Continuing to SAG: “Lost” without a bigger teleprompter

Pulse-pounding update: Presenters Peter Graves and Barbara Bains cant read the teleprompter. But they rallied and presented the cast of Lost? with The Actor? for Best Ensemble/Drama. Terry OQuinn called his co-stars paranoid . . . grasping . . . losers and shmoozers.? But apparently they will have to divvy up a single trophy amongst themselves. Anyone got a buzzsaw to help them?
Rachel Weisz of The Constant Gardener? becomes the Oscar front-runner with her second big Best Supporting Actress win she also won the Golden Globe. Someone mustve pointed her to my blog entry complaining about how she appeared that night because she looks exponentially better tonight. Thanks for caring, Rachel.

One thought on “Continuing to SAG: “Lost” without a bigger teleprompter

  1. Katy Perry’s tracks from her album Teenage Dream are still fun to listen to. I still have California Gurls in my music library. The best part the song is really the video, since it’s really funny! The Dogg looks dapper while Katy Perry seems like an angel.

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