Chingy and Missy and … Shakira!

Everything’s going all pear-shaped for Missy. After some sort of back surgery, the performer is zooming around backstage on a scooter, telling everyone that this “male-dominated world” is tough on female rappers.

We don’t know if Chingy agrees or not – but he at least knows what time it is. That dazzling blingpiece around his wrist announces the presence of either a very self-confident young man, or one surrounded by a lot of heavy-duty security.

Shakira is blinding. For once, the 5-foot Colombian sex bomb is wearing clothing but that’s OK. She’s got a lot to think about: “Men went to the moon. I’m about ‘expounding’ myself, absorb new experiences, grow. That’s what life is about. … I don’t think I can go to the drugstore in my PJ’s, like I can do at home.”

Home, for Shakira, is the Bahamas. Suddenly, I have a strange desire to visit the Rite Aid in Nassau.

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