Gwen Stefani and yodeling

Ryan Seacrest introduced Gwen Stefani in her first appearnce since having a kid. Opening with a yodel and now sporting long, blonde hair with Cherlike bangs, Stefani was surrounded by pajama-clad dancers as she delivered an electronic dance workout interspersed with some sort of yodeling. The hacks in the press room were trying to figure out when yodeling became cool. Is there a “Sound of Music” meets Napolean Dynamite feature in the works??

One thought on “Gwen Stefani and yodeling

  1. yodeling + cheerleading stomp = Gwen.

    You think the youngsters know that’s from Sound of Music? You think they know what a yodel is? Have you told them about the Fiddler on the Roof reference yet?

    Everything old is new again, baby.

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