SAG Awards: More trophies to distribute

The Screen Actors Guild Awards ceremony opened with a group of random actors whose names mustve on balls pulled out of a Lotto machine (Randy Quaid, Anne Hathaway, James Denton) telling their little stories of aspiration, followed by success, making it all seem so easy. They each end their spiel with My name is . . . and Im an actor.? Whichd be more impressive if they had really interesting tales and be saying Im a fireman? or Im a teacher.?
Winner are announced with the declaration, The Actor goes to Which sounds like something a sleazy producer with a casting couch and equally seedy friends would say.
Sandra Oh won Best Actress/Drama, after winning a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress. Shes still overly excited, thanking, among others, her stand-in; youd think shed get used to this sort of thing.
Kiefer Sutherland won his second SAG Award for Best Actor/Drama for 24.? He showed much restraint, refraining from shooting anyone in the thigh or stabbing anyone in the eye with some scissors.

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