SAG: The bit where you can best take a bathroom break

SAG President Alan Rosenberg is giving the usual blah-blah-blah about the significance of all this folderol, concluding with a nod to the men and women in uniform who are enjoying this broadcast in bases throughout the world.? If enjoying? is the right word.
Now, Dakota Fanning is presenting the Lifetime Achievement award to Shirley Temple Black. Fanning, of course, is the new Temple, but shes so eerily poised shes reading the teleprompter far better than anyone else has to this point that she absolutely must be a robot.
News flash: Jamie Lee Curtis tripped on her way down the stairs to continue the Temple Black tribute. Dakota Fanning would never stumble like that.
Temple Black takes the stage to the most lugubrious rendition of “Good Ship Lollypop” you’d ever want to hear. That explains the standing-O: The actors want to drown that buzzkill out.

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