitement over Pope Francis, music from the mass, and a bit of the sermon by the bishop…

Rancho Cucamonga Farrell’s donates to victims’ families in Dorner case

Farrell’s in Rancho Cucamonga, 10742 Foothill Blvd., is donating all of its proceeds today to the families of Riverside Officer Michael Crain, and San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Deputies Jeremiah MacKay and deputy Alex Collins.

“Farrell’s is excited to be a part of the community in Rancho Cucamonga and to support the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department and the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, all of the officers and the families,” said Farrell’s senior Manager Travis Lee. “We’re excited to contribute to them.

Historic Route 66 gas station in Rancho Cucamonga gets new lease on life

The Route 66 Inland Empire California nonprofit organization, which now owns the historic gas station just northwest of Foothill Boulevard and Archibald Avenue will hold a kick-off ceremony celebrating the rebirth and renovation of the Cucamonga Service Station.

The group welcomes the public to attend the event on Wednesday March 20th at 1 p.m.

Here’s a documentary short I made with Anthony Gonzalez, president of the Route 66 Inland Empire California group where he talks about the history of the gas station and its importance to the community.

School parents in Rancho Cucamonga oppose church planned cell tower

This group of parents at Sacred Heart Catholic Church are protesting the planned construction of a cell phone tower on the parish property where their children attend school. The parents fear harm to their kids from radiation that would be emitted from the tower. The church contends the radiation levels fall would be ten times less than levels permitted by the federal government.

Here’s the documentary short I did earlier this year on a protest held in front of the Foothill Boulevard church. The parents are raising money to hire an attorney to represent them on the matter.