The Mario Lopez express hits the AMAs

Less than a week after his upset loss on “Dancing With The Stars” to Emmett Smith, Mario Lopez just left the backstage area where he chatted w/us media folks. Lopez intorduced an act on the show but I forget who so be sure and tune in at 8 p.m. on ABC. Mario strolled down the red carpet with his dancing partner from the show (forget her name) says he’s been going non-stop since the finale going to New York then to Vegas now at the AMAs then to Texas to visit family.
“I’m a hyper guy anyway,” Mario sez. “I like moving fast. If I stay still, I get myself into trouble.” Mario says he was happy for Emmett (yeah, sure) and says he is being approached about doing a Broadway musical. We know he can dance but “I don’t know about my singing.”

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