AMAs: Red Carpet Encounters…Isaiah Washington

Grey’s Anatomy stars Isaiah Washington was just on stage to introduce the group Snow Patrol along with his co-stars Kate Walsh and Justin Chambers. I think his publicist hates me. On the red carpet, I asked him a few perfunctory questions then went right for it: “How are things on the set these days between you and Patrick Dempsey and T.R. Knight. The publicist starts making the “stop talking about that” motion, moving her finger acrss her neck. I ignore her, totally. Isaiah says the media has blown it all out of porportion and everything is fine and was fine shortly after the incident that left T.R. feeling that he had to come out publicly as a gay man. Isaiah seemed to want to talk despite the publicist making the “I’ll cut your head off sign” to me, her eyes bulging out. I ignore her some more, but want to laugh. I tell Isaiah, “Your publicist hates me.” He laughs. I give him major kudos for being polite and talking at-length. I don’t have time to transcribe just yet but will have a full account of our conversation tomorrow on my blog “Out in Holywood.”

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